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Blog Wars: KOTR Edition: Top 3 PPV's of 2011

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Welcome to the 1st Blog Wars KOTR Quarter-Final Match.


3. royal rumble

the first match was edge vs dolph ziggler for the whc and edge would lose the title if he used the spear. It was a great match, edge couldn't rely on the spear so you knew it was going to be interesting, at a certain point is the referee down, edge delivers the spear, after that christian's killswitch FTW.
the next match was the miz vs orton, not so exciting cause miz never won clean, after that a divas fatal 4 way for the divas title, well IMO the only exciting about divas matches are the outfits they wear, HALLELUJA, and then finaly the main event... the 40 men royal rumble, with this one I LMAO, I think everyone knows what I am talking about, hornswoggle imitating cena, kofi, hbk and stone cold, so funny, I must say, I actually thought santino was going to win, but adr had to eliminate him so he faced edge at the grandest stage of them all.

2. money in the bank

first match was the smackdown money in the bank match and what a match it was, sin cara got put through a ladder and got injured by sheamus, the funny part where justin gabriƫl was hopping with the ladder to get to the middle of the ring, you know, the good stuff, eventually daniel bryan got the victory, then mark henry vs show, isn't this where show got injured?
next match is the raw ladder match, also exciting, again something that was IMO funny was when they were all on a ladder trying to touch the briefcase like a cat tries to catch a ball, at a certain moment miz got injured on his leg and I actually thought that was the last we would see from him, but I was wrong, he came hopping like a rabbit on red bull, tryinq to get the briefcase, he failed, eventually adr won the match because it's his "destiny" wich btw i'm so tired of hearing, but enough about that, next match is orton vs christian for the whc, it was a good match, exciting even if the match already happend for like 3 times, christian wins by dq and because of the special stipulation he get's the title, who thought that would happen? I DID!!! and then there is the main event, maybe match of the year and I swear to whoever is up there in the sky that if this match isn't nominated for the slammy's (doesn't have to win, but at least nominated) I will do...nothing, just realised there is nothing we can do about it , so back to the match, punk vs cena, I must admit, I wasn't much of a punk fan but after this match he convinced me bigtime, I was on the edge of my seat, just waiting to see who was going to win, and then we get to the end, the chicago (failed) screwjob, johnnyboy goes to the referee when cena has the stf locked in, cena releases the stf, knocks "mr excitement" down and gets a gts FTW. btw "mr excitement is a reference to last raw.

1. wrestlemania 27

so the first match is already a title match, the whc, edge vs adr, who would have thought this was edge's last match, such a shame, but let's talk about how "destiny" got delayed, so del rio does his cross armbreaker not once but twice and edge counters both times, the it's edge's turn, he tries to make del rio tapout with the "edgeucator", doesn't work, at the end it was a spear FTW, next match is rhodes vs mysterio, not much to say about the match, mysterio takes off rhodes' mask or whatever it is, rhodes takes myserio's knee protector and hits him with it FTW, next match is the 8 man tag match between the corre vs kane, santino, kofi and big show, which was done in less then 3 minutes, and another funny part, it was the "cobra" that won the match, bwahaha, if santino ever gets a new t-shirt or something, they should put the next phrase on it... "be aware of the cobra", and then we can count how many people think of something else, but we're getting off the subject, next match is orton vs punk, pretty exciting match, nice build up, punk holds a grudge, he attacks orton's wife, orton takes down his boyscouts so they were banned from the arena, the match itself, nice end, punk tries a diving crossbody, orton goes for the rko FTW, next match, michael cole vs jerry "the king" lawler, I was looking forward to it, king won, but a moment later the raw general manager said... "and I quote", "due to interference of the special guest referee, michael cole wins the match by dq", omfg, next match, triple h vs undertaker in a no holds barred match, this was the match that made wrestlemania IMO, I remember discussing it at school with a friend, I said "triple h will win he's the game, the cerebral assassin, the king of kings, after this match the undertaker wil be the deadman, PERMANENT, and I was so close with my prediction, but NO WAY undertaker can get pinned after 3 pedigrees and his own tombstone piledriver, I swear it was like watching a sports game, I was on the edge of my seat everytime hhh tried to pin him, it was like one, two, thrOH NO HE KICKED OUT!!!, u have got to be kidding me, so depressing, and then trips gets a sledgehammer and when he tries to hit taker with it, taker counters into the HELL'S GATE!!!, and trips taps out, such a great match, this one is so getting nominated for match of the year, I would give it a 4.5 even a 5 star match, rip trips, taker 19-0, next match is the main event for the wwe championship between cena and the miz, good match, but it ended in dq, I was so pissed that it ended that way, but then rocky comes out and restarts the match, and everyone, AND I MEAN EVERYONE knew there was a rock bottom coming cena's way, so miz retains.

well that's it for my top 3 ppv's of 2011, so know your role and vote (little rock reference)


Top 3 PPV's of 2011. Before I begin lets all cross our fingers that the upcoming TLC PPV becomes the PPV of the year because it'll be in my hometown on Baltimore so I'll be there live.

