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Top 5 Heels of 2011

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In this blog i'll be talking about the top 5 heels this year. I based my list on:
-The impact they made
-In ring ability
-Mic skills
-how much they're hated

5. Mark Henry

Mark Henry needed to turn heel, he'd been jobbing for ages when suddenly he becomes this unstoppable monster heel. His promo's are average though and his in ring work is obviously limited because of his size which is why he isn't at the top end of the list. I see his run coming to an end shortly as he has has become a bit stale as of late. I'm not sure how he's going to drop the belt because daniel bryan beating him doesn't see realistic. Even if the Big Show beats him daniel bryan beating the big show doesn't seem realistic either.

4. Cody Rhodes

Not much to say here, his in ring skills and mic work are amazing. He took a gimmick that shouldn't of worked and made it one of the best gimmicks this year.

3. The Miz

The miz is one of the best heels around at the moment. He mainevented Wrestlemania against John Cena and won.
He's amazing on the Mic but his in ring skills need improving slightly.

Stay tuned for part 2
(I may update this with amark Henry match and a miz match)

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