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WWE Forthcoming

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John Cena's "heel" faction

Cena's heel turn should be very subtle, as in the way he is already kind of a heel now in some ways. He should get to a point where he is basking in the heat that his good guy gimmick creates. One thing to tip him over the edge. End Rey Mysterio's career. He already acts like a good guy, but he should end "his friend" Rey's career in a match. People would hate him for that, but make him act as non plussed as usual. A heel faction of other "generic" looking big men would be a good entourage. Ryback, Cena's right hand man Ryder, Mason Ryan if he is destined to be forever pushed. 1 super Cena, 2 imposing mammoths and 1 best bud like Ryder.

CM Punk's guide to the top

CM Punk is in no means finished with John Cena. They will definitely have a future encounter. CM Punk should be king of the mountain in 2012. Long title reigns should be in order. Punk can feud with anyone, and that is what he should spend 2012 doing. A feud with D Bryan going into wmania 29 would be awesome. He had good chemistry with Triple H too, let Triple H slowly get entangled with punk again too. The great thing about the rivalry was that it had people guessing when Triple H would actually turn heel - it "might" still happen.

Dolph Ziggler - Perfection

When Dolph Ziggler does get in the main event it should be a big deal. Having him win a tournament of sorts, or maybe the Royal Rumble would outline his credentials to the audience.

Undertaker's bad ass return

He should not return as a fully blown version of the American Bad Ass but he should return as his own man, with a lot of the psychological warfare still being a factor. May as well keep Ain't no grave as his theme song so he can finally be the last outlaw.

Henry gets retired, Big Show is put over

WWE has done a magnificent job of getting Mark Henry over to the point where Show going over might be good business. Henry is going to retire soon, and they can have Show beat him at TLC and take back the belt. Show's promo on smackdown has had me believing and he may get the strap. He would be an over name going into Mania who should also get his last push. after henry has returned from losing his title, they should have brodus clay kayfabe end his career. Instant big push for the young man.

Orton gets taken out by ?

If Orton ever does get injured for real, they should make it into a storyline where he gets taken out of the game by somebody. There are many contenders such as Barrett, Rhodes, but I think it would fit Alberto Del Rio's character well especially as they haven't been together yet

Edge goaded out of retirement

This happens when the whiny Christian has a go at Edge for having it easy while the road to the top has been rocky for him. He can go on about being the most talented in the tag team and the most charismatic of the two. To seal the deal he should assault Edge in a big way. Who knows, Edge may only be taking a year off, I wouldn't believe everything you hear from the WWE or their superstars. But Christian should go over.

Y2J returns to feed his ego

The promo's from that curretn vignette are indeed Y2J. The king of the world comes back to do one thing to fulfill his greatness - End the streak. Undertaker retains his winning record and Jericho go's into the sunset after his big payday.

Just a few random ass thoughts really that I think would be good for business in the coming year

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  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    This is a nice blog! I like the way you think... WWE, I doubt they have the stones to make their golden boy into a heel, but I think it would actually help his character to let him be bad. Plus it opens up a lot of story opportunities. Punk will definitely be seeing a banner year in 2012 - let him do what he does best: pick fights, drop pipe bombs and kick people in the head. Sorry for so many words, but I definitely agree with you. Great write!
  2. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Another awesome blog. A very good read that the WWE Creative should take note of. Did you know that they're hiring for different creative positions right now? Maybe you should apply.
  3. Kryptonite's Avatar
    You sir, are a genius.
  4. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    ha cheers lads

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