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2011 EWN Slammy Award Results

Rating: 4 votes, 4.00 average.
Decided to post this mammoth post as a blog as well. On the forums we have just had our Slammy Awards (Since WWE were doing theres lol) Plus its then easier access to go into my blogs if you want to find this months from now. So enjoy.

Here are the results to the 17 voted slammy award winners.

Just so everyone knows. I got over 400 votes from 30 members so thank you for making this award thingy a decent success.
For those who don't know, you couldn't vote for yourself and had the max of 2 votes per award.
In the event of joint votes, they will share that position. (For example: If the 2 most nominated people have the same votes. They become co-winners).
I'm also posting the top 3 most popular nominations.
Finally, if you were good/lucky enough to win an overall prediction contest then you also gain a slammy award.

So lets see who has been nominated or won a award

1 - Funniest member of the Year:
1st: NecroYeti - 8 votes
2nd: Poot-Hair - 7 votes
3rd: Roman Flare & Rated R(ob)KO - 2 votes

2 horse race throughout this. Necro just wins it so congrats pal.

2 - Most Original thread maker of the Year:
1st: URATOOL - 10 votes
2nd: Dubs & ELNIOJR - 2 votes
3rd: Sully, Robareid, Van Hooligan X, TomSta, HCollinsTNA, LuchaLibre, Rated R(ob)KO, SliverGhost and Pauadrian - 1 vote

That is also everyone who was nominated in this award so congrats to everyone who got a vote. The creator of JBW (Dubs) and creator of the Ring The Bell (ELNIOJR) series gain 2nd so congrats guys.

3 - Best Moment of the Year:
1st: Russo Swerve getting himself banned & EWNCW vs. JBW eFed war - 4 votes
2nd: Football story thread - 2 votes
3rd: Creation of JBW, EWN Chat for BFG 2011, Zack Ryders up and down threads, EWN fights, EWNCW invasion storyline, Creation of EWA, HorrorCore Icons - JBW PPV, Tommy Thunder winning HWAs Royal Rumble, Shuriken joins JBW, 2-21-11 thread, John Cena gets boo'd, ChavoG incident & IrelandsPatriot finally gets banned.

Once again that is every nominee. JBW with a lot of nominations in 3rd along with EWA, EWNCW and HWA getting 1 in 3rd as well.

4 - Best eFedder of the Year:
1st:Tommy Thunder - 4 votes
2nd: Kashdinero - 3 votes
3rd:KJammin, Broc, Robareid & Rich Cranium - 2 votes

I cannot stress how close this award was all the way through this event. In fact, Tommy. You won this award with the last 2 people entering your name in. Otherwise Kash would of won this.

5 - Best Thread of the Year:
1st: JBW Official Discussion thread - 5 votes
2nd: HWA Official show thread & the DEFINITIVE Premier League banter and discussion thread - 4 votes
3rd: EWA Official show thread & Chocolate Blades of Thunder/30k thread - 3 votes

Well done to JBW. The biggest and most popular eFed has taken the title and congrats to HWA and the new eFed EWA for doing very well and beating EWNCW.

6 - Dumbest Banned member of the Year:
1st: squaredcircle - 10 votes
2nd: Irelands Patriot - 9 votes
3rd: Mully the Cat - 3 votes

Well it was only ever going to be these 2 idiots really. Sadly SC isn't here to accept his award since...well...he got perma-banned. Good luck in retaining it next year.

7 - Most likely member you'd buy a Beer in real life if you saw them:
1st: Wade Barrett 1979 & Kashdinero - 4 votes
2nd: Polly - 3 votes
3rd: 68wpayne, TomSta, KJammin, Van Hooligan X & Steve Austin - 2 votes

Just don't get drunk off your 4 drinks WB lol

8 - Best member to talk about Sports in the Sports Discussion sub-forum:
1st: Wade Barrett 1979 - 8 votes
2nd: Van Hooligan X & Steve Austin - 5 votes
3rd: Broc - 3 votes

I have recounted and recounted but still...A Liverpool fan has won this award!

