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Final Resolution and Raw Thoughts....Kane Returns

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Hey Everyone. This blogging thing is really awesome. I'm glad mostly everyone likes what I'm writing. But, rather than waste time with all that, I'll jump right in.

Final Resolution. I actually did pretty bad on my predictions. Some of the comments had predictions that were better than mine. I should have known that Kurt Angle was going to put Storm over since he's doing the Olympics thing. I also forgot that AJ Styles vs Bobby Roode was an Iron Man match. I did call that Roode would win by holding the ropes or tights or something and he got 2 of his 3 victories by doing that. So I get half credit.

Jeff Hardy won, despite Karen Jarrett's interference, both of which I predicted. Looks like Hardy vs Roode at Genesis. It's a shame because I was enjoying the Roode vs Styles feud.

Iron Man Matches. To me, Iron Man Matches are special. They should be special situations. I feel you really kill the credibility of an Iron Man match if you have a 3-3 score. I remember Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar in an Iron Man Match. It was great, even though it was like a 5-4 score or something along those lines. But it probably would have been even better with a 1-0 or 2-1 score. That's just my opinion.

Okay, not much else happened of importance in Final Resolution. I didn't watch it. I just read the results. It seemed pretty good. Not great, but good.

Now on to the Slammy Awards Edition of Monday Night Raw.

Did they really have a "Trending" Superstar of the Year? Was there any doubt it would be Zach Ryder as soon as they announced the nominees?

How about Kelly Kelly winning that award. Weak. The Glam Slam from the top rope was vicious and the double sharp shooter was impressive.

Was there any doubt CM Punk would win the Pipe Bomb Award? Though I didn't expect him to win Superstar of the Year. I thought Albert Del Rio for sure. Money In The Bank Winner, Royal Rumble Winner, Two Title Reigns. I don't see what CM Punk did to beat that out. I guess popularity is better than performance. It's like the BCS. *Of Course, wrestling is scripted and I know that*

It was cool seeing Road Dog and Lita. The pops could have been better. Doesn't anyone remember those two? And why in the hell did they sensor Road Dog's song intro? That was stupid considering ASS was said about 11 other times throughout the show.

I guess HHH saying what he said about the steak confirms it. HHH vs Undertaker rematch at this year's Wrestlemania. Not as exciting as I was hoping for, but doable. They can't take a chance at overshadowing or stealing the spotlight from The Rock vs John Cena so it make sense. It'll be another great match and do a great job pumping the crowd up for the main event.

Kane's Return = AWESOME! Enough said. Love the new mask. I even like the top mask. He just looked vicious. Kane is resurrected and I'm hoping for great thing from him.

Maybe a Kane vs Cena mini feud would be a good way to kill time while The Rock is off prancing around in front of a green screen for $15 million for what will probably be a sub-par GI Joe movie. Yes, I love The Rock, but I am a realist and it's really becoming annoying when you're trying to build toward the biggest Wrestlemania in a long time, and one of the headliners is never around to do contribute. Especially because he's probably getting a few million for his appearance at Wrestlemania, the least he can do is take 4 or 5 Monday's to help the cause. I love The Rock. I am definitely a fan. And I am definitely, a little sour on him right now.

I'll check back later in the week...unless an interesting topic comes up that warrants some blogging.

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone.

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  1. Theicon's Avatar
    As if the Rock is gonna waste his time going to every raw & your sour because of that? wtf lol its not going to be the biggest mania of all time that is total bs its funny how much Vince has got you sucked in you clown
  2. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    I think a lot of the sour grapes for Rocky come from him signing for the match, but not signing for an actual contract for the year. Instead he's got something like Hogan/Foley did with TNA for a number of appearances and isn't in the twilight of his career like Hogan is. (Thus not needing to be on TV at least half an hour every week, standing in the ring, talking...)

    I think bringing Rock back is kind of a waste of time. He isn't around enough to build a feud except for maybe adding heat to the match once every 2 months or so. This is really a lesson that the WWE needs to take away from this year... Though I get why they've done this... They have no idea what else to do with Cena other than turning him heel, but that looks like a lazy flip just because of not knowing what else they can do which isn't repeating themselves.
  3. Slivon's Avatar
    Until you are in The Rocks shoes, there is no need to say he even has to be at any WWE event before Wrestlemania
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theicon
    As if the Rock is gonna waste his time going to every raw & your sour because of that? wtf lol its not going to be the biggest mania of all time that is total bs its funny how much Vince has got you sucked in you clown
    There's really no need for insults...and I never said anything about being at EVERY RAW...did I? Can you read? Read the Blog again and please, tell me when I said, EVERY RAW.
  5. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Not this stupid conversation again!!! My God people, there are other topics to discuss other than that loser Rock/Pebble.
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