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WWE Dropping The Ball On Titles

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This is my second blog. I'm gonna try to become a regular blogger around here so I hope you enjoy.

We all know WWE is dropping the ball on the tag team,mid card,and even the women's championships. This is a bad decision business wise because championships and great championship matches sell and make stars. Allow me to break it down.

1.Great PPV Selling Points
Championship matches sell. No matter what sport it is people want to see who the top dog is in their division. Which is why I don't see the reason creative and vince constantly put these titles on the back burner. There have many chances during the last PPVs to put these titles on the line. One example is Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton. As I've read on this site many people think this should been for the Intercontinental Champion. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe they had two PPV matches. One of those could of been for the Intercontinental with Cody Rhodes winning cheap. It could've just been Orton wanting to take it away from Rhodes. It seems the US and Intercontinental titles are interchangeable. What I mean by that is that they only focus on one or the other. These is usually only one mid card title matches on PPVs. That hurts PPV buys along with many other factors. I believe that the titles should be defended more on PPVs instead of on regular tv.

2.Building New Stars
This one is pretty self explanatory. I like to see wrestlers have great matches and when the title is involved it makes the match that much more important. I for one remember wrestlers for great matches they put on and current superstars can get great boosts from putting on great championship matches.

3.Title Prestige and Importance

One of the most important parts in people's careers are when they win their first title. I agree with not having the title "hot potato-ed". I also do not agree with having titles sitting on waists not being defended match after match. I remember Dolph bragging about being US champ when he hadn't defended in months!

Props to the WWE for what they are doing at the moment though. They made Zack Ryder's US title match a big deal which it should be. It's a good storyline and i hope Ryder takes the title. They have a ppv card with both mid-card titles on the card along with personal feuds(even though they left out the tag champs).

So please leave feedback on my blog and if you have any requests for a blog feel free to let me know.Until next time,Have A Nice Day!

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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    As posted on a thread, I'll repost what I said about title prestige here:
    "I think what makes a title prestigious is a number of thing - having the right talent hold it, booking them well, having them defend the title regularly, taking on several competitors (sometimes at once if handled right), and having a title reign of at least a couple of months. If the title switches hands every 2nd PPV, and isn't handled right, as we've seen in the WWE this year, that devalues the title."\

    The WWE also tends to have a newbie win a title to try to put them over. It doesn't! It hasn't worked with Zeke, R Truth, ADR, or Sheamus in the past. It just doesn't seem believable for them to win the title early on in their careers, with no real buildup.

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