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If I Were To Run TNA Wrestling

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Greetings EWrestlingNews Community,
I've been thinking a lot about TNA Wrestling lately. Especially with the current state of how bad WWE's booking has been. Now granted, TNA isn't making the best booking decisions either, but I got to thinking; if Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling wanted a legitimate chance to compete with World Wrestling Entertainment on a weekly basis, I believe that this was what they would have to do to get to that level.

The number one thing that TNA needs to do before they do anything else is this: SIGN PAUL HEYMAN ON THE DOTTED LINE!!!
If Paul Heyman collaborated with Vince Russo, and the two worked together and were able to trust each other, it would help TNA become one of the most creative and innovative wrestling organizations of all-time! But that's the number one thing that they need to do before they go anywhere else.

The next major thing that TNA Wrestling needs to do is make major roster cuts. TNA needs to get rid of the following wrestlers/employees order to be the best:
Bubba/The Bully Ray Dudley
Christie Hemme
"The Reverend" Devon Dudley
Jeremy Borash
Jerry Lynn
Kid Kash
Madison Rayne
Rob Van Dam
Scott Steiner
and SoCal Val

The next big thing that TNA needs to do is to sign some of the best wrestlers in the world! It would be a drastic and major improvement to their roster if they signed these wrestlers:
John Cena
Y2J Chris Jericho
Max Buck
Jeremy Buck
Kimbo Slice
David Flair
Reid Flair
Bryan Danielson
Joe Henning
Gail Kim
Celeste Bonin
Melina Perez
Carlos Colon
Eddie Colon
and Ron "The Truth" Killings

The next key thing that TNA needs to change is their set. The one thing that is a definant must is the return of "The Six-Sided-Ring". It is one of the things that makes TNA unique from other wrestling organizations. With that return comes the return of "The Tunnel Entrance". Those are two of the key things that let the viewer know that they're watching TNA programming.

With the new set comes the next key thing in a wrestling program. The ring-side commentators and the backstage interviewers. I feel that these people should be on the broadcast team with TNA Wrestling:
Mike Tenay - he's been with the organization since day one. Great experience from his days in WCW. Wasn't as good as Schivoane was, but he can still get the job done when he calls matches the right way.
John Bradshaw Layfield - one of the best ring-side-commentators in the history of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, and a great wrestler when he was active. Would give a massive boost to the play-by-play team if he was put in that position.
Jim Ross - need I say more? Without a doubt the best ring-side-commentator in the history of WWE programming. The only reason that he turned down the TNA deal that he was offered in 2010, was because he would've liked to have a spot within the department of Talent Relations as well as play-by-play. But if I hired him, I'd give him everything he wants (that's good for business anyway).
Joey Styles - the second best ringside commentator in history underneath Jim Ross. The man who will always be remembered as "The Voice Of ECW." this would be a challenge to hire him though, because he said that he was happy at his new job with However if he was hired within TNA, it'd be incredible to see him and Jim Ross work together.
Eric Bischoff - as much as he's hated in the wrestling world, he was a damn good commentator in his days at both AWA and WCW. TNA needs a couple of legit backstage interviewers as an effort to improve their backstage segments. Make their interviews look realistic. Eric Bischoff can do both things pretty well.
Scott Hudson - was with WCW during it's dying days, and worked for WWE in 2001. He would make a great backstage interviewer for the company. It would be a big step in putting them in the right direction.

When it comes to ring announcing, my plan would be rehiring Dave Penzer. I still don't understand why his contract wasn't renewed when it expired in May of 2010. He was a great ring announcer during his stint in both TNA and WCW.
At PPV's, I'd have either Bruce Buffer or Michael Buffer do the ring announcing for either the entire show or specifically for the main event.

Now then, the last part of this entry will consist of what TNA should do for television.
The number one thing that TNA must do is promote both the organization and it's programming like there's no tomorrow. It'll really help them out in the long run. The next thing that they need to do is go LIVE every week and take the show on the road! All shows must be done LIVE!
The next thing I'd do is try to find a better television deal for TNA iMPACT. Spike TV is owned by the MTV Networks. If TNA moved to MTV, it would bring a whole new audience and huge ratings for the organization like they'd never even dreamed of!
The next thing, get Xplosion on TV and make it "ALL X DIVISION!" it would bring another new group of fans (like fans of the Indy circuit for example) and it'll show the world why wrestling matters.

Well, that's just part of my idea on how I think TNA needs to be changed. Tell me your thoughts, and follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35

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  1. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    honestly, this is one of the worst blogs I have ever read. What is this, a Joke?

    you say TNA should release Christy Hemme and Jeremy Borash? What did they ever do wrong? What about Madison Rayne and Bully Ray? They both do a great job in my opinion.

    Then you go on to say TNA should sign David Flair, Reid Flair..... Daniel Bryan and John Cena, Chris Jericho.... Gail Kim who is already with TNA..... Yea sign Kimbo Slice that would be Brilliant, really, Brilliant!

    Then you go on about the six sided ring ( BLAH BLAH BLAH ) and how TNA needs to sign Paul Heyman ( BLAH BLAH BLAH )

    Im sorry usually i don't really critique people bad unless it's rick starr, but this blog just reeks like dog shit.
  2. Tall's Avatar
    I have to agree with Wrestlinfan608, I don't know whether to take this seriously or what.
  3. Big Ron's Avatar
    I stopped reading when I seen Russo
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Um, wow. Okay, first, the title of this blog was, "If I Were to Run TNA Wrestling", then you go on about handing it over to Paul Heyman, and signing John Cena? You do understand that John Cena is under a contract with the WWE, right? Same with Joe Hennig and Bryan Danielson. Oh, and Gail Kim is already there.

    Poor stuff dude. For everyone else, I'm going to blog about what I would do if I were running TNA. It will be an interesting read with a more realistic approach to TNA being at least a little more competitive.
  5. Theicon's Avatar
    Shit blog you have no idea at all lol.
  6. AJ1981's Avatar
    Are you serious bro? I wasn't sure how to take this when I first started reading it but when I got to the bit about hiring David Flair I realised that you had to be joking or insane
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    hmm sorry to say...i feel like it is a very bad blog indeed...I cud not go forward after seeing ur list of ppl to be removed...
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