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10 Changes WWE Should Make In 2012

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A new year brings changes for every person, changes should also apply to the WWE. Everyone agrees a better divas division, longer matches, Cena heel turn. I'm thinking more in depth. Here are 10 things in my opinion the WWE should make to further improve the product.

10. Teddy Long needs to go- Don't get me wrong, i love Long, but he has been on and off Smackdown since mid 2000's. I believe Smackdown needs a change. I think Smackdown could use a heel authority figure, they seem to make shows more interesting. Maybe use Long as a manager for somebody, perhaps for Brodus Clay.

9. Drew McIntyre push and Daniel Bryan- I love Drew McIntyre, he has the quality to be a top guy in the WWE if used right. He's suppose to be the chosen one, give him a huge push and i know he will show the world what he can really do. I love Daniel Bryan, i like that they have given him a good push, and i really hope they let him capitalize on him MITB, WWE should make him a big part of there company, he is one of the all around best wrestlers in the WWE.

8. Bring back King of the Ring, scrap a cheesy PPV- I love King of the Ring, it was a great concept and an exciting PPV, it can be unpredictable and very exciting. Replace Capital Punishment and Over the Limit, those two PPV are so cheesy it is awful. I would love King of the Ring to replace one of them.

7. Don't forget history- I find it odd how WWE to seems to not acknowledge anything and act like it never ever happened. For example Sheamus turns Baby Face and is suddenly acting all friends with Cena and Orton, when they were once long time rivals. I found it funny how Christian and Edge were brothers and are now acknowledged as just best friends.

6. Combine the Intercontinental and United States Championships- Nowadays those two are basically used as toys or props. Rarely are there any major feuds between the titles, when is the last time Cody Rhodes actually defended the title, it has been a few months. Besides Zack Ryder, Ziggler has not had a big feud for the title. The IC title has a big history in the WWE, scrap the US and have the IC defended on both brands to have good competition and have meaning behind the title.

5. Open more shows with matches- I don't like long 20 min. Promo openers. Once in a while it's fine, before a PPV i believe promo openers are great for build up, but i think an exciting opener will keep the audience going and prevent them from switching channels due to a snoozing opener. Get them excited for the show, and then when that long promo comes they might be more attentive.

4. Automatic rematches- I HATE this so much. After a great PPV match and new champion and what you think is the end of a feud.... on Raw they cash in there rematch clause. It just aggravates me so much. I want a new storyline, a new challenger, not the same main even the following PPV, which brings me to my next reason

3. Less PPV- 13 is wayyyyy to much. I think they need to cut it down to at the most 8, the 4 main and then 4 other concept PPV. I just think with how many they have, either storylines are rushed or match outcomes become to predictable. I think a huge reason buys are down are 1) of course the economy 2) a lot of people can predict PPV outcomes because there is just way to many.

2. Move Cena to Smackdown- With Raw babyfaces rising such as CM Punk. What major babyface does Smackdown have besides Sheamus and Orton? Moving Cena to Smackdown would make perfect sense. Move Orton to Raw with Punk and put Cena on Smackdown with Sheamus . (That is if they do not turn him heel)

1. Cruiserweights- WWE needs this division back!! WWE has good enough of high flyers who are rarely used who can be used! Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Tyson Kidd, Yoshi Tatsu, Hunico, Kofi, Primo, Justin Gabriel. This was an exciting division, and some memorable matches have been with these wrestlers.

Thank you for reading, and please post comments with what you think!

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  1. Corwo's Avatar
    It's like you read my mind on some of this. WONDERFUL BLOG!My favorites were Push Bryan/McIntyre move Cena to SmackDown and BRING BACK CRUISERWEIGHTS!I've always been a HUGE fan of the Cruiserweight High-Flying action!
  2. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    I agree with a lot of these points. For starters, automatic rematches scream "way too predictable..." because nobody's really going to buy that the new champ goes down to the former champ right after the title changes hands. The high number of PPVs seems to cheapen and dilute the quality of WWE - so many "big" events... that aren't really big. Many good points highlighted here, great write!
  3. Ry-Ry Mauer's Avatar
    I agree and have one thing to add. Get rid of Vickie. Eddie was a great wrestler and to me, it's spitting on his grave to have her "involved" with other superstars
  4. Sam Axe's Avatar
    Hardcore Diva Championship?
  5. mrbluto's Avatar
    Great blog. I have a few things to add:
    Bring Dean Ambrose to Raw and have him feud with CM Punk.
    Turn Cena heel.
    Less PPV's, more buildup will add to the buyrate.
    Offer a discount for anyone that buys Wrestle Mania and the PPV before and after it. I hate paying $60.00 for the big PPV in this economy.
    Let Miz have another run with the title, people hate him he is a good wrestler and good on the mic. Plus he get the WWE press.
  6. silentq's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ry-Ry Mauer
    I agree and have one thing to add. Get rid of Vickie. Eddie was a great wrestler and to me, it's spitting on his grave to have her "involved" with other superstars
    Firstly, I agree with this blog 100%. All would benefit the product and quality of the show tremendously. The only thing I'd add is end the PG era, but that is not gonna happen.

    Back to the quote, I like Vickie. Well let me get something straight actually, I don't like Vickie at all, but I'm not supposed to like her. I love having her and Ricardo Rodriguez. Managers are a good thing and help the superstars get more heat or more love. The WWE needs to use them more for people that need to get more over.
  7. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I agree with almost everything in your blog, especially 10-3... Im not sure about the Cena Smackdown thing, Cause The Rock makes Raw live appearances and they really need to build that feud which means Cena needs to be on the #1 show.

    I think the CW divison ius a bad idea cause the talent would be used poorly and it end up to Hornswaggle or Vicki Guerrero.
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