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Kane and the Dead Skin Mask

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Over the years, Kane has gone through many transformations. He started out as a monster, and gradually evolved from a supernatural character into a more human one. That said, it was high time he evolved again, which he did. He came back this past Monday sporting two new masks, and -GASP- hair! We know why the WWE brought the mask back, but let's look into how this could affect his upcoming angle.

1.) The Look
Kane came back with a variation of his old half-mask outfit from 2002. In this one, he sports an executioner's mask and and what looks like a half-mask made out of human flesh. This is a very good take on his old look, and makes him look less like a tormented monster from his old days, and more like the killer from a slasher film.

This kind of look is exactly what Kane needs. Over the years since the removal of his mask, he has become less threatening. His opponents aren't scared of him anymore, which was a big part of Kane's motif. Now, he looks like a serial killer, which should not only intimidate his opponents, but is also a good departure from the PG atmosphere the WWE presents. The 'E should tape some backstage segments of Kane attacking innocents to build up a sense of fear in the locker room, and make this gimmick have a disturbing feel.

2.) Why Is Kane Wearing A Mask Again?
We all know WWE's reasoning for Kane being masked again, in that they want to sell masks for the holidays (a bit late, am I right) and break the world record in that particular stadium for most masks worn. In terms of the storyline, why does he have it? We all know what he looks like unmasked, and it's obvious he has no hair/facial hair loss. Well, there are a number of theories I have:
*the mask holds power
*the mask is meant to re-establish intimidation
or the very unlikely
*he got burned again

The last one's more-than-likely not the case, because we clearly see eyebrows and chin hair through the mask. The first theory sounds stupid, but let's not put it passed the company that once claimed Undertaker's power came from an urn. I'd go with the second theory, in that Kane wanted to re-establish himself as the monster that he used to be.

3.) Why John Cena? What about The Undertaker?
If you recall, in one of Kane's resurrection vignettes, Kane shattered a mirror with the image of John Cena in it. From this, we know the attack was premeditated, and Kane has some sort of beef with John Cena. But why? The only reason I could come up with is that Kane just doesn't like Cena's goody-goody attitude. Nowadays, putting someone against Cena is not a good way to build someone as a heel, as the crowd is more likely to get behind Kane. Maybe that's what the WWE wants? I don't know. His motives will become clear soon enough.

As for The Undertaker, as I said in my last blog, I seriously doubt the two will face off at WrestleMania. The two have nothing left to prove to eachother story-wise, and neither of them can efficiently carry a match at this point. That said, at some point before WrestleMania, I'm sure they will confront.

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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    Good blog! Personally I'm not sure why they had him wear the first mask over the dead skin looks odd. But you have some good reasons as to why he put the mask back on again..except the burned one lol.
  2. keatsmeister's Avatar
    I've seen a lot of people commenting on the reasons for Kane's return to wearing a mask, and no-one seems to have picked up on a very obvious reason he could have done it - in his most recent feud with 'Taker, he made it clear he despised how human 'Taker had become, with his gesture of mercy towards HBK being the final straw. He may well have realised the same was happening to him and he could simply no longer bear looking at his own face.

    As for wearing the additional mask, I wasn't sure at first, but could work. We'll have to see if it returns, personally I don't think it will
  3. Cabers's Avatar
    I believe he wore two masks to keep people guessing whether or not he was wearing a mask until the very end.
  4. HeartlessAttack's Avatar
    Was I the only one who thought Kane's pants looked stupid? It was hard to get a good look at them, with the red lighting, but I just thought the design was silly.
  5. malvec's Avatar
    I thought it was red and yellow flames which are corny anyways but i could be wrong. The old ones withe the black scratch marks were better.
  6. Slivon's Avatar
    Actually Kane is not wearing the for sells or to break a record, because like it said on one of the news links if they want to break a mask record at Wrestlemania just have Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara just show up even if they don't have a match and have then hand some mask out
  7. blink's Avatar
    You seriously don't think Kane Can carry a match? Are you nuts?
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