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Did Zack Ryder earn himself a match at Wrestlemania?

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Hey guys, Knox here hoping all is well with the IWC EWN community. One thing that is sacred every year is a Wrestlemania spot. Hell, you could be a top midcarder and still be left off the card of the biggest show of them all. We've seen it over the past. Hell just look at Wrestlemania 27. Sheamus wasn't even on the card.

In this day & age you have to work your ass off for a spot. Back in the 80s it seemed like everyone was on the card. But now a days that's changed. There is no more Money in the Bank ladder match anymore which was the saving grace of getting on the card for guys like Cm Punk, Christian, MVP and many others at that time.

So my question is: Has Zack Ryder worked his way to deserving to be on the card at Wrestlemania?
To quote Vince McMahon on the New & Improved DX DVD..."YOU DAMN RIGHT". What hasn't this man done? He literally saved his career because Lord knows he was on his way out the door with the rest of the boys. How can anyone hate on that?

Let me break down somethings that make Zack Ryder an amazing hardworker.

1. He went ahead and started a Youtube series pretty much bashing his employer.
Yes he did. The series was based off of him believing that the WWE dropped the ball on him by not giving him any kind of run after his pretty exciting heel run on ECW.

2. He earned the respect of guys like John Cena, Triple H, Steve Austin, Cm Punk, Roddy Piper, The Rock and Mick Foley. That's like me as an up & coming rapper earning the respect of Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne & Nas. Hell that's like an up & coming chef earning the respect of Emeril, Bobby Flay & Paula Dean. Zack gained their respect for showing that hardworking desperate mentality to make it to the top.

3. Developed his own gimmick.
Alot of guys come to the WWE just expecting everything to be given to them including their gimmick. I applaud guys like David Otunga, The Miz, Brodus Clay & Zack Ryder who can come up with their own gimmick. Zack's gimmick is so natural and you can tell he really acts the way he acts and I respect that.

4. Catch Phrases (Woo Woo Woo)
Its so amazing how whenever Zack Ryder fist pumps, the whole entire audience goes WOO WOO WOO. Its funny because they barely do any thing when Kofi does his BOOM BOOM BOOM clap. This leads me to my next point.

5. Winning over the live crowd.
I think this is the factor that makes Vince cum in his pants the most and that's winning over the crowd in attendance. Ryder's ovation at Survivor Series in the Garden brought a freakin tear to my eyes. I watched that PPV time & time again because I taped it and his ovation was louder than the Rock's.

He's just about won over every live crowd in any city. When you have people chanting "WE WANT RYDER" before the show even starts or before you even come out is just an amazing accomplishment. I went to Raw not too long ago and before they even setup the ring for the Superstars taping, the whole arena was chanting "WE WANT RYDER".

One thing they say is if your a heel, you either wanna hear loud boos, loud cheers or both. If your a babyface you wanna hear loud cheers. But you NEVER wanna come out to no reaction. Ryder has something that not alot of midcarder's have and that's a reaction.

Crowd reaction is the samething that took Miz to the top. When Miz was a midcarder and to this day now, these people give him a reaction. People will always love and hate you. But if they verbally let you know, then that means your doing something right.

6. Twitter Followers/Social Media
Actually this is what really makes Vince McMahon cum in his pants and that's twitter. Ryder has over 386,000 twitter followers which is an insane number for a mid carder. That's what makes him special. He's pretty much utilized the internet to get him over and that's truly saying something.

7. Cool name for his fans (Broski's)
Very cool name. Every top wrestler should have a name for their fans but not all of them do. This is what legitimately got Zack Ryder over if you ask me.

8. Merchandise Sales!!!
OK, Correction: This is what makes Vince cum in his pants the most. Merchandise Sales. This is the reason John Cena & Rey Mysterio have been doing the same damn thing for the past the 7 years. People are buying these guys merchandise. Zack Ryder has had damn near every item sold out at some point in time.

At first, he didn't even have a shirt. Now he has like 3 shirts, a hoodie, 2 headbands, an actual wig, I-Pad, Laptop & I-Pod cases/covers, a backpack, alarm clock and many more. This dude is officially over.

Its a cost of production to produce or bring any product to the market. When you can gross a net income and not a net loss on a product then that's a good thing. That's the reason most superstars don't have the amount of options to purchase from the Zack Ryder has. All those products cost money to produce so Vince & the company must be making a hell of a return for those.

9. Basically, he got himself over with no help from anyone in the back
That's it in a nutshell. He left his good friends Primo, Trent Baretta & Curt Hawkins in the past and made something of himself. He saved his damn job. Many WWE guys will just give up and wait for creative to put them in an angle.

Zack Ryder didn't kiss anyone's ass to get here. Infact, he crapped on WWE management in most of his videos. He deserves his push and a match at Wrestlemania.

10. Notice how I have yet to mention anything wrestling related in the first 9 points.
In this day & age to make it in this business, it goes alot farther than just wrestling. Zack Ryder played his part and made himself famous doing everything possible he can do outside the ring to accomplish that. He's pretty much booked a feud with United States Champion Dolph Ziggler. That's what he did.

