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Jeff Hardy: The New #1 Contender For The TNA HC

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Greetings community,
Before I begin, I just wanted to let you all know that I am new to blogging on this website, I just moved over here from
Anyway, here's my new entry:

These are my thoughts on Jeff Hardy being the new #1 Contender to the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

The whole incident at TNA Victory Road '11 should never have happened! NEVER! If TNA had the least bit of brains, they would have never let Jeff go out there in the condition that he was in. It was a complete embarrassment to the entire wrestling world!

Jeff Hardy then returned at one of TNA's "IMPACT On The Road" show's last September asking for a second chance. Which the live audience did.

Now, only three months later, he's already the new number one contender for TNA's Heavyweight Strap.

Here's my main argument with this; I take this as a slap in the face to the entire TNA roster. Think of the wrestlers such as Matt Morgan, James Storm, Crimson, Abyss, Samoa Joe, and the rest of the TNA roster. You know what this would tell me, it would tell me this: If you ever want a World Title shot, all you have to do is do drugs, show up to an event high, go to rehab for a few months, come back, and we'll hand the strap to you on a silver platter. That just makes me sick!

Do I think that Jeff Hardy is a bad wrestler? No.
Do I think he can be a great World Champion? When he's ready, sure.
Do I think he deserves a World Title Shot today or at Genesis 2012 even? HELL NO!

I think that Jeff Hardy needs to stay as far away from the World Title picture as possible! Until at least Bound For Glory 2012 at the earliest. Or you could even put it off until 2013 which would be the best decision.

If I rehired Jeff Hardy in TNA, since he screwed up so bad, I'd put him back to Square One. The X Division. I'd have him start from the bottom and have him work his way back up. That is what TNA should have done!

I feel that this is a slap in the face to the whole TNA roster. I really do feel sorry for all those TNA wrestlers who bust their butts for the business, and they then look at someone like Jeff Hardy. It makes me sick!

That ends this entry. Follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35

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  1. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theicon
    Jeff Hardy is a big draw isnt that painfully obvious?????????
    If by a huge draw you mean about a 1.23 rating, then yes. Bottom line is he should not even be given a title shot. I happen to like Jeff Hardy, but it doesn't blind me where his actions are concerned. He has no right to be called the #1 contender yet. He shamed himself, his friends, his family, TNA, his co-workers, tarnished the prestige of the Championship belt, ect... Do you really believe that trust and responsibility should be blindly given back to him just a short time after his falling out? This was a good blog, and it shows just how ignorant the booking is in TNA. It's also a testament to how desperate TNA is for a couple viewers, sacrificing dignity and honor for a measly ratings spike.
  2. CrowOfMurders's Avatar
    "TNA is in a ratings slump because they don't promote their product well enough." Ok, you're right? you're statement has nothing to do with what Icon and I are both saying. Jeff Hardy is one of their biggest names,and has a huge fan base, shuffling him around the main event makes plenty of sense especially in terms of "promoting their product." If Roode-Styles and Roode-Storm don't bring in the high numbers, why not see how a Roode-Hardy match does? The Storm-Roode feud could be epic in the long run, which is why they don't NEED TO RUSH IT. It is a money feud that will be huge no matter what, even one year from now @ BFG 2012. Maybe that's the way it should work, back in the day, feuds ran for years sometimes so teasing Storm-Roode for a long-term program could be great for TNA. After Genesis, have Storm come out,saying he's over his concussion, he's done with Angle, now he wants his title shot, and Roode refuses to give it to him. Have it go on for months as Roode keeps cheating to keep the belt and Storm keeps raising hell. That way Roode builds his heel credibility and Storm becomes a super red hot face. This program with Angle only makes Storm better, and Roode needs some more polishing as well. I'd rather see them butt heads when their more over and more established than have a premature match just because some fans don't have any patience. The drawn out feud can only make their eventual matches even better. If you finish up Roode/Storm right now, then what's next? Random flavor of the month opponents?
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good blog. Much better than your last one. j/k.

    While I agree wholeheartedly that Hardy should not be in the title picture, he is a major draw for TNA. He was a top draw in WWE when he lost. And regardless of what happened at Victory Road, the fans love him and TNA is going to try and capitalize on that. This is exactly what I'm talking about in my last blog. The people who have a name, should be complimenting the young cornerstones, not overshadowing them.

    Good job man.
  4. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Don't talk to me about back in the day. I have been around a lot longer and I know how it works. The random flavor of the month opponents would make more sense then giving jeff hardy a title shot. If you truly believe that he's trustworthy enough right now to carry the company, your dead wrong. Jeff Hardy hasn't brought in any higher numbers than anyone else on the roster right now. The ratings prove that. And your wrong, please re-read what you and icon wrote then my reply, go slowly so it has time to bring full understanding and you'll see that what I posted has a direct relevance to your opinions and the topic.
  5. Theicon's Avatar
    Well its not like the WWE hasnt ever put a foot wrong in the wrestling business so whats your point?, they arent gonna get ratings by leaving him out of future main events.
    [QUOTE=T-Hughes35;bt50528]@theicon, He is a draw. That's one thing, but they did this WAY TOO FAST! This gives both TNA and wrestling alone a bad name!

    @crowofmurders, TNA is in a ratings slump because they don't promote their product well enough. The James Storm-Robert Roode feud would be best right now because it would put Roode even better as a heel. Look at when Triple H betrayed HBK back in 2002. That's what this should be like! That could be the best feud of 2012![/QUOTE]
  6. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theicon
    Well its not like the WWE hasnt ever put a foot wrong in the wrestling business so whats your point?, they arent gonna get ratings by leaving him out of future main events.
    The WWE has screwed up on storylines lately, I'm not going to dispute that. And while I agree that Hardy does have a decent fan base to bring in some more ratings, it is also my belief that he needs to re-earn his stripes after what he pulled. I honestly feel that it is too soon to give Jeff a Title shot, even though I'm a fan of his, I still have to be realistic about the situation.
  7. B-ri's Avatar
    Good blog man! Totally agree, it's not even like it's his first time, this is now the 3rd time he's fucked up whilst working for either TNA or WWE. If he hasn't learned by now, he never will. Anyway, again, good blog man, my sentiments EXACTLY!
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