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My TNA: Changes, Released Wrestlers, and Title Divisions

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Hello there everyone! For those who do not know who I am, my name is Kyle Dunning and I am a Co-Admin of the official EWN Facebook page.

I have been watching wrestling since the Attitude era, and I like to say I am pretty knowledgeable about wrestling, I know a lot of the facts, seen the majority of the classic moments, and the worst moments in pro wrestling.

In the present we see some promise in TNA, TNA originals like Styles, Roode and Storm are being pushed in the main event, the Knockouts have a good deal of time to showcase themselves, whether it is in a Karen Jarrett storyline, or in a match, they get a lot more exposure then any WWE diva.
Now I am going to list the TNA employees who should be let go, as Johnny Ace would say.. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

Released Wrestlers/Staff

Anarquia - He does not give off the vibe "We have to tune in every week to see this guy!" He gives off the vibe that he is second rated and does not belong there.

Brian Kendrick - In the WWE I was a fan of Kendrick, him and London was a hell of a tag team, but in TNA he does not impress me.

Devon - Without his brother, Devon seems second rate, as Team 3D(Dudleys) they were possibly the greatest tag team ever. The guy is getting older now and we will definitely not see greater things out of him, it is time for him to move aside.

Garret Bischoff - He is too green to be wrestling, and it seems he only has a job because of his surname, I would send him to OVW for training or fire him.

Hernandez - The big mexican has had some good runs, most notably with LAX, but he is clumsy in the ring and is a risk to other wrestler's health, also he has little charisma and his ring psychology is lacking, can't see people missing him.

Tara - Now I am a fan of Tara, but who can believe that we have yet to see the best from her? Also it seems she gets frustrated over not being used, and that is simply because of time constraints. Knockouts division should consist of younger wrestler's.

Anthony Neese - Brought in during the X Divison talent matches, but he never gets used, why have him if TNA ain't going to use him?

Mark Haskins - Same Reason as Neese, why have him on the roster if you don't use him.

Jackie Moore - It's pretty simple to me, either make her a manager of someone who needs a mouthpiece, or get rid of her, although I believe TNA already did get rid of her and ain't taken her off the roster yet.

Rosita - She is still pretty young, but it seems she is a Knockouts jobber, and someone to make Mexican America look good, as I have already got rid of Mexican America she has to go.

Vince Russo - How many of you was thinking of Russo the moment I wrote people need to be fired? It has already been noticed how much Impact has changed since Russo has been taken from the Head Creative position, many wrestling fans cannot take TNA seriously because they know the writing has his name all over it. So why keep him? Yes he has made some good storylines in his time, but just like old wrestlers, old writers need to step aside for someone fresh.

So i have stated 10 wrestlers and 1 member of staff to go, lets see who needs to take a back burner or change their whole image altogether as they have become somewhat stale.

Who needs to be changed?

Hulk Hogan - I did not fire Hogan? You may be going crazy right now and thinking, why the hell did I NOT FIRE Hogan?
I would make Hogan into an ambassador, I would say to him that he either promotes TNA on every interview he does, or we don't need him, he should never wrestle again, he should make sporadic appearances and put young guys over, it's either that or he becomes a manager and trainer.

Eric Bischoff - I would tell Bischoff, fair enough if he wants to help with creative go ahead, but he will never get on TV again, he has no place as an on screen personality and should be in the back helping with production and advertising for the show.

Jeff Jarrett - The guy passed his potential a long time ago, he is a good heel and draws heat, but he has become stale and no one wants to see him, he could be used rarely to get a young guy over.

Abyss - He needs a change of image, I believe his strongest run was with the manager James Mitchell, stop Abyss from talking, change his ring attire a bit, give him a manager, turn him heel and use him in hardcore matches, thats what Abyss is good at.

Scott Steiner - He needs a change, the only reason why I kept Steiner is because he can do a lot to further young talent, they could put him in a tag team with a young wrestler, he could be a great mentor.

Ric Flair - I would make him a manager, that is his best role.

Now we have done that, I believe TNA should keep strict rules on which wrestler are in which division(except tag teams, any wrestler should be allowed to go for those), I believe the fans want to know who is after what belt, they should also do statistics like Win/Loss records, Winning streaks etc and keep them up to date on the website, this encourages people to go on the website and see how their favorite wrestlers are doing.

Title Divisions

World title contenders.
Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, James Storm, Jeff Hardy

X Division
Austin Aries
Kid Kash
Samoa Joe
Jesse Sorenson
Zema Ion
Alex Shelley
Chris Sabin
Christopher Daniels

TV title contenders
Robbie E
Robbie T
Rob Van Dam
Mr Anderson
Eric Young
D'Angelo Dinero

Tag Teams
Matt Morgan & Crimson
The British Invasion
Ink Inc
Bully Ray and Steiner
Motor City Machine Guns (When they return)
Robbie E & Robbie T

Gail Kim
Velvet Sky
Mickie James
Angelina Love
Brooke Tessmacher
Madison Rayne

Knockouts Tag teams
The Beautiful People - Sky & Love
Gail Kim & Madison Rayne
Mickie James & Sarita

The world title picture is somewhat slim, but that is how it should be, you can't have to many world title contenders as it gets confusing.

Noticed how I stacked the X Division? Imagine a three way between Aries, Samoe Joe and Daniels? The wrestling would be amazing and worthy of the X Division, Kazarian and Kid Kash can work with younger stars like Jesse Sorenson and Zema Ion to put on solid matches too.

