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What John Cena's role should be at TLC.

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John Cena has no match at TLC. That's highly surprising as it feels like he's been on every PPV possible (barring injury) fighting at least one other person. But this PPV might break that run. But I know the perfect role for John Cena at this PPV and it's NOT sitting in the back watching like a good man.

John Cena should be the Special Guest Referee in the Ziggler vs. Ryder title match. John Cena gave up a title shot to give Ryder another shot at this match. John Cena should see this to the end and be forced into the Special Guest role. And there are several reasons why this makes sense:

  • John Cena and Dolph Ziggler have a mean history. Anyone else remember their back-to-back live matches? Vickie also has a lot of heat with Cena, for what it's worth.
  • Cena and Ryder are total broskis. The WWE has shown Cena go crazy pushing this guy.
  • Johnny Ace could use this to test Cena. Can Cena be partial as a guest referee when he gave up a title shot for the challenger?
  • It gives Dolph a way to drop the title to Ryder and immediately move up into the Top Card by working a program with Cena because "he cost Ziggler his title".
  • It offers a great opportunity for Cena's character to get more crowd heat by calling the match down the middle and letting Ziggler win.
  • Cena can screw over Ryder and go Heel (Not likely).

There has been rumors of this being the case and I think it is a fantastic idea. Cena has proven a capable Guest Ref in past experiences--the Wade v. Orton match springs to mind.

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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    Cena could do with a break. Hes been working hard for years now, with not much time off in between. But if hes working with anyone, it should be Ryder and Dolph, since that makes the most storyline sense. A feud with Kane and Cena doesn't, because Kane could just be on a destruction path like before.
  2. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    OMG I've had cenough. Yes he could sure as hell get a ppv off because the fans are sure as hell tired of him. Does he want to do right by Ryder? Then maybe he should let Ryder win on his own. I don't see how Cena screwing Ziggler over will help Ziggler's status since Cena dominates 99% of the competition and he'd dominate Ziggler possibly leaving him worse off than he left the NEXUS. So no I would rather not see Cena at all at TLC unless he's being dominated by Kane, but knowing WWE he'll likely help Ryder win the title so we can all thank Cena for Ryder's win and maybe that way he'll start getting cheers again.
  3. Dr. Death's Avatar
    I heard that there have been talks of this happening, also that there might be a new stipulation to the match involving Cena somehow re-earning his spot in the main event at TLC.
  4. bearsfantildeath's Avatar
    none at all

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