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The Top Ten WWE Most Pointless Title Reigns of 2010

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Here I am once again to give you some pointless title reigns. Note, I take a total of how well they did as a champion, how many title reigns, and how much they made the title look worse. Sit back, relax and look at my top ten most pointless reigns of 2010.

10. Bret Hart - United States Championship:

Now, I don't want it to seem like I am hating on Bret Hart. He is amazing and he is one of my favourites. When he won, it did surprise me and I was going to see how this went. But, the next week, he relinquished it and R-Truth became champ. Now, I know he wouldn't be champ and it was cool, but seeing how it was just tossed away in two weeks from the Miz's good reign, I didn't like it.

9. ShowMiz - Unified Tag Team Champions:

Well, this was a random pairing. After coming off Jerishow, this was sad and it was pretty disappointing. Seeing as Jerishow did great with them, and DX was just awesome, Showmiz had big shoes to fill and big show couldn't fill them....It was pretty weird, but it was handed to the Hart Dynasty so I can't complain about that, just the randomness.

8. Batista - WWE Champion:

Now, don't get me wrong, again. I LOVED Batista's reign, because he was really entertaining. The reason the animal gets the number 8 spot was because of Cena. Batista was doing pretty well as champ and had momentum in view of promos but then he lost....then lost to duct tape....then lost in an i quit...then he actually quit....sigh, poor batista.

7. Santino and Kozlov - Tag Team Champs:

They win the award for being the funniest, but in reality, that is it. The Tag team division went through dark times with these two, because we knew then for 150% sure that the titles were a joke and that the WWE couldn't care less about it. When they had their title reign, Edge, Christian, Team 3D and the Hardys all cried a bit...

6. John Cena - WWE Championship:

For our face of the WWE, I was wondering which of his reigns were worse and I decided that they were both equally worse so they are together. His first reign lasted a few minutes as batista took it from here and it did promote story, but then he won it at wrestlemania. Cena than beat Batista with duct tape and won an I Quit match (how shocking). Seeing how he lost it at the next pay-per-view, this was pointless.....also, Cena sucks at taking the spear

5. Rey Mysterio - World HeavyWeight Championship:

Rey hasn't been getting that many good chances lately and I am very disappointed about this. He wins the championship and I mark out (I thought I would never see it again). When he held it, I was just thinking about how cool it would be. Then he lost it to Kane AT THE NEXT PAY-PER-VIEW!!! True, Kane rocked it, but this loses in two points for me. One, why have him gain it just to lose it and if you were going to have Kane win, why not have swagger hold it longer? ...Sigh

4. John Cena and David Otunga - Tag Team Championship:

These two was not just the worst pairing, you knew it would never work. When you saw Drew and Cody at Bragging rights, and you saw otunga come out, you thought "Hmm, maybe Gabriel or Slater...." but when Cena came out, you knew Drew and Cody were screwed. Cena overpowers them yet again and comes out on top. Then they lose it the next night, because of them whining about it not working....tag team titles suck

3. Drew McIntrye and Cody Rhodes - Tag Team Championship:

Speaking of tag team titles that sucked, lets look at our future. There is no doubt about that drew and cody are extremely talented, but seeing the respect they got, this deserves the number 3 spot. Seeing as they barely defended it, they tagged maybe once before to winning the titles and that they stopped a hot hart dynasty and they didn't even get the Uso's winning it? Also they lost it to CENA AND OTUNGA.....(calm down) So, at least cody looks better now and, well, drew likes jobbing I hear.

2. R-Truth - United States Championship:

Man, I wished that R-Truth would have been heel for this, because it would have been awesome (sorry miz). When R-Truth won the title, it was interesting and I didn't see it coming. I wondered how he would do and I was right in the end: crappy! R-truth sucked at holding the title, did nothing with it, held it like an accessory and didn't defend it really. To top it off, it went back to the Miz in a fatal four way......THE MONDAY BEFORE FATAL FOUR WAY!!!....gah, fail. Seeing that made me realize how much I liked the miz.

1. Jack Swagger - World Heavyweight Championship:

You had to see this coming. Swagger was the definition of suckitude in 2010. When he won the money in the bank, I think mostly everyone was shocked. Swagger was really nobody and then he popped out of the jobberness. He then cashed it in that friday on Jericho and when he lifted the title, I was psyched. That is where the ball started rolling down the hill. First, they didn't get someone from smackdown to face him, but randy! Need to get one of them to fight for the title ya know. He still won by pinfall at Extreme rules so no complaints there. Then you get the feud of him and Big Show. He dominates him with the ankle lock and it looks like he can beat him. Then the mess of Over the Limit happened and we were left feeling......blah. Swagger was interesting, but he was being used in all of the wrong ways. When he lost his title, I expected him to stay up in the title somewhere. But enter Kane, Edge, and Undertaker and you are screwed! Swagger dropped back down into the jobberness where his old friends greeted him...poor swagger. WWE, thanks for messing up a golden opportunity.

Okay, now for my next blog, I am doing the top ten most failed pushes in the past years or so. I want you guys to comment, because it will be based on you. Give me your top ten, I will tally the votes then I will post the results via a blog. Thanks so much, leave a comment, and have a great day!

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