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How I would've booked WCW to save it!

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I am a personally believer the worst day in wrestling history was the day WCW was bought by Vince McMahon. I believe the creativeness and need to win fans was lost at that time. Point proven, look at the stars WWE created during the Monday Night Wars... Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Mick Foley and also the beginning of a number of other careers. I believe we are now finally seeing the true effects of WCW going under, the product has suffered and interest is really lowering. I write this thinking what if I could go back to a specific point in time and begin booking for WCW, story lines and match winners. Yes, that means Hogan's creative control could go straight up his ass! Here is the major factors I would have changed, starting with the build up to Fall Brawl 1997 and forward.

1. You create the nWo but never add the greatest heel from the WWE to the stable. Arguably the greatest personality to never step in the ring was there and he was never placed with Hogan. It would have been gold to seen him manage Hogan specifically but the nWo in general. Of course I am talking about "The Brain" Bobby Heenan. That would have made so much more sense than Dusty Rhodes joining and Bobby was so easy to hate! And we always had the hope someone would sooner or later get to Bobby, but it never happens! And worse this time around, he not only gets the World Title but he holds onto it!

2.The nWo needed to be re-invented to help slowly phase it out. How do you do this, very simple! Bret "The Hitman" Hart! You bring him in at Starrcade '97, without ever speaking his name to help stop Randy Savage, my choice for Hogan's interference during the Sting match, from interfering. Sting then makes Hogan tap out and we have no stupid finish like we had. I repeat, Hogan can stick his creative control where the sun doesn't shine! Also, this match needed to be mapped out and rehearsed badly! Too much was riding on it. Bring Hart in, build him up as a huge fan favorite from Starrcade to Souled Out where him and Hogan fight. Build the fued around Bret Hart being pissed at Hogan for him not wanting to face him at Wrestlemania 9 and "pass the torch." Have Bret beat Hogan at Souled Out when the Outsiders refuse to interfer, and then the next night Hart reveals he was "sent from up north" to finish what Hogan started since he was not doing the job. You can even use the Montreal Screw Job as a way of getting Bret down south! You then beat Hogan down and take him off camera for a long time... I mean months! This gives you a new major heel, plus you can slowly phase into the Wolfpack and Hart Family as Bret starts to pick his family over the old nWo and such.

3.Scheduling and booking was horrible! Nitro would be in sold out domes but pay per views in areas TNA can sell out while you was at your peak! WTF! Nitro goes to major areas, that seats at least 15,000+ and pay per views go to the stadiums! Why you ask, money but also one last way to stick it to Vince! Imagine Starrcade '97 somewhere that breaks Wrestlemania 3's record. But of course this means you worry less about killing WWE's rating by having matches people would pay to see on Pay Per View on Nitro... ex: Goldberg vs. Hogan for the WCW Title.

4.Start to push and build your younger guys whether the older guys liked it or not. Bill Goldberg, DDP (he was old but still pretty fresh) Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero and Booker T could have easily carried WCW throughout the last decide (given Eddie's tragic life changes a little). Goldberg was pushed too fast and too hard, once you build up Bret Hart to be your major heel, Goldberg should have faced him for the World Title and lost so you can focus more on Goldberg's drive to become the champion and less on the streak. Once Goldberg won the title, the build up between him and Jericho should have lead to a really good wrestling match at Fall Brawl so you could have made sure War Games help sell while you developed the younger talent... and for Bill's excuse that he believed Jericho could not whip his ass in real life, google what happened when they really did fight.

5.Never ever, in a million years, hire Vince Russo! Worst wrestling mind ever because wrestling meant nothing to him... hints every match or at least 9 out of 10 ended by a run in. Don't believe me, it was nicknamed a "russo finish"! Enough said...

6.Beat WWE to the punch with ECW! Specificly, Rob Van Dam! The man has always been a hit with the fans and could have been a major draw while you developed for the future. Think about a main event at Starrcade being Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho in a match like Steamboat and Flair use to have! Could have easily been the greatest match of all time! Of course you have Shane Douglas as well, who could've come in and had a feud right away with Ric Flair since there was a ton of real life heat and what better way to get someone over then a feud where they keep getting one upped by the old man they hate until finally they stoop to his lows to win a match. Jerry Lynn would have been someone great for the Cruiser weight division or maybe the United States title run with a manager to speak for him.

