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Why Jobber Why? + I predicted this.

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Hey Everyone. Pretty bad week of wrestling this week. Not much to be happy about. It took me a total of 24 minutes to watch Smackdown. It got mostly fast forwarded because it was just lame. Even the main event. If those 4 wrestlers in the main event represent what the future of WWE holds, then there are some dark days ahead. I know a lot of you reality tv junkies swing from the Ryder tip and have some sort of love affair with Ziggler, but seriously. It's a sad snap shot.

Okay, I want to touch on something a little different this week. What I watched, especially this week but it has been sort of a trend recently, is what I will call, the "Make No Sense" jobbing of some of the superstars.

AJ Styles. So let me get this straight. Bobby Roode runs away and steals a win in the Iron Man Match. Sting orders 5 minutes of overtime to kick off Impact. Roode runs away again, wasting the 5 minutes. Sting orders a sudden death, and AJ TAPS OUT????? SERIOUSLY???

Daniel Bryan. For someone who took a few steps into the spotlight over the course of the last month or so, he sure is jobbing out a lot lately. And in really bad fashion too. He has the MITB case and plans on cashing in at Wrestlemania for a title shot, but is getting made to look really bad to Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes. Really Bad. Like he didn't even deserve to be in the same ring as them.

Natalya. Please. Please explain to me why week after week after week, ever since this movement by Beth and Natalya has started, has Natalya consistently jobbed out to much inferior Divas? I mean, every time I turn around, she's getting pinned by Alicia Foxx or Eve Torres. I don't get it. Why push her to be a partnered with Beth Phoenix with all this "rebellion against the models" thing, and then have her made to look silly in the process.

The Usos. They put on this huge production and prayer of the islands thing as their entrance, and then job out to Primo and Epico....twice in the last few weeks. Totally lost on that one.

If you're wondering why I also titled this blog, "I predicted this", that is in reference a report I read on this website regarding Alberto Del Rio not earning his quick push and living up to expectations. In my first attempt at a blog last year, I posted weekly from about October until Wrestlemania. The main theme of my blog was how I was losing faith in the WWE and giving them until Wrestlemania XXVII to give me a reason to still watch. They had some good shows here and there but nothing special. However, in these posts, I was making mention about how they were giving major pushes to guys like Alberto Del Rio and Drew Mcintyre when they weren't drawing any heat at all. Let's face it. When they were both being pushed, no one cared. They tried to build them up, but to no avail. No one cared that his name was Alberto Del Rio. No one cared that Drew was the chosen one. No on booed. No one chanted "You Suck". Mostly, you could actually see the people getting up and leaving their seats because they'd be more entertained in the bathroom.

Well shortly after, Drew dropped off the planet and now just jobs to every nobody that comes in. And Alberto Del Rio? Well, he might have gained some minimal heat, but for being a top heel in the company these days, he's just not there. And these constant title opportunities he's getting are starting to show WWE's desperation. This TLC match would be just fine if it was CM Punk vs The Miz. The Miz hasn't been relevant in the title picture since losing it to Cena. He's due. Alberto Del Rio? Well, he's a two-time champion and nobody even remembers him holding the belt. If you look down the list of WWE Title holders, Bob Backlund had a joke run in 94 where he beat Bret Hart, and then lost the belt to Diesel at a house show 3 days later. Vince McMahon held the belt back in Sept of 99 and then vacated the belt the next week. Then, Alberto Del Rio is probably next. I know The Rock and Mankind switched titles back and forth over the course of a month, but outside of that...this company that Alberto Del Rio is in, is pretty sad.

Have a great weekend everyone. And let's keep our fingers crossed that next week's slate of wrestling shows will be better than this week's pathetic waste of time. See ya.

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  1. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    SmackDown consisted mainly of wrestling matches this week; better than the shit that was the Slammys. I must therefore deduce that you are not a wrestling fan but a sports entertainment fan. It's great that young stars are finally getting a spot on one of the main shows instead of Superstars (Epico/Primo vs The Usos) and they will improve. I still found their match very exciting. Seems as though you just watched for the finish.

    As for your 'Make No Sense jobbing', what a load of old shit that was. Almost as though you want everyone to win, well somebody has to lose, somebody has to go over and the 'E are currently pushing the Epico/Primo/Rosa stable. The Usos will get their time to shine eventually.

    By the way, Drew was getting well over as a heel. Don't know why you think no-one cared. Your gripe at Del Rio is fine because he's just so non-believable
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Thank you for the comments. They are appreciated. However, if you're going to attack, you should be prepared for a counter attack.

    I've been watching wrestling forever. I'm sure much MUCH longer than you. So trust me when I tell you, The Usos will not get a chance to shine. They're done. Glorified jobbers in a weak tag team division. You'll see. And Drew? Getting over well as a heel? You can't be serious. Did you just start watching wrestling like a year ago?

    And the "Make No Sense Jobbing" is not a load of shit. What was gained for Cody Rhodes getting the win over Daniel Bryan on Smackdown? Nothing. Nothing at all. Even if he's being pushed as a top heel, it builds the Booker T/Cody Rhodes match better if he loses clean to Bryan. Cody Rhodes losing gives the idea that there might be some hope that Booker T could win. AND, it continues Daniel Bryan's road to the title push with another credible win in a main event caliber match. saying Drew was over well as a heel just baffles me so much that I have to continue on it. You wanna see someone over as a heel, go back in time and watch some footage of Edge w/ Lita. Or HBK when he turned building up his match with Hogan. Or to make it more fair, look at a mid-carder like Christian during his feud with Jericho. You think Drew was over well as a heel? You got a lot to learn buddy.
  3. brandon18's Avatar
    DX Wrestling Savior is absolutely right. He just proved you wrong, how can drew be getting over as a hell? he does not get much heat at all and he is flat our boring as a heel. If you look at edge and HBK when he feuded with hogan like he said, those were heels getting over. Im sorry CM_SUXX_NOT but you just made no sense what so ever.
    Great Blog!
    Updated 12-18-2011 at 02:01 AM by brandon18 (forgot A WORD)
  4. AJ1981's Avatar
    I enjoyed your blog, but didn't agree about Barrett & Ziggler (I think they've got bright futures). I agreed with everything else though. I don't know why WWE didn't use someone like Justin Gabriel or Trent Barreta to job to Cody. Unfortunately the McMahons got bored of The Usos last year during their feud with The Hart Dynasty and Drew McIntyre is/was one of the most boring heels in recent memory and I've been watching wrestling since the late 80's
  5. madnonsense's Avatar
    Watching Smackdown for 24 minutes out of a 2 hour show is quite fast using DVR. You are right. I have also fast fwd on the matches I feel it's not worth watching. Hell, I fast fwd the divas match because WWE for the last couple months keeps on having Natalya doing jobber matches. I do agree with you that WWE is jobbing out many of the good wrestlers. But having too many jobber matches week after week will make me continue hitting the fast fwd button.

    I spent about 30 minutes watching TNA as some of their matches are boring as well.
  6. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    I love how people automatically know they have been watching, 'for much much longer than you!' Makes me chuckle!

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