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Rick Starr

TNA's Final Resolution 2011 Review

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Hey Splashers! In my last blog, I stated that I would give a full review of TNA’s Final Resolution, but to be honest there was nothing great to write home about, so I’m going to keep this one short and sweet.

Challenge Match: RVD Def. Christopher Daniels
This was your run of the mill opener. I’ve never been a big fan of Daniels, and this new psycho gimmick gust isn’t working for me.

Television Championship: Robbie E Def. Eric Young
It was a shock to see Robbie T, considering TNA sent him to OVW a week prior. Considering the participants, the two had some decent spots. I think Robbie E. has some decent skills; I just can’t stand his gimmick.

Tag Team Championship: Crimson/Morgan Def. Pope/Devon

I figured Devon’s kids would have gotten involved and get Devon and Pope the titles, but that clearly didn’t happen. While I think Crimson and Morgan make a great tag-team, it’s obvious they won’t be staying together for years like Beer Money did. This was an ok match considering the spot on the card.

X-Division Title: Austin Aries Def. Kid Kash
This was the spectacle of the night. As always the X-Division never lets the TNA fans down! There was a lot of high flying action, with a lot of hard bumps in this match. Aries picked up the win with a beautiful Brainbuster. As for Kash, it’s going to be strange seeing him as a face. I wonder how long they plan on keeping him as a baby-face before turning a heel again.

Knockouts Championship: Gail Kim Def. Mickie James
When TNA first gave Gail Kim both titles, I understood why. It was TNA saying “Thank you” to the WWE for giving up yet another good piece of talent. Yet I thought this match would have been the end of that. Why TNA is continuing to keep both titles around her waist is beyond me. Secondly I did not think the match was not that great. I have always loved the Knockout Division over the Divas, and yet the qualities of the matches are slowly starting to match up…which is a sad thing to say.

James Storm Def. Kurt Angle
This was an exceptional match; despite it was only a revenge or challenge match. There were a few points where I expected Angle, to get this win, and Storm get a rubber-band match later on down the road (Which he probably might still get). But I was pleasantly surprised. It was a great all around match, with a great ending.

Steel Cage Match: Jeff Hardy Def. Jeff Jarrett
This match had a bunch of stipulations. The First was fir Jeff Hardy: If he lost he was gone from TNA. However, if he won the match, he would be the new #1 Contender for the TNA World Title. To thicken the plot, Sting announced that if Jarrett lost, either he or his wife Karen would be fired from TNA.

Lastly Karen Jarrett was handcuffed to Sting during the match, she did manage to escape a couple of times, but it was all for not. In the end Jeff Hardy pulled of a Twist of Fate, and got a pinfall, as well as a shot at the TNA World Title.

After the match, Sting stated that he would tell Jeff and Karen who would be getting fired on next week’s Impact. Considering TNA is going overseas, I would not be surprised if it’s Jeff at first, and Karen follows along. (And no I don’t read spoilers).

30 Min Ironman Heavyweight Title Match: AJ Styles/ Bobby Roode 3-3 Draw

This match left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. While it had all the big factors of a great match, I just thought the last 2 minutes was a poor waste! This is exactly why I never like Iron Man Matches, because there is never that underlined stipulation “There MUST be a winner”. Main Events that end in a draw should be saved for TV, not for PPV. That’s just my call.


I thought this PPV was a mixed bag of a show. There were some great matches, and then there were some other great matches with some poor endings. And finally there were some matches that were just fillers. It almost reminded me of an Impact, but without the promo segments.

Well Splashers that wraps it up for this one. Until next time…..See Ya
-Rick Starr @RickStarr

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    A very accurate review well played sir!

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