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2011 TNA Final Destination Review

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Hello there everyone, this is my second blog, the first one I explained what I would do if I could change TNA Wrestling for the better, and I had many really positive reviews, thanks for that!

Onto the task in hand, let me begin with TNA Final Resolution PPV.
(I rate matches from 1-10 Stars)

RVD vs Daniels - This was a weak match, RVD looked slow and was lacking in creativity, the feud was very poorly put together prior to the match, and it seemed Daniels carried the match and tried to add moves he would not normally use.
Only 3 Stars ***

Robbie E vs Eric Young - This was better, EY played a good face and got the crowd alive, Robbie E and Robbie T worked together as a good heel team, the match was good but not anything to go crazy about.
5 Stars *****

Morgan/Crimson vs Devon/Pope - Another weak match, both teams are lacking chemistry and compared to teams like Motor City Machine Guns and The British Invasion, these teams failed to impress me, the feud was also poorly built, Crimson and Morgan looked like the better team and we saw some teamwork between them.
4 Stars ****

Austin Aries vs Kid Kash - Wow! This match was absolutely excellent, it was very well thought out, and although they were both playing heel, the crowd reacted more to it then the previous three matches. It was quick paced, it was intense, they both tried to out cheat each other, taking pages out of Eddie Guerrero's book, both of them put on an excellent show and Austin Aries deservedly won the match, I wish it had gone on longer! Highly recommend this match to anyone.
They get an incredible 9 Stars! *********

Mickie James vs Gail Kim - Mickie cut a promo before this match and said she will show how TNA really does care about women's wrestling (taking a dig at the weak Divas division) and this match proved her point! What was great about this match was its intensity, it was a pleasure to see these women go at it and it was better then a lot of other matches on the card. We saw punches, we saw Indian deathlocks, we saw Lou thesz press off the top turnbuckle. The only downfalls was the abrupt ending and the match didn't last long enough, but I was well into it and can't wait for a rematch.
A solid 7 stars! *******

Kurt Angle vs James Storm - The feud was nicely built up, the match was most impressive for its storytelling, and the commentators added to the match by making us sympathize for Storm's recent concussion injury, and made Angle out to be really evil. Not one of the greatest Angle matches I ever seen, but Storm has really stepped up his game and it was great to see him go over. I think Angle focused way too much on headlocks throughout the match which was obviously the best strategy but it made the match drag a bit.
7 Stars *******

Jeff Hardy vs Jeff Jarrett - I never got into this feud, and the steel cage was somewhat of a disappointment, Jeff Hardy did two twist of fates in a row and didn't pin him(Huh?) then went up the cage to do a Swanton and missed? Then he got up two seconds later to stop Jarrett from escaping. Some bad psychology in this match, but it did what it was meant to, give Hardy a title shot and set up a segment for Impact.
5 Stars *****

Roode vs Styles - For a 30 minute Ironman match, they did pretty well with it. I think Ironman matches should always be 60 minutes, regular matches can last 30 minutes sometimes, and it seemed somewhat unrealistic to have 6 pinfalls in 30 minutes. Also the injuries hindered Styles a lot and we missed out on some real fast paced action which we love from him. I do think it was right to end it in a Draw though, this may keep Styles in the main event picture which is where he deserves to be, however some may not have liked the ending, they wanted Sudden Death and to see a definite winner, this is why the match should have been 60 minutes. Regardless of that they put on a really good match, and the second best match of the night in my opinion.
8 Stars ********

I shall do another blog soon on the WWE Slammy Awards, I have much to say about that one!

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