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WWE's Use of John Cena and Zack Ryder

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As I mentioned in my previous thread it is my belief WWE's trying to keep Cena a face by associating him with Ryder (the internet champion) and while I was given alot of justifications on how that wouldn't make sense cause it would make Piper's segment with Cena irrelevant I still believe it's what's going on. It's no secret that WWE creative keeps changing scripts last minute and changes ideas all the time sometimes going as far as to leave things in the air all together (see Brodus Clay's return and Misterious GM); this goes toward my point that WWE may not have known what they wanted out of the Piper's Pit segment or simply changed their minds because Vince wants to keep Cena a face no matter what. I think by now we can all agree on the fact that WWE's not trying to please us and simply wants to make money any way possible (see Twitter plugs and reason why Kane returned masked) so knowing what we know is it really that far of a stretch that Vince wants to force the fans to like Cena any way possible?

The name Zack Ryder seems to roll off Cena's tongue alot lately and while I get that Cena may be a fan of Ryder's and be all for Ryder getting a push we all know that WWE storyline don't work around how people are in real life most of the time and I see no reason to believe this angle is simply art imitating life. Rather I see this as Vince telling us that we should cheer for Cena cause he cheers for the guy we like. An example of this is the fact that WWE booked Cena against Ryder not long ago with the stipulation that only the winner would get his title shot. I can understand that Ryder isn't ready to go over Cena yet, but to me the only purpose of that match was so Cena could sacrifice his own shot for Ryder's and thus gain the the crowd's support. I mean why couldn't they just have Ryder get a win over someone else to gain his title shot? It was all about Cena even if it looked otherwise and to make it worse it made Ryder look weak like he can't earn his own title shot but luckily there was a super hero to give him the one he earned.

Another example, which I hated, was Cena's interference in the Mark Henry vs Ryder match. It was yet another moment when WWE made Ryder look weak by showing him unable to win without Cena's help. What bothers me most is how the crowd ate it up without a second thought. Last I checked when someone won due to outside interference they'd get booed and be considered heels, but no we love them so we can look the other way or think it's different than had the Miz helped R-Truth win a match by attacking Ryder for example.

WWE needs to stop forcing Cena down our throats and allow Ryder to shine on his own because he sure as hell doesn't need Cena to shine and if anything Ryder's one of the few links to Cena's face status remaining. I just hope for Ryder's sake that he's allowed to win the title on his own because if Cena helps him win it then it will only hurt Zack's credibility and make him look like he needs Cena to win or retain the belt. As for Cena I have no problem with seeing Kane destroy him a few more weeks just to keep him away from Ryder, but in all honesty WWE just needs to stop trying to force us to like him because it's not working, it's not gonna work and it's just sad at this point.

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  1. Murphdogg4's Avatar
    You saw right through The WWE's scheme to try and get Cena over by having him buddy up to Zack. They disgusted me when they tried to use sick kids and the troops to get Cena over in Pipers Pit. That was all time low.
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