7.Phase your legends out of the ring but not out of the limelight! Move Macho Man to commentary because he was the greatest wrestling voice of all time! Don't agree, tell me a voice you recognize quicker than his! Let Flair or Sting become President of WCW on screen. Hogan could have done a lot of meet and greets while helping develop talent in ways backstage, and of course involving him in story lines when you needed a added push to build it up.

8.Worry less about what the WWE is doing and how you can put them out of business. Many times when this was tried, most notably "Mick Foley is going to win there world title", it back fired badly! Worry about your product and your fans who are watching your show at that time because they have no interest in the other show at the moment! Don't give them a reason to want to suddenly gain interest, keep them in the dark about the WWE.

9.You missed so many chances for great matches that could have sold. Imagine the build up to Starrcade 97 which was Hogan vs. Sting. At War Games you have team WCW, Sting, Luger, The Giant and DDP vs. team nWo, Nash, Hall, Macho Man and a mystery partner. Only reason I do not put Hogan in this match is because I believe Arn Anderson's last match should have been a PPV match against Hogan for the belt, he win it and retire with it thus giving you a reason to have a title match on Nitro where you give it back to Hogan! In this case, I would have made the mystery partner for team nWo the Ultimate Warrior! He signed a year later and it was really unused at all! Of course people tune in to see the mystery partner and then you have the big Bladerunners stare down and such. Warrior makes someone other than Sting submit to win War Games for nWo. This leads to a Sting vs. Warrior match at Halloween Havoc which Stings wins to build up for Starrcade and then you have Warrior and Hogan play out for World War 3!

These are just some ideas, I'm sure many people have other ideas as well but I would like to add one thing. These ideas are not hard to come by so why does wrestling have to be so dull anymore?

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  1. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    good blog i agree. I went to about 10 WCW house shows and a couple nitros and always thought it was good, Sucks it had to die....
  2. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    I think WWE is retarded for having a "brand" split between smackdown and RAW when they could have just had a WCW show on friday nights, instead of calling it WWE friday night smackdown it should be WCW friday night nitro which would actually make it feel like a seperate brand
  3. Destruction's Avatar
    Partilay agree, but if you shoved hogan's creative control up his egotistical arse, you would have been sued and cost a lot of money. Vince Russo in the WWE was good. He initally brang the edginess to the WWE and had a good reputation. That's when WCW hired him and screwed them over
  4. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Not bad. The major downside is the fact that Dillon and Shiller gave Russo creative control.
  5. Rick Starr's Avatar
    It's a good blog with some great concepts, but there was one big flaw: Turner Sports had no desire to keep WCW regardless how good they were doing. Once AOL was purchased by Warner Sports, WCW days were over. AOL wanted nothing to do with wrestling, and to be honest with you, neither did Ted Turner. Eric Bichoff had a deal to buy WCW, but Vince knew Eric would have been too much of a threat, and offered more money, and bought the company out from underneath him.
  6. myersja44's Avatar
    Agree with Rick Starr about everything but why Vince was able to purchase over Bischoff. It had nothing to do with Vince offering more money. According to Controversy Creates Cash, Bischoff's deal included air time on TBS and TNT, since AOL Time Warner didn't want "rasslin" on their network AOL Time Warner felt Vince out on a deal for just the content. For Bischoff the most valuable part of the deal was the airtime, without that his investors were no longer interested in the deal, which allowed Vince to purchase it at a very minimal price. Read Eric Bischoff Controversy Creates Cash and watch The Rise and Fall of WCW and you will understand that while yes, booking and politics were a major detriment to the overall moral of the organization, nothing was going to keep WCW alive on AOL Time Warner networks.
  7. myersja44's Avatar
    After reading the rest of this blog, there are so many impossibilities in your scenarios that it is obvious you should research material before writing another blog. Again in Controversy Creates Cash and the Rise and Fall of WCW the people that were there recalled that the amount of money the Ultimate Warrior asked for was astronomic and mirrored that of someone who had been wrestling for 20 straight years and had a record of selling out arenas. Nice try though.
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