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Scenario Approach: #1 Contenders...Mid-Card

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What ever happened to #1 contender matches on PPVs? I remember the attitude era having them. I'm not refering to battle royals, I like them but there is only one TRUE rumble. Most #1 contender matches take place on free tv but should have more on PPV. The US & Intercontinental titles should be defended at the major PPVs and then alternate the remaining ones.

Here are my examples based on a PPV a month (@#%& more then 12):

Royal Rumble - both titles
Elimination Chamber - US Title + IC #1 contender
WrestleMania - both titles
Extreme Rules - IC Title + US #1 contender
Over The Limit - US Title + IC #1 contender
Capitol Punishment - IC Title + US #1 contender
Money in the Bank - US Title + IC #1 contender
SummerSlam - both titles
Night of Champions - both titles
Vengeance - IC Title + US #1 contender
Survivor Series - both titles
TLC - US Title + IC #1 contender

This leads to a proper build up. During the #1 contender matches, the champion should be doing commentary. Following the bout, a beat or stare down. Since every champion who loses their title always has a "rematch clause", it should take place the following Raw or Smackdown. Triple threats can be used from time to time when their is no clear winner.

Ways to establish a #1 contender on either brand at the beginning:

Beat the Clock: I would have four matches, but it shouldn't be just ONE wrestler trying to qualify. Both individuals should have an opportunity.

Tournament: It should take place over several weeks. Eight would be the common but I would like to see sixteen to allow others to get some TV time.

Double 4-Way: Both winners face off at PPV. Examples: Alex Riley Vs Jack Swagger Vs David Otunga Vs Evan Bourne & Drew McIntyre Vs Zack Ryder Vs Mason Ryan Vs Kofi Kingston.

Three Triple Threats: Ezekiel Jackson Vs Heath Slater Vs. Hunico, Yoshi Tatsu Vs Justin Gabriel Vs Sin Cara & Ted Dibiase Vs Trent Barreta Vs Tyson Kidd

TNA could also use this approach but on every PPV. Have a #1 contender for every title. WWE could use it for the world titles but they tend to have a glass ceiling.

Now that we have established a #1 contender, we can do the typical stuff leading up to the PPV.

-Opponents team with one another to face Tag Champs in non-title.
-Pick your poison matches
-world & mid-card #1 contenders team to face the champs in tag action
-mixed tag
-promo segment instead of match
-match against opponents buddy
-rematch with loser of #1 contender to steal their spot

Look at that, sounds like a two month build up.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud one...I still remember in AE..they had a #1 contender match for tagtitles on a PPV..
  2. RomanFlare's Avatar
    I'll admit, when I first saw "Attitude Era" I was gonna zone out, but I'm glad I stayed with it.

    You bring up a lot of good points. I like the pattern and the idea itself. I agree with you--We need more #1 Contender Matches on PPV. The only one I can remember is Sheamus vs Christian (I think it was Christian). We need more of them. I also miss tournaments, but that's another story.
  3. B-ri's Avatar
    The only problem with the structure you suggested is that the title matches would always have to be either the champion retaining or would feature a match on raw or smackdown... apart from that, good idea!

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