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The Slammy's and Tribute to the Troops and more

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The Slammy's

What a joke. None of the matches were all that great except the Fatal 4 Way between, Ziggler, Bryant, Ryder and Rhodes. If you haven't seen it, watch it. It was really good. But honestly the biggest joke of all wasn't who got the Awards or the matches. It was the lack of crowd reaction to some of the legends who made their opinions.

Seriously, the crowd should be ashamed. You can teach your kids a little of the history of the WWE/WWF. Show them some of the older matches. I mean, YouTube...Hello. When people like Lita or The Million Dollar Man don't get a reaction, you pretty much fail as a fan. Just sayin'.

Tribute to the Troops

This has to be my favorite show of the year. This years though was even more exceptional than before. Here are a few reasons why.

The match quality this night was the best I've seen in a non-PPV in a long time. How many botches were there. I could count them on 1 hand, and K2 wasn't even the one who made them. It was Maria Menounos who did that, but it was expected. She isn't a wrestler. What a shock.

For the first time at one of these, they advanced the story lines adequately enough to be very entertaining.

Cole and King were entertaining for the first time. Cole still got to be heel, and not overdo it. King wasn't as rambunctious as usual but still could act like a teenager when the Divas came out. This is how it should be all the time.

Oh, and a Drew McIntyre sighting doesn't hurt. Although, it was a shame that it was a squash match.

In all though, I can't help but feel that the actual crowd itself is why the performances were spot on. When you play in front of the military, it has to be spot on.

All in all, this will continue to be my favorite show of the year. I like it more than Wrestlemania. ***Gasp***

Diva's Division

I've tried to defend the Diva's division when K2 was the title holder, but I don't know if I can now. It is a joke. The Divas division is a sham. Really. The Divas of Doom angle is all but hurt now. It was a believable concept but with them losing all the time, it just killed the angle. The only "Barbie Doll" who can do a good job in the ring is Eve Torres. This division need wrestlers who can A: Wrestle or B: Can show improvement if they can't wrestle too good IE: Eve.

That is all I've got for now. Enjoy. Be kind in your comments.

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  1. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Your point on The Slammy's was spot on IMO, and the same goes for Tribute to the Troops show. As far as the Diva's go, the WWE is still old fashioned when it comes to women. They seem to think that looks need to come before talent. It's a shame really when they have a lot of women wrestlers out there with both, talent and looks, that are just waiting for a chance to shine. Triple H said he wanted to revamp the Divas division and the Tag division, but so far it hasn't happened. Only time will tell if WWE is really willing to change with the times.
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Great blog, I wasn't into the fatal four way as much as I thought I would be but it still was the best match that night.

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