9 - Best Taste in Music:
1st: THEKEVINBRAND - 6 votes
2nd: HolyJose, StraightEdgeZero & SilverGhost - 2 votes
3rd: Steve Orton, Eboy, Wade Barrett 1979, Krysys, Van Hooligan X, Rich Cranium, NecroYeti & Beautiful Chaos - 1 vote

This was again everyone who got a vote. Well done to KISS and Kevin.

10 - Smartest member of the Year:
1st: Iron Ape - 14 votes
2nd: Kashdinero - 4 votes
3rd: Dr Death & Asherdelampyr - 2 votes

Ape gained the most votes of any award with nearly 50% of everyone who voted voting him.

11 - Best Internet Drama of the Year:
1st: IPITS vs IPITB - 9 votes
2nd: KevinBrand leaving but coming back 1 day later, IPITS getting banned & WWTNA vs Real WWTNA - 2 votes
3rd: Sully vs RomanFlare, IrelandsPatriot, The_Crippler vs. HCollins, EWNCW vs JBW, Danielle vs EWN, SquaredCircle, TOOL vs. Robstar, Tommy Thunder threatening mods for the sake of Danielle, the NOC list, Granma Ape vs. Absolutely Perfect, Tommy Thunder jumps to different eFed with gold & ChavoG trying to take down the mods by himself

Gah! Big list again for 3rd since IPISSINTHESHOWER and IPOOPINTHEBATH easily won this. Sadly, they're not here to accept this award tonight. But i'm sure they're very proud to of won this award. If not, meh. It was fun to watch ;D

12 - Best Mod of the Year:
1st: Robstar - 13 votes
2nd: Kashdinero - 8 votes
3rd: SilverGhost - 6 votes

Please note that every mod we have on EWN are awesome. Even ex mods such as Panda.

13 - Postwhore of the Year:
1st: IrkenInvader - 7 votes
2nd: THEKEVINBRAND & Broc - 4 votes
3rd: Eve's arse #1 fan - 3 votes

I have to say. Before the end of this award it was really quite close between the top 3 of this award. But Irken pulls through!

14 - Best Username of the Year:
1st: SilverGhost - 4 votes
2nd: Eves Arse #1 fan - 3 votes
3rd: PandaMassacre - 2 votes

[Insert something useful to say about this award or just general bullshit to fill this part up]

15 - Best Signature of the Year:
1st: Van Hooligan X - 7 votes
2nd: Steve Austin - 3 votes
3rd: Eves Arse #1 fan, IrkenInvader, Wade Barrett 1979, SESAfro & Asherdelampyr

Yaaay! Do a Victory dance Booker!

16 - Best Avatar of the Year:
1st: Bodom - 3 votes
2nd: Rated R(ob)KO, PandaMassacre and Rich Cranium, - 2 votes
3rd: Tommy Thunder, TheBeardOfZeus, IrkenInvader, AreYaSerious, Van Hooligan X, AzureSkye, Daffy Duck, Dr Death & Beautiful Chaos - 1 vote

Congrats to Bodom. This yet again was everyone who got a vote.

17 - Best Blogger of the Year:
1st: Rated R(ob)KO - 3 votes
2nd: KNOX and Wrestlingfan66513 - 1 vote

I added this very late into it so I apologise that barely anyone voted on this 1. Still Rob does make badass blogs with his series The State of the 'E and WF66513 does the good blog wars series so check these 2 guys out.

Prediction Contests winners:

1st: Androo: 1385
2nd: thejman93: 1369
3rdauldwku: 1347

Well done Androo.
ROH: N/A yet.

1st: Van Hooligan X: 312 points
2nd: Dr. Death: 269 points
3rd: Androo: 132 points

Same reason as WWEs.

There may be more but i'll need to ask Robareid and Death if they're just counting these PPVs for next years or not like TLC 2010 is for WWE.

Well, thats it. Those are you winners.
Congrats to the people lucky enough to of won 1 but overall well done for getting nominated if you did receive any. Now lets have an awesome 2012 and make next years awards more badass ;D

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Nice man big props for doing this. Just wait though 2012 is the year of Blog Wars.
  2. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    I'm a two time, two time, two time winner!
  3. notSheamus's Avatar
    That's an original idea!

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