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Blog from Scotland, My Perspective of the WWE

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So I've been wanting to start one of these blog thingies for a while and I've read a lot of really well informed and interesting ones on here, so tonight I've decided to kick off a (hopefully) weekly blog with various thoughts, opinions and musings on the state of the sport of professional past, present and future.

To start off with I've decided to talk about my experiences as a pro wrestling fan in general, what it means to me, why I enjoy it and what ultimately led me to getting in a ring for myself as a trainee wrestler with the Source Wrestling Academy the feeder school for the Scottish Wrestling Alliance.

I began my journey as a fan back in the summer of 1997 the year I started high school in Clydebank just outside of Glasgow. At this point Stone Cold was beginning his well deserved ascent to the top of the (then) WWF and Stone Cold Stunners were being thrown around both inside and outside of the school buildings. Back in those more innocent days I still believed that it was all real and that these guys were really beating the living hell out of one another. As I got older I learned that it was all in fact "fake", a term which I argue against every time I happen to hear it which I may get into at a later time. However even with this knowledge my love of wrestling hasn't lessened at all. I've been ridiculed for being in my mid-20s and still watching wrestling (I average at least 6 hours a week) it isn't the kind of thing that bothers me. It's something I love and something that is a massive part of my life.

What captured me as a fresh faced 11 year old first year was the matches these guys were putting on each week, but as much as the matches were amazing, to stories they told within an even larger storyline had me hooked and had me wanting to watch as much wrestling as I could get my eager hands on. This marrying of in-ring action and storyline still has me hooked and when asked by someone why I watch wrestling, one of my arguments is well when you look at it, it's a soap opera for guys.

No matter how much I watch it for the amazing in-ring talents of guys like AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, CM Punk, Danielson, Ziggler, Roode, Angle and the countless others that put it all out there in the ring, the story that these guys tell outside the ring, while at times exceptionally cheesy and cringe worthy at points (lets face it at times the writing at times is as bad if not worse than some soaps) still keeps me gripped to the world of wrestling.

Living in Scotland however means I don't get much chance to check out WWE or TNA live as the tickets for WWE sell out in minutes and TNA aren't even bothering to come to Glasgow next year, however any chance I get to check out local scene will be taken after checking out an SWA show in Glasgow and being more than impressed with the guys and girls that were on the card that night. Any chance to check out wrestling whether its WWE or TNA live or the local guys who in most cases are as good if not better than the guys that are on TV every week should be taken as, especially with the indys as thats where the future stars of wrestling will be found as is obvious with the rise of both CM Punk and Daniel Bryanson.

So as I said just some musings and thoughts for the first one...looking forward to reading the comments guys.

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  1. Evan McFarlane's Avatar
    Hi mate, I'm from Greenock about 20 miles from Glasgow. I'm in the exact same predicament as you, not being able to see the WWE Live too often. I get tickets for every WWE Show and after my experience at the TNA Show this year I was extremely excited to go again in 2012, Of course they decided to be utter idiots and decide not to come, I was gutted. But i go to almost every Indie show, Company's like PBW, ICW & BCW are all ones that I follow and attend most shows, It isn't easy being a wrestling fan in Scotland, at least we have a somewhat strong Indie Scene though.
  2. IrishWrestleFan's Avatar
    great blog dude, WWE and TNA come to northern Ireland (were i live) 6 or 7 times a year between them, u should come over here watch them if you cnt get the oppertunity to see them there, i travel to glasgow 7 or 8 times a year to watch celtic matches and it doesnt cost too much and you can get hotels for cheap, just a thought for ye
  3. lewism173's Avatar
    I don't know about back then but alot of people now of day's here in scotland say wrestling gay and fake I of course argue for the sport I love I know about 4 other people who like it, quite sad really
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