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How I would Run TNA...Realistically

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Hey Everyone. I watched Smackdown and Michael Cole is so annoying, that I have nothing to say about it except he ruins the show. Clearly, he ruins the show. Think about how annoying some of the heel talents are. Vicki Guerrero, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer...and now, think of having to listen to them, all show long, on both shows. That's what it's like having Michael Cole being lead commentator on both shows. Sad.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about what I would do if I were running TNA. I have dreams of hitting one of those $150 million Powerball or Mega Millions lotteries, and buying controlling stock of TNA. Dreaming big. And while I personally feel that TNA is content where they're at, and don't have any aspirations of trying to be a major player, I'm going to play the part of new owner and making the changes. Bare with me as this list is kind of long. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts and suggestions.

ONE: I would use the star power and the names that I have under contract to compliment the younger talent and make that my focal point. Since Crimson, AJ Styles, Robert Roode, and Gunner, among others, are my cornerstones, they would get the added responsibility of hoisting the company on their shoulders. They would get repackaged and a lot of attention would be put on them. They would be the showcase, and my named wrestlers would be the special attractions.

TWO: I would attack the WWE with the knowledge that I have. For example, the reports about how the WWE doesn't want to use certain terms, or the fact that Michael Cole is being told what to say through a headset. I would capitalize on this and talk about our company being legit, not afraid of wrestling, our wrestlers aren't afraid to bleed, and not have announcers that need to be fed lines through a headset. Publicize it and attack them. Use every opportunity. Have some of the more talented Knockouts make references to "not being little barbies" and have Karen Jarrett make references to not having to always "excuse" herself to get a reaction. Once this stuff gets reported and more publicized, more people are going to tune in to hear what they will say next. And if it doesn't improve TNA's position, then next best case for wrestling fans, WWE will respond and become more interesting anyway. Win-Win for the fans.

THREE: Everyone would get mic skills lessons. Obviously, that's the driving force behind wrestling these days. You can't be pushed into superstardom if you can't work the mic. AJ and Gunner need a lot of help. Roode is getting better, Austin Aries is pretty good and I love James Storm on the mic. The rest of my core, like Crimson, Pope, and Daniels are so bad, it makes me cringe. The wrestlers need more character and they need to play to the crowd. James Storm and RVD are pretty much the only ones who have the crowd singing along with their catch phrases. How many times have we heard Konnan say, "Bowdy Bowdy and..." hold the mic and the crowd says, "Rowdy Rowdy". Or DX, "We got two words for ya.." hold the mic for the crowd.."SUCK IT". Nowadays, everyone has something. "Whoo Whoo Whoo" or "Boom Boom" So, give your wrestlers the same thing.

FOUR: Develop a legit, mid-card title. A US Title or IC Title. Rename the TV Title and really put something behind it, so the feuds have a goal to reach. And not only that, but make that championship a really good stepping stone. Have someone like Gunner win that title, and defend it every couple of shows, and definitely every PPV. Build feuds that lead to a potential US Title Match with the champ. Put some substance behind the saying, "A victory here would put The Pope right in the middle of the US Title picture". There needs to be something for everyone else to fight for while Bobby Roode and AJ Styles are battling for the Heavyweight Championship. And Eric Young vs Robbie D or E or whoever, isn't cutting it.

FIVE: Change the style of the backstage segments. You all know what I'm talking about. Change the backstage segments, and script them. They all sound unscripted and sloppy. Use some crisp camera work and some real storyline building. Not the bobbing camera and over-exaggerated grunts with every punch and toss into a pile of rubble, followed by the heavy breathing. Get a backstage reporter, and do some legit promo work and interviewing.
Even add some Mean Gene style interviewing in the ring, showcasing the wrestlers who are drawing the most fan reactions, good or bad. In WCW Nitro's best days, Mean Gene interviewed 3 or 4 people during the course of a show. "I'd like to welcome at this time, the 16 Time World Champion", the crowd would uproar and the music would fade in. Bobby Heenan would yell, "Whooooooo". Ah, the good ol days.

SIX: And Final. Make More Money. I cannot stress this enough. First of all, charge for your shows at the Impact Zone, even if it's $5 or $10. If you can't sell out the Impact Zone, then you really shouldn't be in the biz anyway. Secondly, there is a need to Expand the Horizons. How could I ever try and put out a second weekly show if I cannot take the steps to expand my market. For what I understand TNA broke away from NWA so they are allowed to go wherever they want. There is a whole country out there that really wants a true competitor. In fact, we are STARVING for a new competitor. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's sick of the WWE's laziness and lackluster product these days. But they're branded so well, that they can afford to be and get away with it. Expansion is key. Hit Vegas. Hit So Cal. Hit Texas. The Midwest. There is a whole wrestling nation out there. There's a whole wrestling World out there.

Well, that's what I got. I know there's other stuff I missed such as bringing in young stars for the X Division, as well as trimming the fat and getting rid of useless guys who are just so obviously past their days it's a shame to see, like Jerry Lynn.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend. Enjoy Final Resolution.

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  1. The Peep's Avatar
    Love your ideas, especially the ones of you subliminally bashing WWE.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Peep
    Love your ideas, especially the ones of you subliminally bashing WWE.
    Thanks man. And I agree...You gotta attack them while they're vulnerable. While they're sitting at the top of the mountain, with their guard down.
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Nice ideas. They do need young and fresh talent. Absolutely!
    Right now the TV Title is suppose to be their mid-card title, but after Gunner won it, it has since become nothing but a joke.
    YES! The backstage segments need to be the way they were before the Hogan-Bischoff era. This stalker angle is one of the stupidest things that wrestling has had in a long time.
    Attacking WWE is one thing, but you can't go overboard like WCW did because it really hurt them in the long run.
    Absolutely agree! Michael Cole Sucks! He was much better as a face than a heel. It's just plain stupid how his character is right now.
  4. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar

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