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There Is Still Hope For John Morrison

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Hello Readers. I just finished watching a video that made me smile. It is a YouTube video by John Morrison himself. If you have not seen it yet, take a second to scroll down and watch it before reading the rest of this blog.

So why did this video make me smile?

Since he debuted as Johnny Nitro, one third of MNM, I have always been a fan of John Hennigan (Morrison). He has a very unique style inside the ring that, I believe, we have yet to see in full motion. We got a taste of it in 2010 when Morrison feuded with Sheamus and a glimpse of it at Royal Rumble 2011 with the Spiderman stunt, but even then I was left with the feeling he could do more. He has a striking look that helps him stand out. He has a likable personality, despite the internet fans saying otherwise for very unintelligent reasons. He pretty much has all the tools needed to be a main event player. Sure, his microphone skills aren't as strong as a babyface as they are as a heel, but that can come through experience and is not a BIG issue in terms of draw. What he lacks in microphone skills, he makes up for inside the ring and through sheer presence. A talent like this, IMO, is WAY too valuable to misuse or let slip away. For a while there, I thought WWE was going to do just that.

I will not lie and say I was absolutely fine with Morrison jobbing out to pretty much everyone he faced over the previous months, because I was not. Granted, it was not as bad as what Drew McIntyre is getting thankful, but it got pretty close. To add, Morrison also went out on a good note, having a good match against Ziggler at Survivor Series and having a decent fight with Miz the very next night, re-launching Miz back into the main event scene. So I will give credit to WWE for leaving room for Morrison to return, if he ever decides he wants to. It's just I do feel they could have used him better than they did, but I digress because that is not what my main issue was.

When I heard Morrison was leaving WWE, I feared for the worse. While many were saying he should go to TNA and wrestle in the X-division, I was one of the few hoping he would stay in WWE and just wait out his jobbing phase. Hell, even Triple H went through a jobbing phase at one point in his career, now look at him. Besides, John Morrison going to the TNA would, IMO, be the worse move he could make. Yeah, we'll get to see Morrison cut it up inside the ring with people like Austin Aries, Kaz, Alex Shelley, and have a dream match with AJ Styles. He might even pick up the X-division championship, or the TNA world championship depending on how TNA really wants to showcase him. But we all know within a few months he will cease to be relevant and be sparingly used like all the rest of the WWE talents are. Why? Because he wouldn't be known as John Morrison. Morrison is a WWE copyright name, so Hennigan can't go anywhere else as Morrison. It wouldn't be the same and it just wouldn't be fulfilling to me if he left for TNA. If Morrison is EVER going to become a star, it needs to happen in WWE with the name John Morrison and not John [insert cheap last name that TNA would make here] whatever. Such a prominent career should not be wasted over anything. Whether it's a female OR backstage politics. For a while there, I really thought this was the end of Morrison.

Then I watched the video above and my faith was renewed.

I'm happy John has decided to take some much needed time off to heal and get away for a while. He made a wise decision to do this, in hopes of adding more years to his career. The fact that he took the time to make a video and update his fans on his condition shows you how much he cares for his JoMoSapiens. Everyone loves a person who is willing to give back. If he's as smart as I think he is, he will disappear completely and re-emerge when he is completely healed and ready to return. The last thing he needs to do is pull a Matt Hardy, or at this point in time a Gail Kim, by burning his bridges and tarnishing his career by talking trash the WWE. Just stay off the radar, train up, heal up, and come back better than ever. If he is fortunate enough, hopefully he'll be back by Wrestlemania 28 and WWE places him in a program with The Miz. How awesome would that be? No pun intended for the Miz. Whenever, or if ever, he returns, I am almost positive it will in the WWE. Hennigan has to know that his best chance of ever being a big star is with WWE and NOT iMPACT Wrestling. John Morrison is his only shot at fame and the platform that will allow fans to respect him for his ability. I can wait to see AJ Styles vs. John Morrison when TNA goes out of business or Styles leaves for WWE.

Here is hoping that John Morrison recovers well and returns to claim his main event spot in WWE. He is too good of a talent and has done way too much in the company already to not be one. If he does end up going to TNA, I will still watch and support him, of course. However, it still wouldn't be the same for me, even if he does win the world title. Only in WWE can he really reach his full potential and truly rise to the stars. Get well soon John Morrison. Your JomoSapiens await your return at the Palace Of Wisdom.

Thanks for reading. Feedback is appreciated.

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  1. Jags's Avatar
    I hope he returns to, he brought a lot of exciting spots in his matches.
  2. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    I think Morrison will be a big star in the future for wwe, but will never be the man because he had the cheek to consider a break from wrestling like a bitch. I don't think he's a bitch for taking a break, but I imagine the "grown up's" in the industry would
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    JOMOSapiens will wait for his return....n WWE also will use him perfectly in his return....

    But, I want my drea match of JoMo vs AJ....I mean if it doesnot take place now...both will lose their charm n will become an overrated match...

    I hope, they both have one match in at least an Indy promo....

    ATB JoMo
  4. lefthandright's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Next Big Thing
    I think Morrison will be a big star in the future for wwe, but will never be the man because he had the cheek to consider a break from wrestling like a bitch. I don't think he's a bitch for taking a break, but I imagine the "grown up's" in the industry would
    H.B.K, Jericho and Taker have all taken breaks from the one foo-fooed them when they returned.

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