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My Favourite WWE 2011 Moments

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Hey guys. TBH this year has had some bad writing and bad promos and some general can't get any worse moments. But its also had some good times. I just want to put a list of the moments when I was reminded why I love wrestling. If it was possible to chop raw up on my sky player (like tivo for the UK) and save parts the list would be bigger but going back 52 weeks is hard from memory. Dont wanna go into detail or this blog would be a book. Check these out on youtube or other places to see if you agree. Here goes.

WWE RAW 2/14/11 The Miz vs Daniel Bryan
This one was an awesome match for me because the miz won squeeky clean.

WWE Raw 2/14/11 The Rock returns to Raw
Even tho that match was pleasant this is the reason I stayed up even tho I had work at 5am. Because I had a hunch. When his music hit I marked out. And that promo was great. Sent me to work the happiest.

WWE Raw 3/7/11 The Miz lays out John Cena
This was... Awesome. Put the peoples elbow on him and cut an awesome promo to the camera.

Monday Night Raw 6/13/11 Stone Cold Steve Austin Guest Host
I dunno what it is but when hes around the whole vibe is ass kicking. He just creates great energy with anyone. Loved it.

CM Punk Shoot On RAW 06/27/2011
I didn't watch this live. I found out the next day he was suspended. Realized shit must've went down. And as we all know. Dayum.

CM Punk vs John Cena MITB 07/17/11
For me, this was the biggest match of the year in terms of emtional investment, WWE did the whole thing well for one night. Then pooped on it by basically ignoring the immensity of what happened by creating another belt.

Summerslam 8/14/11 Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston & John Morrison vs Miz, R Truth & Alberto Del Rio
People will disagree with this because I saw on the forums a lot weren't keen. But really this was an exciting match, it wasn't booked but had a lot of good spots. And really this was the start of a spell of some decent decent wrestling matches imo.

Orton vs Christian No Holds Barred Summerslam 14/8/2011

R-Truth vs. John Morrison Falls count anywhere 8/15/11

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler 08/29/2011
Great match.

Triple H vs CM Punk No DQ 9/18/11
Clusterfuck but was awesome

Raw 9/26/11 Del Rio with the chair. Hell in a Cell. Del Rio locks out Cena. Miz and truth
I liked the intensity of Del Rio I thought it was a decent build to Hell in a Cell. Its a shame the amount of pay per views made this period pretty tiring. I thought it was a good match and liked how Cena was locked out meaning new champion guarantee. When the Miz and Truth got in I thought it was kind of dumb that no one could lift the cell but was just crazy especially JR

R-Truth and The Miz vs John Morrison and Rey Mysterio Tag Team Match Raw 1/8/11
Pretty dynamic match. I liked how miz and truth were a real tag team working together.

John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom & Mason Ryan def. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & David Otunga raw 10/3/11
Lots of great wrestling

SuperSmackDown 28/10/11
I just thought the whole show (minus the big show and henry) was entertaining. The matches were great

The Rock and Cena vs Miz and Truth 11/20/11
The match was good. I don't get how cena is being arrogant almost heel like while The Rock was there. It's more like he doesn't know how he should be reacting with him. The Rock was explosive. But I didn't like the time it took in between tags for the momentum to get back in the match. It was a Rock spectacle; and the long wait meant it has to be here.

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes (Street Fight) Smackdown 11/4/11

Thats my list! I think to summarise 2011 has put on decent matches and moments. But the writing has been so disgraceful. I haven't been as into the last couple of episodes although I have scrubbed over it. And I have zero interest in TLC. Looking at the picks I made I think that even though CM Punk made the biggest impact this year The Miz has had a great one from the very start. Dolph Ziggler has been my favourite this year. Cody Rhodes has been decent also but I feel like as he's been on smackdown until the supershow format and has no Vicky its been a lot harder for him to get a reaction and you've seen him try so hard in ppvs to get some heat. I know you've noticed there was no wrestlemania match even though I know everyone else would add Triple H vs Taker. I just thought it would be easy to add that but it had no connection with anything else that happened this year and was really just a seperate one off match from everything else that has happened. For no reason at all that bugs me. But apart from that I hope you agree or at least check out these matches to remind ourselves that even though nothing in WWE makes sense and always screws with us when we think its going to get awesome. It actually has had some gems this year.

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