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WWE Best Title Reigns of 2011

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Hello and I am back! Alot of you requested for me to do many years of pointless title reigns, but before I do that, I will do a most valuable title reigns so far in 2011. So here we go!!!

10. Randy Orton - World Heavyweight Championship:

Remember how the internet blew up when Randy won the, that was fun to see. I have to admit though, Randy and Christian made the World Title pretty interesting at the time and they had some great matches. Reason at 10, it's Super Orton...that's all.

9. AirBoom - Tag Team Championship:

Now, you may be wondering, "Why are they so low? They had good matches and they brought back some life to the tag team division!" Yeah, then R-Truth and Bourne got crazy, drugged up and headed off to 30 days of off time. I expect a good return, but Bourne.....really?

8. Daniel Bryan - United States Championship:

Daniel Bryan. When he won the championship, that was great, because Miz got to move on higher and Bryan was exciting to watch. Yes, he didn't do a whole lot (except cheat on girls :0) but his match with Morrison and Miz was great and he did a great job!, World HeavyWeight Championship

7. Mark Henry - World Heavyweight Championship:

Now, you might have seen my post about me not liking Bryan's and Mark's Cage match, but Mark Henry is a breath of fresh air. I do like him, but now he is kind of like "I am the toughest, and this will not bring me down". Anyways, I am looking forward to the final match at TLC (i think) and the reason why is this low. He is boring to me the greatest speaker, but meh.

6. CM Punk - WWE Championship - Current Reign:

I am so happy that he has the championship back! In the span of three weeks, he has made raw fun again and has had two great matches! Now that is a champ! CM Punk will have a nice reign and lets hope he invokes change into this company....hopefully.....and some icecream bars.

5. The Miz - WWE Championship:

This has got to be one of my favourite title reigns of this year. Why? Because not only was this a fresh breath, Miz can talk like no tomorrow. He has the charisma and mic skills to clearly be on top. The Miz has a great future ahead of him and somehow, somehow, made Lawler look good in TLC!! ....Nice job Miz! Also, great match with Morrison to start the year!

4. Edge - World Heavyweight Championship:

This is a no brainer. I am combing both reigns because Ziggler's reign sucked. Everyone was happy that he became champion again and he had a good feud with Ziggler for the title. This was great and though his match was first at Wrestlemania, he went out at Wrestlemania. We love you Edge and we miss you! Rated R forever!

3. Dolph Ziggler - United States Championship:

Our Golden Boy is the longest title holder in TNA (who cares) and WWE. And he is doing a heck job of it! I wonder if he will pass MVP, but who knows. Ziggler has put on great matches and he has had a great year. He has brought prestige to the Championship and I hope he holds on for a few more months. Ziggler is now doing great and if he continues to talk like on True Long Island Story, he can easily be world champ next year.

2. CM Punk - WWE Championship:

Many of you might have expected this for the top, but this was very close. This match is easily match of the year and this made the WWE Championship freaking important. Who knew that if you threaten WWE to leave and if you talk about the truth, you can actually change the company. CM Punk led a new era in and even though I think he should have stayed away longer, Punk brought in something that we hadn't seen in a long while: Excitement!

1. Cody Rhodes - Intercontinental Championship:

This reign changed the Intercontinental Championship in a long time, physically and mentally. It was hard to pick between Punk and Rhodes, but the kicking factor has got to be that Punk, even though stirred up conversation, rhodes made us want to watch him. Rhodes has made the year with his mask gimmick and now he changes to another one with knee pads! YES! He also brought back the old title bringing a heck load of more prestige with it. This new feud between booker and rhodes will make things a whole lot more interesting and prestige will be piling up. Punk, even though you stirred up the whole WWE Universe and got us to watch that one night and one month after, Rhodes has made us want to watch him for months to come.

So, that is it. Love to hear your comments and tell me how I did this time. Next Blog will be Worst Title Reigns of 2010 and there is another thing. I will be doing a blog and you will have the say in it. I want you guys to comment on who has had the best pushes in recent years and depending on how we vote, the list will be made. So, have fun and I will see you guys later! P.S: Anyone think of a name for these blogs?

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  1. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Good blog. Two things I disagree with is Cody Rhodes being first. It has been a top 10 worthy reign but he has hardly defended which I don't like. If Orton had fought him for the title then that would have brought some real prestige back. Also I don't think Ziggles is going to hold onto the US title much longer. At this point he is clearly being pushed, having great matches against the likes of CM Punk ant Orton. And Monday night asking Vickie what she is good for (lol). Seems like their ready to send him to the big leagues and the US title is holding him back. Ryder wins it and Ziggles gets promoted to main event status.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I didn't realize there were any good title reigns in 2011, since they have pretty much discredited both main titles, and made the IC and US titles insignificant. And AirBoom's reign would be great if they had something that resembled a tag team division.
  3. CMRyder's Avatar
    Cody's reign? WTF. Its not a good reign. Since changing the IC title he's defended it.....0 times. So much for restroring the glory.
  4. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Cody has only defended it against Morrison at HITC in an impromptu match, Jackson in an awful rematch and Ted in a match with no build. Cody has done great but hasn't defended the title really

    Miz should have been number 1. His reign was the longest with the WWE title this year and has done great
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    I dis agree with Cody's reign being #1..I mean...IC championship like a ring gear for him..much like his mask...he has not defended it any where...he mt hav defended it against Orton...I mean if HHH can go for IC championship after being a multi-time world champion n one of teh biggest heels of his time..I guess RKO also mt hav gone for it...
  6. Nitro_99's Avatar
    I have to admit it is true...sigh, I am just so excited by their wrestling ability that they look amazing. Oh well......Next up, Worst title reigns of 2010! I feel like we might know all who is going to be number one
  7. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    Everyone seems to have forgotten that Cody defended it 3 times in 8 daysn once
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