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The Highs and Lows of the WWE in 2011

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Okay I know 2011 is not over yet, but its as good as. Last year I posted the Highs and Lows of 2010 and it got pretty decent responses, so I thought I would do it again for this year. Feel free to post your ideas for other Highs and Lows to.

The Highs
The pushes and breaking out of younger talents. Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett spring to mind, and this year showed real potential to be future main eventers, and with the pushes they received the WWE seems to agree.
As well as new guys being pushed, this year finally saw Christian win the big one, not once but twice. Another veteran Mark Henry also won the gold, and put on the best performances both in the ring and on the mic of his career.
The Summer of Punk returns. CM Punk spent the second half of the year on top, putting on some fantastic matches and due to his "pipebombs" has become one of the most popular guys in the whole company, even outselling Cena's merchandise.
The 2 promos the WWE have recently started to show add some excitement to the company for 2012, will Y2J return? Will Kane come back in a mask?
The Money in the Bank PPV. 2 enjoyable World title matches and 2 great ladder matches to.
The Rock returns. Some people may not like how he has taken limelight from other wrestlers, but I for one loved seeing the Great One back in the WWE.
Returns of Kevin Nash, Booker T, Trish Stratus and Mick Foley.
Some impressive divas matches. The second half of the year saw Beth and Natalya team up and bring the best out of Eve and Kelly Kelly.
The Ryder Revolution and the WWE finally listening to the fans with Zack's push.
The Punk/Cena, Orton/Christian, Rhodes/Mysterio and Rock/Cena feuds.

The Lows
Edge legitimately retires due to an injury.
The Nexus goes from one of the most exciting storylines in 2010, to Otunga and McGuillicuty on Superstars, to nothing.
The tag division is given a boost when Air Boom won the belts and defended against Swagger/Ziggler and Awesome Truth, but when Evan was suspended the WWE seemed to give up on the division again.
Wrestlemania once again disappointing the fans. A terrible main event, several throw away matches and the pointless Cole/Lawler match.
Michael Cole spending too much time putting his gimmick over instead of the wrestlers in the ring, which takes away from the matches.
Raw failing to provide wrestling and entertainment more often than not.
The treatment of several superstars including John Morrison, resulting in him leaving.
The anonymous Raw GM, as bad as it was there wasnt even any closure on it. Worse still we now have Johnny Ace as the dull and boring GM.
The Cole/JR and King, Show/Henry, Miz/Cena feuds.

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  1. Anyrysm's Avatar
    I would disagree on the Show/Henry feud. I'm actually enjoying and think that it's been one of the better big man v. big man feuds to happen in a long time. But overall I really enjoyed your lists and agree with the rest whole-heartedly.
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    I agree in the disappointment about the tag team division. Seeing Evan and Kofi team up, and their chemistry in the ring, I really thought it would be a revival of the tag team division. But now you have them feuding with Primo and Epico on superstars. Its disappointing because I think if the E put some focus on tag teams, we could see some really good matches and feuds
  3. Mike Awesome's Hair's Avatar
    I agree with all that. 2 things I would like to throw in would be the Punk/Orton feud and the HHH/Punk feud. Punk/Orton this feud was pointless, Randy Orton beat the crap out of Punk every week on Raw and won both PPV matches. As for HHH, he really dropped the ball not turning heel to put Punk over. HHH/Punk was lining up to be a great feud but you could tell HHH wanted to be a Face and It made no sense to turn Punk back so they threw in some Russo-esque swerves to shift the focus elsewhere.

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