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Scenario Approach: Ryder Vs Dolph...and Cena

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When was the last time a mid-card title had a feud that people ACTUALLY wanted to see (I'm not saying everyone). Dolph Ziggler has appeared on Ryder's YouTube show for quite sometime now.

Mr. John Cena is without a match at TLC. He currently is on a tetor-totor when it comes to the direction of his character. Cena needs to be involved in the US Title match. This will help him lean to one side depending on the option they choose.

Leading up to TLC there will be a match on Raw that will have either Cena or Vicki as the special guest referee.

Scenario 1-A: Face Cena!
Cena gets to referee, ejects Vicki, blah blah blah Ryder wins and we have a new US Champ. Cena gains two more fans and continues to be a good boy.

Scenario 1-B: Dolph climbs the rankings
Dolph wins a #1 contender match to face Punk at Royal Rumble, winning the title down the road after winning MITB.

Scenario 2-A: Heel Cena! (my pick)
Cena loses the referee match and becomes an enforcer in the match. Dolph retains with a distraction of Swagger to Cena. Following the bout, Cena is upset that he had given Ryder his title shot so he can lose. AA to Ryder followed by STF, Cena turns more heel.

Scenario: 2-B: Cena Vs Punk at the Rumble
Nobody wants Cena with the title facing Rock at WrestleMania. Punk the favourite will tweek Cena's heel turn even more. Punk retains but Cena takes out Punk.

Scenario 2-C: Ryder finally wins US Title...
WrestleMania Ryder wins it, allowing plenty of time for a proper build up and anticapation.

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  1. Destruction's Avatar
    Like Heel Cena idea, but doesn't every match on the card have to involve either a table, a ladder or a chair.
  2. SilverGhost's Avatar
    Good ideas here.
  3. Zekic's Avatar
    #Destruction last TLC we had Tag Team match with no ladders/chairs/tables
  4. AOF666's Avatar
    Most likely Cena will be the guest referee for Ziggler vs Ryder. I can see Cena screwing Ziggler for Ryder to win, unless they decide to have Ziggler win, have crowd boo Cena more and have Ryder mad at Cena. Cena has to explain he was doing his job, with his righteous style.
  5. dres1214's Avatar
    I like AOF666 idea. It seems more realistic of WWE to have that storyline.

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