With that being said.

3. Summerslam 2011

Ok so I wasn't expecting much. WWE has usually found a way to ruin their big four PPVs which are the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam & Survivor Series. This night however shocked me because this was nothing less than amazing.

The highlight of the night was the Christian & Orton match. Say what you want about Orton's boring character and backstage politics but dude puts on beyond stellar matches and lets not even mention how damn good Christian is for his age. These two literally have the best chemistry together, its a freakin show every night with these two.

Punk & Cena put on another classic match. I hated the fact that Punk got the 3 count with Cena's foot under the rope. The WWE just couldn't let Cena go down cleanly which really bothers me. But yeah, the match was awesome.

Seeing Kevin Nash make his return and screw Punk was unexpected for me. Also seeing Alberto Del Rio win the WWE championship. It was a very good show.

2. Money in the Bank

This was another PPV built around one match but it definitely did end up being a very unpredictable PPV. The Smackdown MITB match was one of the best ladder matches of all time. Great great spots and who in their right mind would've expected Daniel Bryan to win the damn thing? I think the world was shocked that Wade Barrett didn't win.

The Cena & Punk match ended in typical fashion. Ofcourse there would be a fake screwjob attempt but thats besides the point. These guys put on a freakin clinic. And this was Cena's first PPV match since those very foul comments made by Chavo Guerrero about Cena's poor wrestling ability. I think those comments had alot to do with Cena's performance.

Cena pulled out 11 different moves and one botch. It was actually Cm Punk who botched twice but Punk actually botches alot which is expected from someone as talented as him. The more risk taking talented wrestlers usually botch the most. Lol just ask RVD, RVD was literally the botch king but how many people alive can actually out wrestle that guy so there you have it.

Great PPV, great ending. I figured Punk & WWE had reached a new deal but the overall build is what did it for me. Punk's ovation and Cena's very negative crowd reaction was classic. Great PPV.

1. Destination X

I really do wanna win this contest, I really do. I know this isn't the popular vote and I may have just lost this competition because of this choice but I can't go against my opinion just for votes. I'm speaking the honest to God truth when I say this was the best PPV of 2011.

The definition of a good PPV is about 6-8 top notch matches. This wasn't a typical PPV built around one match and then the normal 5 filler matches that no one cares to see. This was a PPV of 8 classic wrestling clinics that shocked everyone. Who ever ordered this got their money's worth.

I credit TNA for booking a PPV without their top draws Kurt Angle, Sting & Mr. Anderson. That takes guts and heart which is something TNA doesn't show at all times. That's like the WWE booking a PPV without John Cena, Cm Punk & Randy Orton. TNA had the guts to show you exactly how deep and talented their roster is and they put the ball in those guys hands and gave them their shot.

The Fatal 4 Way with Austin Aries, Jack Evans, Low Ki & Zema Ion might have been the match of the year but it goes unnoticed because of all the attention the WWE gets. RVD & Jerry Lynn was a botch fest but it was still alot of old school ECW spots.

AJ Styles got a chance to be in a mainevent match again in a company that should be his. His match wasn't the show stealer but this was just a stellar PPV. Guys like Mark Haskins, Shannon Moore, the guys from the Fatal 4 Way, and Brian Kendrick got their chance to shine.

This was the definition of a PPV. 8 quality matches that each had the ability of stealing the show. I'm all for a good storyline and angle but this definition of a PPV is great matches. Matches sell a PPV. I'm sick of seeing PPVs with more promos than match time but this was a night that showed nothing but great wrestling. PPV of the year.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I didn't say much because I ran out of character room. But there are still 3 other matches coming soon.
  2. DBrocks's Avatar
    ok blogs really. I have to go with knox because his was more readable and fair.
  3. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Knox great read. And I agree with you on Destination X, it was my #2 of the year!
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    Knox got my vote....

    I luvd Destination X....
  5. Joonny's Avatar
    Really enjoyed both RR and Destionation X, but since Knox made it much easier to read, I'll vote for him.

    My list: 3. Money In The Bank 2. Destination X 1. Royal Rumble
  6. rodrik's Avatar
    ah man, i'm loosing votes because it's harder to read, ah well, I'll get another chance sometime I guess
  7. steveorton's Avatar
    On this occassion I will go with Knox but imo MITB was way better than Destination X. While WM 27 was good it's not the ppv view of the year because the crowd wasn't all that lively, main event wasn't that good and they should have had D bryan vs Sheamus on the card instead of Cole vs King. There were good areas Taker vs HHH was an excellent match, I liked Punk vs Orton and the Rock's opening promo but it doesn't deserve to be no.1. Also watch MITB great storyline, red hot crowd and good wrestling makes for a good no. 1 to me.
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