A TV Title Division? Why not! The TV title in previous promotions has been the equivalent of WWE's IC title, put in some top talent like RVD and Mr Anderson, accompanied by up and comers like Gunner and Robbie E, and originals like EY and Abyss, and you got yourself a solid division filled with interesting combinations.

As for Tag teams, the tag team division needs established teams like The British Invasion and Ink Inc to shine, as it seems both teams are on the back burner, those two teams could have a major feud over the belts, the Motor City Machine Guns can come back and challenge either for the titles.

The Knockouts division could be more then it is, and I think this is getting the right knockouts aligned with each other.
First of all we need The Beautiful people back, as Faces, because they can push merchandise like no other.
ODB and Winter need to be loners, and their characters need to be heels,
Brooke Tessmacher needs some improvement in the ring, she could turn heel and align herself with Gail Kim and Madison Rayne in a Knockouts stable.

You may wonder why I have put Mickie with Sarita? I remember that they had a feud, but I also remember that Sarita was a great knockouts tag team champion with Taylor Wilde. Mickie is one of the most popular Knockouts they have, she can't always be fighting for the Knockouts title, so she can fight for the tag titles with Sarita in between that.

What else would I change?

Well firstly I have noticed just how little time they have each week to showcase the talent, therefore TNA need a second show.

Impact Wrestling should be mostly for the World title contenders, X Division and Knockouts.
A second show could focus on the TV title and the Tag team divisions, the TV title could be the main title on the show and bring tons of prestige to it, also you would get guys like Rob Van Dam and Mr Anderson headlining the shows and tag team matches, this would showcase the midcard more, and the Knockouts would get some extra time.

I would focus on the UK market, as TNA is strong in the UK, also the shows sell pretty well, a UK pay per view could be set up and I would focus on advertising that a great deal.

Bringing in new talent

Now people will always say.. If you want TNA to become big, you need CM Punk! You need John Cena! You need Goldberg! You need John Morrison Wooooo!

My answer to that is no.. not at all, TNA does not need to pick up every single "Superstar" that happens to become available, what TNA needs to do is focus on building their own talent, and look to promotions like ROH, CHIKARA, SHIMMER, CMLL NOAH and NJPW etc.

Taking stars from other promotions and getting them over is what TNA should focus on, because people will pick up on that and say "Wow I never seen this guy before, he is great!", instead of picking someone like John Morrison up and saying "Another WWE reject, is that all TNA can hire?".

Final Thoughts

I know many people will not take TNA seriously anymore, that is a shame because TNA has some of the best wrestler's in the world today, and they are really passionate about what they do.

TNA should focus on what they do best, and that is wrestle, story lines will compliment themselves if the matches are classics, and they can have storylines which cater to the full audience, this may bring in new viewers.

That is the end of my first blog here on the EWN forums, if you wish to talk to me you can usually find me on the ewrestlingnews facebook page,

Peace everyone.

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  1. Tall's Avatar
    Great blog. You're totally right about the fact that they need to be bringing in talent from the many other promotions around the world and not just the ones released by WWE. They should look at the Briscoe brothers and Davey Richards.
  2. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    Good Blog man. I agree with you on most points.

    However I disagree with keeping Scott Steiner and getting rid of Tara. I think Steiner sucks, He is so boring in the ring. Sure, He is entertaining on the mic but he can't wrestle anymore.... And Tara is still really good in the ring, She can wrestle damn good.
  3. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    and as far as picking up talent from WWE why is that such a problem? That's how every wrestling company has always worked, you steal from your competition to get better. If John Morrison is available or anybody else that is young and talented, TNA should sign them
  4. kylos's Avatar
    I knew some would agree, and some would disagree about the Scott Steiner part. Steiner don't have much left really, I would have kept him on for now, try and get him with a young wrestler to make them look good, when he has done that job and there is nothing else for him to do he would be gone.

    As for Tara, she can still go yes, but the Knockouts division should be like the X Division and be filled with younger wrestlers who you could only expect to improve their craft, whereas Tara will never bring anything new now, her best times in the business have finished some time ago.

    I don't believe in TNA bringing in WWE talents unless they are either 1) Wrestling gods like Kurt Angle or 2) Merchandise pushers like RVD and Jeff Hardy.

    Bringing in guys like Matt Hardy and John Morrison will do very little to push TNA and it's a waste of a roster spot. TNA tend to waste spots on wrestlers who don't deserve to be there, just because people "know who they are".
  5. Dubs's Avatar
    Excellent blog man. Best blog I read in a while with great ideas that would make TNA better. I do disagree about firing Garret Bischoff, Devon, Brian Kendrick, and Tara. Garret looks like he has potential. He just needs a little more training in the ring. Like you said, OVW would be a perfect place to put him in where he can adapt more. Devon is another vet that could help put over young talent in TNA. Hes a great speaker and his formed tag team with The Pope is just what it needs to put The Pope over. Tara is another vet that has value in the Knockouts Division. She can still perform better then half the Knockouts as well. Brian Kendrick hasn't exactly been the way he was in the WWE but his character and wrestling style is right for the X-Division. That's what the X-Division is missing. It needs more fun gimmicks with a variety of different wrestling styles.

    Like I said, great blog man. Enjoyed it from top to bottom.
  6. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    if your not going to put Bully Ray in the World title picture then just pair him up with D-Von
  7. mukkapukka's Avatar
    not bad but you have forgotten the MOST IMPORTANT change needed....

    GET KAREN JARRETT OFF TV BROADCASTS!! everybody enjoys a good heel that adds something to a show, but seriously that bird is a waste of space and airtime! If they can put on wrestling matches instead of her in every show we could end up with 2-3 extra matches each week...
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