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The Tag Team Division:Reparing

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Corwo here and this is my 5th blog since joining EWN! This blog will be highlighting some ways to rebuild the Tag Division and how to make AirBoom look good as a Face Team.

Obviously they have great teams to start rebuilding, it just doesn't seem like a priority to them at the moment despite the fact that HHH wants to rebuild the Tag Division. Why not start having Tag Team Main Events without Super Cena, Monster Sheamus (he's awesome by the way), or Super Orton. How about start making Kofi and Evan defend a little more and maybe they'll get some credibility. Try these teams
AirBoom (already)
William Regal and Wade Barrett
Sheamus and Justin Gabriel (possible...not sure here)
Percy and Titus
Hawkins and Reks
I mean seriously...I would LOVE a feud for the Tag Team Titles with AirBoom vs. Hawkins and Reks. I think the feud would give some action packed matches and would be absolutely amazing.

AirBoom On The Right Track?
Ok,ok...I understand Evans suspension (which was stupid, it was obviously 100% legal.) but you should've given the month or so that he was gone to Reks/Hawkins or another worthy team to prove theirselves. Then when Evan returned, have Reks/Hawkins be the Number 1 Contenders. Now I love AirBoom as much as the next guy but face it, its time for a change in the Tag Team Division!As far as them being on the right track, I think they're doing pretty good besides the fact that they need to defend more. This new shirt that the Tag Team released earlier today may be giving clues that WWE will making AirBoom even bigger, but we're not sure yet! (Pictures of the new shirt below... debuting at tonights Slammys in Norfolk VA?)

Anyway, I will have a blog going up tomorrow with my thoughts on the Slammys! Thanks.

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  1. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    Finally someone understands the potential of Hawkins and Reks. I'd rather have them as champs than Hunico/Epico anyday. Seems you forgot the potential of the Usos tho, I'd give them a shot first maybe.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    u forgot Usos???

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