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TLC and Royal Rumble Predictions

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Ok so i might be a little off the mark here, but this is my thoughts on what might happen at the next 2 PPV's from WWE. Winners in bold and explanations below

WWE Championship Triple Threat TLC Match:
CM Punk (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz
-No-brainer for Punk to win this, ADR is on the decline recently and his limited mic skills and persona have really been evidenced in the last few months. Miz wont be a champion again for a while, hes always at his best with a partner and will be due to fued with Truth on his return

Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:
Mark Henry (c) vs. Big Show
-Would prefer MH to retain and carry the title up until mania, but i feel that Show has to win one eventually and based on what i say below a face champ is needed on the SD brand.

Sledgehammer Ladder Match:
Kevin Nash vs. Triple H
-Nash has not been accepted by the 'universe' as well as he should have been. The younger audience dont seem to connect with him for some reason, despite his ability on the mic and his size and reputation. HHH will take this within 20 mins, but i expect this fued to run a bit longer.

United States Championship Match:
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Zack Ryder
-ZR is more over now than he ever will be IMO and if they dont pull the trigger now it would be a massive mistake. I expect DZ to then step up to the Main Event with the mid-card title no longer weighing him down.

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Booker T
-I cant see CR losing his title for a long time, BT is being used as 'creative' cant see to find any other credible mid-card face on SD for CR to face. Dont think it will be a pinfall and could end in a DQ.

Tables Match:
Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett
-This is basically an un-official #1 contenders match. Most expect RO to win this, but WB really needs this to put him over to be able to challenge for the WHC. Orton can lose this match and still be an automatic contender at any time based on his history. The Barrett Barrage continues....

Right heres what i think will happen at the Royal Rumble:
Wade Barrett to enter as #1 contender and face Big Show for the WHC and go over for the dirty win.
CM Punk to face The Miz for the WWE title, due to the lack of heel contenders and Miz will argue that he was somehow robbed in the TLC match.
Dolph Ziggler to win the RR after coming in at about #5 and go on to face the WWE champ at WM (most likely Punk)

Thoughts, opinions and predicitons........?

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    I agree with a lot of what you said, except one thing. I don't see dolph winning the rumble. Its not that I don't like dolph, I do, I think he makes a great heel. If y2j returns on january 2nd, then either he will win the rumble and set up punk v jericho at wm, or someone from smackdown will win to set up a possible triple threat, but that's just my thought
  2. cnoevl21's Avatar
    I also agree with most of what you predict, although I agree with bearkg88, if y2j comes back he will win the RR and face punk at WM. I dont know if I agree with how, but I do think that by the time WM rolls around Barrett will be WHC. Daniel Bryan still has his MITB briefcase and we all know that they whoever has that always becomes champ. I can't see bryan beating big show or Mark henry, but he could beat Barrett and it wouldnt be "that" big of an upset. Plus they have the whole Nexus backstory to play off of so it makes the most sense.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    It all sounds pretty reasonable. I find it interesting that you are the 2nd person to predict the Cody Rhodes match to end in DQ. Good job man.
  4. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    Y2J at RR, save us all!!

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