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TLC 2011 Predictions

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What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again with my TLC Predictions. This'll be my 2nd prediction blog, and I didn't do half bad last time so lets see how I do this time. Without further ado...

Match #1 - U.S. Title: Dolph Ziggler (c.) vs. Zack Ryder
Well I think that given the right amount of time this match can be pretty good. People want to say Ryder isn't that great in the ring but to be honest he isn't awful and he really hasn't been given the right amount of time in his matches to showcase what he can really do. I think with the amount of matches on the card they can put on a really good match. I also think we can all safely say that Ryder's walking out with the title, which I'd be fine with. He's worked his ass off all year regardless of what you think, and I think he deserves a decent reign with the gold.
My Pick - Zack Ryder

Match #2 - IC Title: Cody Rhodes (c.) vs. Booker T
I don't want to say I'm not looking forward to this but I don't think I'm ecstatic to see it happen. Don't get me wrong I've been a fan of Booker for years and I've been huge on Rhodes all year, AND I'm happy to see Rhodes actually defend the IC title but I just feel like this was rushed and they didn't really give it time to develop properly. I think they could've held off on this until Mania to be honest and it would have been a meaningful match and people would've wanted to see it. Anyway I can't see Booker winning the belt but I do see him winning by DQ or count out.
My Pick - Booker by DQ/Count Out

Match #3 - Tables Match: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett
I gotta say that I don't think the table stipulation really fits this match, but everyone loves a good table bump so I suppose I wont complain a great deal about it. If you ask me Orton has been on fire this year and his matches haven't disappointed so I think we can safely assume that this will be no different. I'm happy to see Barrett getting this big push and I hope it continues on for a World Title reign in the near future. I see this match ending in shenanigans so expect a screwy finish to continue this feud because I don't see Orton winning this clean, especially with the push Barrett's been receiving.
My Pick - Wade Barrett via screw job finish.

Match #4 - Ladder Match: HHH vs. Kevin Nash
This match to me is blah. On one hand I hate that they're wasting the ladder match on Nash, but on the other it'll be a good way to hide his inability to produce a decent match. I think that if they use the ladder a lot and make it somewhat brutal then it could be passable but this match has potential to completely bomb in every way shape and form. It's also a toss up on who to pick for a winner, say what you want but I just can't place my finger on a winner. I'll go the safe route and say HHH overcomes the odds, silences Nash and moves on to Mania build. If not then look for Nash to knock Trips out til Mania.
My Pick - Triple H

Match #5 - World Heavyweight Championship - Mark Henry (c.) vs. Big Show
I kind of wish this was the table match but I'm guessing they thought the use of chairs would mask the two giants limitations in the ring. I think this has potential to also be passable, I actually enjoyed their Vengeance match but wasn't impressed with their Survivor Series match so whether or not this will be good or not is hard to tell. I do see the feud ending here and the ending may tell where they'll be going with the World title on the road to Wrestlemania.
My Pick - Henry to Retain

Match #6 - WWE Championship TLC Match: CM Punk (c.) vs. Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio
I think we can all expect this match to deliver and be exciting. I also think the build to this was shit and that there is no excuse for such an awful build. They had 2 weeks before they made the match to begin the build yet they hadn't shown signs of starting anything. It's things like this that lessen the importance of the WWE championship. It's supposed to be your main prize, your main focus, the reason people order the ppvs and watch the show, yet they can't find the time of day to give any sort of recognition to the strap. Anyway I can't see Punk losing the belt, if he does it'll be to Miz but I see Punk winning it right back to go into Mania as champ so him losing would be a waste.
My Pick - CM Punk to retain

Well there you have it. A lot of people say this ppv has no build and is rushed, but when you think about it at least half the card or more has previous build bringing us into the show. Sure the WWE title was rushed and so was Rhodes/Booker but at least the rest of the card has a story to it. I definitely agree in saying the matches were randomly added but there's no diva match and for all the Cena haters he's not on the card either (although lets be real, he's gonna pop in somewhere) so there isn't much to complain about in my opinion. I will agree they slopped it together and maybe they could've have done more, they definitely left a lot of people off but I guess we just have to deal with it. Well that's all for now, I'll be doing a review for this show so look out for that. Until next time it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces.

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