Dolph appearing on his show week in and week out led the creative team to bringing that feud on television and one of the high points of Raw in my opinion. People complained about Zack's in ring ability and honestly its been improving each & every week.

The Evolution of Zack Ryder: From The Edgeheads, to ECW, Z True Long Island Story, to Main Event of Superstars, to a staple on the Raw brand each & every week:
He rose through all those ranks in less than a year. Now he's about a millisecond from becoming United States Champion. What will be next? Will it lead to something big? Will he eventually become World Champ? Only time will tell but he's certainly on the right track.

So does he deserve a match at Wrestlemania and with who?
Again, You Damn Right he does. You see in this business you have to wanna get better, you have to wanna work and that's what Zack did. I used to love John Morrison but then I woke up and realized that that punk had no work ethic and didn't give a damn about becoming any more than a mid carder. He allowed guys like The Miz, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth & Daniel Bryan slip right past him on the car.

Sheamus wasn't even supposed to go babyface because Morrison was supposed to be that top main event face but he didn't show any passion or work ethic unlike Zack Ryder.

So I think Ryder should be in a one on one match. An opponent for him would be between Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Christian or David Otunga. I think any of those four would be a cool match for the young man.

David Otunga has been a focal point of Raw & Smackdown for some reason. His whole A-List Lawyer gimmick can actually go far and he's definitely improved his promo abilities as of late so I wouldn't mind seeing two young guys Zack Ryder & Otunga go at it on the grandest stage of them all. At the end of the day, it'll probably be Zack Ryder vs Christian.

Hope you all enjoyed this blog because I had alot of fun typing it. I remember watching ECW a while back and saying "who the hell is this joker, is that the guy that use to be with Edge?" I'm a Broski lol and its hard to convert me as a fan haha. Good job Zack, I hate to sound mushy but this guy has inspired me as a person & an inspiring hip hop artist to truly fight for what you know you deserve.

You have to make the general public a believer of your craft and that's what he did and I'll do the same with my music. Thanks again guys for reading and please leave feedback. Be safe. Until then.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I just can't stand Otunga in the ring. I don't think he will get above Lackey status in my opinion. I just wish they didn't get rid of Hennig without giving him a singles shot on Smackdown.
  2. knox's Avatar
    hey man I can definitely see your point lol thats why I didn't even mention Otunga's in ring ability. He really is just about as green as it gets and he looks weird because he has a very big body but he's very short I'm not even sure if he's 5''9' yet which makes him look weird around guys like Orton, Cena & Swagger.
  3. knox's Avatar
    hey man I can definitely see your point lol thats why I didn't even mention Otunga's in ring ability. He really is just about as green as it gets and he looks weird because he has a very big body but he's very short I'm not even sure if he's 5''9' yet which makes him look weird around guys like Orton, Cena & Swagger.
  4. Roc Away's Avatar
    Just watched ZTLIS #44 and Ryder is really bringing alot to the business that is sorely lacking. His build of the Ziggler feud has been top notch, better than almost anything on WWE programming since the Summer of Punk. His clean cut look definitely sells merchandise well too
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    Ryder is pretty much a self made man, you're right about that knox. But having a match with Christian or Ziggler at Mania is a throw away match to me. Those guys deserve more high profile matches than with Ryder - unless they build up Ryder to a higher status in the next couple of months.
  6. AOF666's Avatar
    Almost sounds like you want to hold his dick when he pees. I respect what he did for his career and he did something to get attention, which most guys didn't in the WWE. Far as earning a shot at WM, he is not quite there yet. I think he should put as much focus trying to get over into learning how to wrestle. Also he needs a little more serious gimmick that does say contender without going to bland!
  7. knox's Avatar
    @Roc Away - thanks man I'll have to check that episode out. And your damn right about that. Him & Dolph booked a pretty cool feud on the internet show. Its weird but I really think Dolph is headed to the WWE title picture after Zack takes his U.S. Belt.

    @The Brown One - always good to hear from you bro. You do make sense but I feel like his character is so set in stone and working so well that its hard to change him. I think they could lay off with him acting like a child anytime and going nuts anytime something good happens lol that makes him look whack. But other than that i can see where your coming from. It should be Christian at the end of the day because I think Christian can jump back into the mainevent anytime he wants. He's like 38, so I wouldn't mind seeing him put over Ryder for one night even if Ryder didn't get the win.

    @AOF666 - pretty wisecrack. I'm just showing the man respect and he does inspire me as an up & coming musician to not just sit on my ass and expect everything to be handed to me on pure talent alone. In no way was I kissing his ass but ofcourse its damn near impossible to show anyone respect in this business without seeming like an ass kisser. Other than that you made some good points. He does need to work on his ring work and he actually has. He's willing to go the extra mile to get better at whatever it is he has to get better in so I wouldn't be surprised if he was putting on high profiled clinics in the near future. TLC will be the ultimate test because I feel Dolph is the best ring worker in the WWE
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