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Wrestlers I'd like to see in WWE

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What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again. It's no secret that the WWE is the place to be if you want to make it in the wrestling business. It's where the money and exposure is, so naturally people would want to go there. Below is a list of wrestlers I'd love to see go to WWE or return there. I will not be including John Morrison because chances are he's going to end up back there later on. Anyway, without further ado...

1. Samoa Joe
I've been wanting Joe in WWE for a long time. It's no secret that TNA is dropping the ball on Joe. He's an amazing talent in the ring, on the mic, and I think he could have phenomenal matches with Punk (yes I know they've wrestled in the past), Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, and even John Cena. Sure you can make the argument that he doesn't have the WWE look but let me just leave you with these names: Big Sow, Mark Henry, Umaga, Brodus Clay, Big Daddy V, Earthquake, Yokozuna, Mick Foley and King Kong Bundy. Yeah.

2. AJ Styles
Trust me I'm not gonna rape TNA here, but lets face it Styles has done everything he possibly could in TNA and more, and honestly it's time to move on. Not to mention it's been reported that he is unhappy with the direction TNA is going in so why not make the jump to WWE, like I said it's where the exposure is. AJ Styles is more than worthy of being on the roster and I'd love to see what he could do with the wrestlers in WWE. Of course there is the possibility he will be underutilized, and he might not be able to use the name or gimmick, but if he could just imagine how far he would go in WWE.

3. Broscoe Brothers
If reports are true and HHH wants to rebuild the tag division then there's no way they should go about doing it without these two phenomenal wrestlers. I think they're perfect for WWE and I think they could be the perfect team to have the division centered around them as the faces. Of course they'd need teams to feud with, which brings me to...

4. Worlds Greatest Tag Team
How can you hate the team of Haas and Benjamin? They were by far the most underutilized team during their final run, and weren't used to their greatest potential during their first but no one can doubt how amazing they are and as a team against the likes of the BB, KOW, Usos, and Air Boom they could make the tag division amazing again.

5. MVP
I would be lying if I told you I wasn't a huge fan of his during WWE. He was probably the best heel in WWE back during his 1st U.S. title reign and it seemed like he was on his way to the main event before he started jobbing out and turned face. I'd love to see him return to WWE and start over as the heel he was back in 06-08.

6. Kaval
I was so happy to hear about him coming to WWE and was even happier when he won NXT and was brought up to the main roster. Then he got released and in my own opinion it was such a bad move on all parts. From what I remember he asked for the release but I wish he could've found a way to make it work because I think he could have done well in the mid card. I don't think he'd ever be in the main events but I can see him doing well in a cruiserweight division or something like that.

7. Nigel McGuinness
From what I understand he's retiring but if that isn't true then I'd love for him to find a home in WWE. He came close before signing with TNA, but he went on to do absolutely nothing after a feud with Kurt. And people want to say TNA is the place to go if you want to wrestle...but I digress. I think he could do amazing work with WWE using the correct gimmick and I could even see him going to the main event with the right storyline and opponents.

8. Harry Smith
I'll be honest with everyone in saying I absolutely hated DH Smith when he first came in to WWE. He was bland, generic, and boring as fuck. However when he and Tyson paired up I quickly grew on to him and instantly became a fan. He's a great big man and the Hart Dynasty was an awesome team. But unfortunately WWE sucks and split them up prematurely, leading to Harry's release and Tyson's depush. If you ask me the WWE needs these two if they want a credible tag division, and I think he could even do well in the mid and upper mid-card.

9. Elijah Burke
I just want to say that I love the Pope character and was happy when he first came to TNA. However much like a lot of other great talents he was shafted by TNA and is now teaming with D'von going nowhere. I thought the Elijah Burke character was great and I thought he had a decent future with the company before his release. I think that if he comes back and has the proper character build he could do well.

10. Chris Masters
I know what some people are thinking, but hear me out. When he first showed up in WWE he was really turning into a big star. He wasn't the best in the ring, but he had a decent gimmick and I enjoyed him. Then he was released and rehired and they tried him as a face on superstars and he showed so much improvement they were going to repackage him and everything...then he got released. What makes me mad is that he was improving, he had the look, and if he got repackaged who knows where he could be. I think he should be given one more chance to show what he can do because I was really getting behind him.

11. Carlito
The last on my list is the cool one himself, Carlito. When he first came to WWE he was one of the coolest characters around (no pun intended). Much like Masters he was finding his way into the main event and was getting really over but then they slowly phased him out and right back to the mid cards until finally he was finding a nice home in Jobberville. After a few years he finally got a decent push with Primo and they even beat Miz and Morrison to unify the tag titles. I was digging them as a team but they finally released him and I was more or less upset. I thought he did well as an upper mid carder and fit nicely in the role, not to mention he had a pretty good feud with Cena. I think if they bring him back with Primo and Epico and form a small stable with Carlito as the leader they could work wonders.

Well there you have it, of course I don't see a lot of this happening but some of it possible and I think it would make for some good tv. Well folks until next time it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    As much as we would like to see them it would be hard. Some of these guys are loyal to there current company, others probably won't go back because they know they will get misused or family issues (Masters, Smith). Out of all these guys I say Carlito would be the most likely to return
  2. Melevolent 27's Avatar
    Nice list. Dont think the Briscoes could stop swearing.... AJ Styles would great. WGTT but only as the team. The Carlito stable could be cool.
    I would like to see Extreme Tiger & Jake Evens, (mainly Tiger) Areostar, Mascara Dorada, or even the 4ft 5in Mascarita Dodara (Sagrada)
    Yes I like some high spots.
  3. Tall's Avatar
    I think Nigel McGuinness has hepatitis C which means he won't be able to wrestle for anybody. I believe that's why he left TNA and has retired.
  4. jackw9's Avatar
    i'd prefer lashley lesnar n batista above any of these
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    Carlito would be the most likely to return. He was used wrongly IMO. He started off great, and then they screwed him up. Hes a great wrestler, and is funny as hell.
  6. AlexWorldOrder's Avatar
    I don't think there have been any reports from any wrestler complaining about jumping ship to TNA. I would hate to see any current TNA guys (mostly AJ) jump to WWE; he would be treated like trash JUST for being a part of TNA, and they would probably limit the shit out of his move set. Masters and Smith are with TNA now, currently on their India project. Guys that I would like to see back/in are


    Simply because they're good entertainers, and I don't see them getting the cold shoulder treatment since they never went to TNA.
  7. Xpacfan's Avatar
    You should rename this blog: "Wrestlers that I would like to see held back and watered down"
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