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What's next for the World Heavyweight Champion?

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We just witnessed Daniel Bryan successfully defending his Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase, so what is next?

1. What happened at TLC?
Okay Mark Henry has waited a long 15 years to win a World Champion and he did exact that at Night of Champions against Randy Orton (winning clean) and has been dominant since, but then after a long feud Big Show defeated him thus winning the World Heavyweight Champion, but then he got attacked by Mark Henry after the match, which was a bit too obvious about the fact that Daniel Bryan was cashing in his briefcase and he did exact that!

2. What's next?
Okay Daniel Bryan defends against Big Show at Royal Rumble, and wins, Cm Punk retains WWE Champion at TLC and suprisingly the Royal Rumble to prove he is the 'best in the world' no matter what! Daniel Bryan and Cm Punk win their Elimination Chamber matches and the next night Cm Punk challenges Bryan to a match at Wrestlemania to produce the match of our dreams

'World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan vs WWE Champion Cm Punk - Wrestlemania 28'!

^^^ Na that's what I want to happen but unfortunately that's a doubt

3. What's really next?
Big Show comes out to question Daniel Bryan about TLC and then announces that he will invoke his rematch clause at Royal Rumble, Mark Henry also comes out and says the same thing, T.Long comes out announcing a Triple Threat Match between Bryan, Henry and Big Show at Royal Rumble.

Royal Rumble - Daniel Bryan (C) vs Big Show vs Mark Henry
Winner: Daniel Bryan

(Chris Jericho wins the Royal Rumble)

Elimination Chamber QFs take place after Bryan's promo

Elimination Chamber - Elimination Chamber match
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan promo, Randy Orton interupts saying to Bryan that he wants a title shot at Wrestlemania, Wade Barrett also interupts, and T.Long comes out (not my fault, he does this all the time) announcing Barrett vs Orton to determine the #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Champion!

Orton vs Barrett -
Winner: Double CO, T.Long announces a triple threat match at WM 28 for the WHC

Wrestlemania 28 - Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett - World Heavyweight Champion
Winner - Daniel Bryan

Well, I hope you enjoyed my blog, and the aftermath is that Bryan stays babyface, because he is really over with the fans and gets a good reaction. Besides that I hope you enjoyed my blog, but for now I'm off, Safe!

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  1. electrifying showstoper's Avatar
    man i wish bryan vs cm punk would be awsome
  2. King Scrapper's Avatar
    Nice blog but definitely not happening.
  3. TCM442's Avatar
    I don't foresee Bryan's championship run lasting long. I predict he'll drop the title to Barrett and chase Barrett all the way to Wrestlemania. I didn't think Bryan was ready, character wise, to be given the belt. And if the reports about Henry getting hurt are true, Henry would still be champion right now if not for injury. I predicted a Barrett/Bryan match at Mania anyways.

    It's unfortunate that Bryan is going to be a Transitional Champion because someone got hurt.
  4. Shaz11's Avatar
    @Electrifiying Showstoper - Don't we all?

    @King Scrapper - Huh? Which one?

    @TCM442 - Yeah, I only just found out about Mark Henry getting injured, I'm just hoping that WWE book this right
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Bryan got the "moment in the sun". He'll lose the title soon, possibly at the next PPV. He'll also get a decent run in the RR but probably fall just short. Then he'll have to work his way back up after that.

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