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Raw Reaction: 12/12/11 - Kane Returns!

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What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again. It's Slammy time and we aren't gonna waste anytime so without further ado...

Slammy #1 - Tell me I didn't just see that Award
Shuckie Duckie Quack Quack.......? Aside from that...gotta say Ross definitely deserved that win seeing as no one wanted to see what JR did. I don't think I'll go too in depth with these awards seeing as there isn't much to talk about. However then we get into the segment and this is what is wrong with Raw and WWE in general. No one cares about Cole, or his feud with JR and Cole is just taking up valuable time that could go to...literally anyone else. This was baaad....this was Shockmaster bad and it kept dragging and dragging and dragging. I figured Rhodes was gonna come out but no that would have been ineresting. I hope this isn't what we're in for all night or I might just stop watching.

Slammy #2 - Holy Shit Moment of the Year
Pretty predictable win but I think I would've went with Evan's Air Bourne. That was an amazing spot and Evan pulled it off so beautifully, but I can see why Show/Henry won so no complaints, it was a nice spot.

Match #1 - Big Show vs. Wade Barrett
Half an hour after a bunch of shit we get our first match. Idk about anyone else but I am a huge fan of Barrett and I'm more into him now than ever before. Kind of upset about the short finish. Eliminate garbage like Cole and you could give your matches more time. Nice spot with Show swatting Barrett into the ring, but other than that I can't give this too high a rating. Don't get me wrong, it's not exactly the finish that ruins it for me, I think the finish made sense, but it's the length of the match as I said and for that this gets 0.5/5. It doesn't help that we missed the first like 2 or 3 minutes to commercials though.

Slammy #3 - Pipebomb of the Year
Road Dogg ftw!!! Dude's still got it for sure. No surprise with the Punk win...he did make up "Pipe Bomb" after all. Gotta say that Johnny Ace tribute was absolutely brilliant...Punk is god and that's that.

Slammy Award #4 Divalicious Moments
As soon as they showed Kelly as a nominee you had to know they'd give it to her. Bleh...I'd have gone with Natalya but that's just me...Good to see Lita back and she looks just as amazing as she did when she left if you ask me.

Slammy award #5 - OMG Moment of the Year
Personally would've went with Punk since that was truly shocking and no one saw it coming, but I did mark a bit when Taker kicked out so I'm cool with it.

HHH promo was ok, at least they built towards SOMETHING at TLC....

Slammy #6/Match #2 - Trending Star of the Year/Fatal Four Way
YES! The Atlas laugh is back! God I've missed it haha. I could care less about this award and twitter in general but at least we're getting wrestling from...WRESTLERS! *gasp* I have love for all four of these guys and this match was freakin great. The finish was phenomenal and made all guys look absolutely strong and Ziggler definitely deserved that win. The Slammy win was predictable and no complaints, Ryder deserved it, but the match is a solid 4 stars, great stuff.

Slammy #7 - Game Changer of the Year
Another pretty obvious win since it's basically what this year has been building to.

Match #3 - CM Punk/Orton vs. Miz/Del Rio
Number 3? NUMBER 3? It's been 2 hours and we're only on match 3? Oh well...ok little match, nothing spectacular or worth going out of your way seeing but it did it's job and got us to TLC somewhat. 3/5 for the match, again just ok, added to the show a bit so no least it was wrestling.

Slammy #8 - A-Lister of the Year
Ugh...colossal waste of say the least

Match #4 - Sheamus vs. Jinder Mahal
Scratch that. That wasn't a match...that wasn't even a segment. It's what I'd call another colossal waste of time. Not that I'm his biggest fan but the hell happened with Jinder Mahal? What did he do to deserve that? I don't understand why WWE wants to bury it's own talent and make them look like jokes, it's never made any sense to me and it just shows you how stupid the people are who are in charge of everything.

Slammy #9 - Superstar of the Year
If you ask me ADR deserves this just as much as Punk, and don't get me wrong I'm glad Punk got it, but I think it could've gone either way. Regardless of the fact, it's good to see Punk get the praise he's deserved since day 1.

Match # 5 - John Cena vs. Mark Henry
I'll be honest I stopped paying attention when this came on so no comments from me on this match. I will say my attention returned when Kane did. Cool new retro look, cool new hybrid theme, and hopefully a fresh run for the big red machine. Glad to see the mask back, even if it doesn't make sense to why he has it, but I'll leave that explanation to next week.

So there ya go, my thoughts on the Slammy's. I'm gonna leave you with 2 thoughts. One this whole night was a colossal waste of time. I like the Slammy's, but I feel like they shouldn't waste a whole Raw for it. I think they need to do it at the end of the year as a special, similar to Tribute to the Troops or the HOF. Also tonight did little to promote TLC and the ppv in this Sunday. I don't understand why WWE refuses to build their ppvs considering it's such a huge source of revenue. I understand they don't see themselves as a wrestling company, but when it comes down to it they are and their feuds are what is making their money, so get what you can out of them because otherwise people aren't going to care about the product, and the less they care the less they watch. The second thing I'd like to point out is the unnecessary use of 3 hour Raws. Idk if it's just because it's the Slammy's, but tonight felt like it dragged ass. The last hour I felt myself completely inattentive to what was going on. Then I got to thinking and I remembered how bored I was with all 3 hour Raws in recent history and I realized that it's more or less a terrible idea, unless they're sold as ppvs and consist of longer matches or provide quality entertainment, which they don't so in my opinion I think they need to limit their use of them, because not only do they drag but they lose meaning when you do like 10 a year for stupid reasons. Anyway as you can tell I was not at all entertained by this weeks Raw but that's fine, we're getting closer to Mania which means Raw's should be getting better so with that I say it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces.

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  1. malvec's Avatar
    I agree with pretty much everything you said. The comment about close caption on Booker was awesome! How the hell did i miss that on Smackdown? The crowd was terrible though. Not even Dibiase's cheap pop worked. I did ruin the Kane moment for myself by fast forwarding that match and seeing Kane pop up.
  2. Cynicism's Avatar
    I'm imagining many people did fastfoward that match until Kane showed, no one would expect anything interesting to come of that pairing, so when it did you have to be grateful for recording technology
  3. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    The whole thing of Kane returning with the mask is something he said to Teddy Long prior to being "injured" by Mark Henry... Kane told Teddy that he was beginning to feel almost human and longed to be the monster he once was, that he has felt increasingly vulnerable over the years. This can be seen over the course of other storylines that he's taken part in over the last few years, especially that whole bit with the fake Kane messing with him psychologically.

    The promos have the old mask burning and I think that's why the new mask looks like it does. It's intended to be a "melted" version of Kane's original mask, perhaps re-seated upon his face while it was still relatively scalding. (Molding and then cooling to his contorted, anguished face.) Kane's inner monster in this sense is something analogous to a phoenix and needed to be returned to the fire in order to rise once more.

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