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The New Tag-Team: Epico and Primo w/Rosa Mendes

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It looks like we have a new tag team in the WWE. Last night, Epico and Primo debuted on one of WWE's main television broadcasts (WWE Tribute to the Troops) and had a very impressive showing as they defeated the WWE Tag Team Champions, Air Boom.

I like this pairing. Besides the fact that any additions to the abysmal tag team division are positive, Epico and Primo seem to have a good chemistry. And considering that Rosa hasn't had a meaningful thing to do since she got to the WWE (besides holding up signs and obsessing over Beth Phoenix, some years ago,) it's about time she received a fitting role.

So I called up my friends and asked them about what they thought of this tag team:

1)Dez: I saw them recently on Superstars, where Primo defeated Kofi. The three of them had an entrance quite similar to MNM, and got decent heat. Primo and Epico do have some good chemistry and can fight in the ring. It seems like they will likely feud with and win the tag-titles from Air Boom. As for Rosa, this seems to be a way of keeping her from getting fired.
I thought that Hunico was also part of this stable, though he was nowhere to be seen recently. Hunico should join, as I don't see him going anywhere quickly in singles competition. More tag teams, more tag teams please!

2)Joe: It's nice to see a fresh Tag Team, especially two guys who are related. The two guys work well together, with Hunico as well when he was around with the Stable. It's nice to give Rosa Mendes something to do, 'cos you know...she's nice to look at & that. However, I can't help but feel it's just a dig at the fail that was and still is Mexican America. You know, two latino guys that are heels in a tag team with some eye candy on the side? It's all familiar, but the WWE have got the right guys in to do the job.

Hopefully, they will stay as a Tag Team permanently, because it give them both something to do. Once you split them up, then nothing is there. They should win the Tag Titles eventually and have a pretty good reign with them I think. Fingers crossed for more of this Tag Team spring clean soon.

3)Mike: Love these guys. I liked them a little better when they were a proper stable with Hunico involved, just because having a singles' guy with them really added to the presence of the group, but Primo and Epico are both individually better than Hunico so he's no great loss. You can tell that Primo and Epico are related, and they really work together and feel like a tag team. Family tag teams have usually been very good. As for Rosa Mendes, she's not great but I'm all for bringing back valets. Maybe we could see a feud with the Usos or Air Boom, two tag teams going on that I love. That'd be a ton of fun!

4)Drake: I love this Tag Team!

I said months ago that they needed to bring up Tito, i mean Epico, to team with Primo. And WWE throwing Rosa in as manager/eye candy makes me 10X as happy.

I have never been a fan of any of the 3.
But now they are a Tag Team i love them, simply because there is a new Tag Team!

I do agree with throwing Hunico in there somewhere.

Then turn Hunico face and team him with Sin Cara for a few months. (When he returns of course) They can really put up a few good tag matches, and while they are competing, WWE can focus on even more Tag Teams being made. That is just an idea .

5)Josh: I honestly loved the tag team of Primo & Tito/Epico but I can't help but think that their win was for nothing more than to slap a "Welcome to Jobberville" sticker on Evan Bourne for his suspension. Also, without Hunico to work as the mic man, I don't see these guys going too far... otherwise, they'll just be like McGuillicutty & Otunga, talented yet boring. I hope Rosa Mendez is more than just the eye candy.

Sadman: Like everyone else, I've been pretty impressed with these two. I'm not sure if Hunico is part of a faction with them or not. He hasn't been out there with them during their matches, but that's not necessarily an indication that they're not working together.

At any rate, Epico & Primo look good together and can deliver inside the ring. Not too sure about how they'll do on the mic, but one step at a time. I'm not surprised they scored a win over Air Boom last night, but I'm hoping that WWE tries to stretch this feud out for a while. Last night was Bourne's first televised match since returning from his suspension and I just think it'd be a mistake to take the titles off him & Kofi at this time. I just have a feeling that WWE is gonna have Air Boom drop the belts, however, in their next match with these two as part of Bourne's punishment. We can all sense, I think, that Bourne is probably gonna be reprimanded and de-pushed now that he's back. All things considered, Bourne & Kingston have been good for the tag titles and rushing to put the titles on Epico & Primo as part of a punishment for Bourne probably won't be doing anyone any favors as it's just too soon for this new team.

I like the fact that WWE hasn't gone the route of turning these two into stereotypical hispanic gangbangers & thugs. It's been done to death and Mexican America in TNA is a great example of how dated and generally piss poor it is.

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