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Will CM Punk really bring change to the WWE?

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The fans of WWE and the IWC themselves know how powerful CM Punk is.

He has backstage influence in his storylines, his opinions matter to Vince McMahon himself, has huge drawing power and his merchandise sales are through the room. This man seems like he is on top of company and the WWE Universe.

Or is he?

The John Cena vs. CM Punk feud had something in it that CM Punk is not playing with right now: reality.

Yes, he often refers to many real life events with both Triple H and Kevin Nash but they do not have the same punching power as they have in the past. In the John Cena vs. CM Punk feud CM Punk had a lot to offer with stating the opinions of the fans right to John Cena's face.

CM Punk told him that the fans are sick of him, he is boring, cannot wrestle and pointed out the vast majority that know what he does in the ring is merely an act in the sense that he is a product of WWE's status quot. He stated he was the pillar of change and wants to make WWE fun again.

The way to do it was to remove John Cena as champion and to walk out the champion. He did just that at Money In The Bank. It was the shocker of WWE and I myself even believed WWE would find a way to mess it up but did not. The fans of WWE and the IWC were ecstatic at the possible change being rushed in and what it could mean.

The feud continued with CM Punk being gone from WWE for two weeks before returning because John Cena capturing a second WWE title that was made. From there it escalated itself every week and got better because of CM Punk's promos. When the match at Summerslam happened people expected CM Punk to win but not get screwed.

That is where WWE seemed to falter a little bit because both WWE fans and the IWC felt Alberto Del Rio should not have been champion yet considering CM Punk had only held the title for three weeks and Alberto Del Rio himself was not proving himself a top superstar.

After the occurrence WWE began the mystery to who sent the text message for Kevin Nash to attack CM Punk. The John Cena feud was abandoned after Kevin Nash cost CM Punk his number one contender shot.

They went into a CM Punk vs HHH fued, and then into a CM Punk and HHH fued. Really? I mean we go from "voice of the voiceless" vs "hated by the voiceless" to a tag team main event. I thought he lost it. I honestly thought that Punk became a one trick pony.

However, as they slowly moved away Nash and HHH into their own fued. They put punk back into the title picture and here comes another shocker. Dwayne main events Survivor Series? I mean instead of giving the WWE title match any importance, they made it a warm up.

Anyways, what im getting at is i think they should have let punk keep the title for longer than three weeks. And the WWE belt moving around like whore wasn't a great idea either. My question to you folks is "Was this entire Punk stint s good as it could have been?" i don't.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Melevolent 27's Avatar
    This is why you dont announce the main event of Westlemania a year before, also why signing Rock for a comeback to main event summerslam made $$ and cents but stalled 'change'. The deal to bring Rock back at summerslam would have been done at the same time he signed to do wrestlemania, would you think.
    CM Punk Vs Cena couldnt happen as Punk needed to get momentum in a different story leading into summerslam and then wrestlemania.
    As for 'change', not going to happen, Vince is the boss, he has the last say on everything on RAW. Change Vince first.... and good luck with that.
  2. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    I agree. This may be my simple opinion, but in a way i think CM Punk can change the WWE. In a way, he has - he made Raw fun to watch again. His mercurial ways appeal a lot to me, and I don't see anyone else currently on WWE who has that same level or wise-assery but who has the chops to back it up. But then again, it's up to "the board" to really enact change... and in agreement with Melevolent 27: good luck with that.
  3. Jags's Avatar
    I think CM Punk has been entertaining as a champion, I don't they hot potato it again.

    @Melevolent 27 The WWE will make changes if they make less money and drop in ratings, I enjoy to watch the product and sometimes buy it. If you don't you shouldn't.
  4. gruendar's Avatar
    bottom line: the WWE can let CM Punk loose at any time.
    So yeah they dropped the ball but long term they have what the WWE needs and one man can still set wrestling on fire. With his ability to PipeBomb reality into this business and all his outside independent connections - he could still revolutionize the industry.
    His NWO like movement would be a fresh mix of new faces that are good hard workers – like the old ECW vs the spoon fed babyfaces of the WWE
  5. AOF666's Avatar
    I think the whole thing was screwed up the night after Punk won the title at Summer Slam. When he came back, he kind of screwed it up himself there too. His mistake was trying to go against HHH on the mic, sorry but Haitch is light years ahead when it comes to the mic. Of coarse E screwed up big time by trying to do a feud with him and Nash without making sure Nash was ready. Then things kept going down hill from there.

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