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Blog Wars: KOTR Edition: Top 3 PPV's of 2011 3

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Welcome to the third match in the Blog Wars KOTR tournament. Sorry to overload on you guys but I am trying to space it out. I know you guys must be sick of this topic. For the third tournament match we will have newcomers Rick Starr and timfeyenoord battle it out.

Top 3 PPV's of 2011


3. TNA Destination X

This in my opinion was TNA's best ppv of the year. It had the return of the 6-sided ring and was an all Xdivison ppv. The love that the IWC gave this was enormous. So they knew it was going to be hard to live up to the expectations which they did. The reason this is 3rd is that it didn't feel like a ppv to me ince there was no World Title Match.

They had a good card. The first match was Kazarian vs Samoa Joe which was one by Kazaria. Good match. Then you had Douglas Wiliams vs Mark Haskins, btw I hate that I haven't seen DW in ages, a decent match. Same goes for Eric Young and Shark Boy vs Generation Me. Nice to see Shark Boy and this was Generation Me's last match. The Ultimate X, RVD vs Lynn, Four way and Styles vs Daniels matches were great and the Kendrick vs Abyss was decent.I was happy to see the Xdivision Title of Abyss.

2. ROH Best in the World 2011

This is the only ever ROH ppv i've ever seen and it was amazing. I try to watch ROH every week but I don´t have much time. If you didn´t see this one yet I reckon you do it now.

It started with a promo from Jim Cornette about that this is the most watched ROH ppv ever and the crowd was hot. Ciampa vs Cabana and Elgin vs Corino were decent matches, Lethal (who made his return) vs Bennett and Homicide vs Rhino were good matches, El Generico vs Daniels was a great match and then the Four way elimination tag team match and Richards vs Edwards were fantastic matches and Davey vs Eddie is Match of the year candidate.

1. WWE Money in the Bank 2011

This was a fantastic ppv with a great build-up. The IWC was red hot after Punk's promo and Orton vs Chrisian, Show vs Henry also had good builds.

The divas match and Henry vs Show were basically fillers. Show was the first to be inducted into the Hall of Pain here. The rest of the ppv was great with great results. The Smackdown MITB was great and in almost everybody's top 5 matches of the year. And DB's win was very surprising to me. And although ADR gets a llot of hate from the IWC I like this guy and I was happy that he won the MITB briefcase. I marked out when Christian won the World Title although it was cheap. I'd kind of given of the hope that he would win so I was extremely happy. ANd then the Main Event, for me match of the year: Punk vs Cena. The crowd was hot, Cena was great, Punk was great and the finish was great. This was the first WWE match since the HIAC match between HBK and Taker to get a 5-star rating from Dave Meltzer. Amazing.

Rick Starr

I’ll be totally honest, I’m glad this Blog Wars there was only a “Top 3” PPV for 2011, because I don’t think I could in all honesty say there were that many memorable PPV’s for either WWE or TNA. Even WrestleMania 27 was a far cry from a PPV to write home about. Sure there some great PPV Matches, but PPV’s as a whole? That’s a totally different story, so with that in mind, let get spl…oops wrong blog

3. WWE-Survivor Series 2011

This past Survivor Series was probably one of the better WWE PPV’s of the year. There were some great spots throughout the show, like Beth Pheonix giving Eve Torress the Super Glam-Slam off the top rope. You could tell it was a bit more staged than other spots, but it was still impressive nonetheless.

I Thought the Big Show/Mark Henry Match was a good match; however I just didn’t like the outcome. The best match of the night by far had to be the WWE Title match between CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio. Punk continues to prove every day that he is not only a great on the mic, but he just might be the “Best in the World”.

The stinker of the night was the main event between Cena & Rock vs Miz & R-Truth. The sad part is the match had all the right elements to be a great match. Unfortunately Rock did a half-assed job, then spent most of the time on the apron. Many will use the excuse of him being away for 7 years, yet The Rock claims he has been back in the WWE since last April. However the man has done absolutely nothing since his “return” and the man is simply riding on his own coat tails.

2. TNA - Destination X

This was one rare Specialty PPV that many TNA fans, (including myself) looked forward too. This show was only for those in the X-Division or TNA Originals. Everyone else including Hogan and Bichoff was gone from this PPV.

Also the original “Six-Sided-Ring” made a one night return for this event. On a personal note, a lot of people think the Six-Sided-Ring should return to TNA full time. I was one of those people for a long time. However after seeing it at Destination X, I realized it’s now better utilized as a special ring type (ie. Destination X, 6 Sides of Steel, ect).

1. WWE 2011 Money in the Bank

A lot of people (including your truly) was not happy when the WWE gave MitB its own PPV. The reason for this is obvious: It’s no longer at WrestleMania. The WWE always has to capitalize, merchandise a good thing. They talk about the “WWE Universe” as if our voice matters, then they do something that pisses the most of us off like take away MitB from WrestleMania! I’m sorry I had to get that out of my system. Despite my frustration, I do have to say that with all the existing elements in this PPV, it was the best one this year!

First off there were the two MitB Matches which are always just phenomenal. I could write a blog on just these two matches alone, but time is short so I’m going to cut to the chase. For Smackdown, I was shocked when Daniel Bryan won the MitB Briefcase. He was certainly the dark horse in that match in my opinion. As For the RAW Match, I was expecting Alberto Del Rio to win. They had been pushing him hard, for several months before hand. However when Alberto took of Rey Mysterio’s Mask, to steal Money in the Bank, that was brilliant!

The Christian/Randy Orton Match for the World Title was ongoing feud, which was quite frankly getting pathetic. However this match did get a lot of pops from both Orton and Christian. The highlight of course was Christian receiving not one but two RKO’s on the announcer’s table from Orton.
The Main event was without a doubt one of the biggest matches of the year. It was certainly a huge turning point in CM Punk’s career. For several weeks CM Punk did several shoot interviews, as if he was sick of the WWE and their shenanigans. The story was Punk’s contract was up for renewal, and many people thought his days in the WWE were over.

CM Punk’s supposed “last match” was for the WWE Title in “Punk City” (That’s Chicago, Illinois). To thicken the plot, Vince McMahon was added to the fray, and the whole story was screaming another “Montreal Screw Job” twist. Things turned out well for Punk as he not only defeated Cena, but he left Chicago also a hero, and WWE Champion.

We all know how that story ended, but at the time it was some captivating television for me. I thought this is what “wrestling” is, and not JUST “entertainment”. I just wish the WWE did it more often and with more WWE Superstars.

Thanks for reading everyone. Just one more match than a new topic. It is going to be hard to see who wins the whole thing.

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  1. Joonny's Avatar
    Rick Starr

    I don't get why everybody place MITB as 1st.
    I would place RR 1st
  2. myersja44's Avatar
    Going with Rick Starr, Survivor Series and the Rock returning to the ring is a much bigger PPV than anything ROH could produce.
  3. myersja44's Avatar
    Going with Rick Starr, Survivor Series and the Rock returning to the ring is a much bigger PPV than anything ROH could produce.
  4. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Joonny
    Rick Starr

    I don't get why everybody place MITB as 1st.
    I would place RR 1st
    I Placed MitB in the 1st because I like both ladder matches, as well as the story leading up to the main event. RR was ok, but it was not in my top 3.
  5. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice lists by both men but I'll go with Rick Starr on this ocassion.
  6. HeartlessAttack's Avatar
    MITB was brilliant, best PPV since No Mercy 2008!
    Rick Starr wins it for me.
  7. jbaines07's Avatar
    Gonna have to go with Rick Starr, but it was tight!
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