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John Cena: It's Make It Or Break It At Wrestlemania 28. GET REAL.

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I'm sure my loyal readers have been yearning for a blog on John Cena. Here it is. Fresh out the box.

As we draw closer to Wrestlemania 28, the talks surrounding The Rock and John Cena have started to re-emerge. The excitement over a possible heel turn for John Cena, or a revamp of his character at the very least, has fans drooling at the mouth. I, for one, thought the Piper's Pit segment following Survivor Series 2011 was pure gold and done to perfection. I pray WWE capitalizes on it and takes it somewhere. Because, honestly, when it comes to John Cena the character, I can relate to the 80 - 90% of the IWC fans. I find it stale, repetitive, and just plan boring. He needs to either revamp himself or, hell screw it, turn heel. Anything to get something DIFFERENT. Because if WWE fails to capitalize on this MAJOR opportunity that could change their business for the better, then they'll be facing a problem bigger than anyone of us can comprehend. At Wrestlemania 28, it is make it or break for John Cena, and here is why.

Now, let's face facts. At the end of the day, whether we like it or not, John Cena is the biggest bread-maker in wrestling today. You may hate his character, but you cannot discount the fact that he puts butts in seats. Every time this man comes out, people REACT to him. He engages the audience into the product, despite it being the right or wrong reasons. The problem, however, is unless they do something different with him, he'll eventually lose steam. Once he loses stream, he stops being relevant and people will stop reacting to him. You see, it is one thing to be stale. That problem can be fixed most of the time with simple adjustments. However, it is a totally different issue when people STOP reacting to you. No boos. No cheers. They just don't care about you. That, my friends, is as bad as it gets. You could wrestle like Bret Hart and speak like The Rock. If you constantly do the same things over and over for years and years to the point that people can literally PREDICT what you will say and how your matches will turn out -- why even bother to watch you? Why even take the time to care? We know how it will end, so why get emotionally invested? It can't get any worse than that. As I speak to you right now, John Cena is on the verge of reaching that very same danger zone, if he is not already there for some fans.

Imagine the problems the wrestling business, mainly WWE, would face of its biggest money-maker becomes irrelevant. I mean, sure you got new stars like CM Punk and Zack Ryder, plus upcoming talents like Cody Rhodes, Dolph Zlgger and Daniel Bryan, all starting to make a name for themselves. The sad thing is, none of them are renowned and recognized as a pop culture icon like John Cena is. Also remember that in a few years, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, The Rock, Triple H, Kane, Mark Henry, Mick Foley, Big Show, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and other veterans might not even be around to support the company with star power. Unless they build new stars, it will all be focused around Randy Orton and John Cena. In most cases, WWE usually has someone to fall back on. Sadly, they've focused so much on Cena and Orton and done such a horrible job at building other wrestlers up that no one can truly replace them and they're pretty much ALL WWE can rely on to draw. So the day John Cena loses relevance will be a dark day for WWE, if not the darkest day in wrestling.

This brings us to why the match at Wrestlemania 28 is so important. In terms of star power, they don't get any bigger than the Rock. WWE could literally focus an entire show around The Rock talking on the microphone and it would still sell out. Just putting him in a match is guaranteed to pack an arena, so there is no doubt millions will be tuning in to see him take on Cena at Mania. WWE needs to capitalize on this opportunity to hook these millions of viewers and create wrestling fans. Believe it or not, this CAN be done through John Cena. How can they do that? Well, I will say this. They WILL NOT be able to do it with John Cena in his current state. This whole "Rise Above The Hate" and "I love how the crowd responses to me whether it’s boos or cheers" shit will not cut it. In fact, it will HURT Cena in his feud with the Rock. I mean, he is already at a disadvantage for having less star power than the Rock and much less athletic ability. A happy-go-lucky, "never give up, never surrender" unrealistic personality will just stack the deck against him even more. You got the Rock calling John Cena a phony, a fruity pebble, and a yabba-dabba-bitch and John Cena's response to that is, "Rise Above Hate"? I'm telling you, Cena will get MASSACRED in Miami if he goes in as this character. Not just by The Rock, but by the audience as well. He needs something different.

Does this mean he should turn heel? No. Now I wouldn't mind a heel turn if it led to Cena getting a new persona. However, we can't always assume a heel turn will fix things. What does he really need to do? Get Real. Memorize that phrase, because that is the title to this sermon. John Cena always preaches about how the Rock disrespected the wrestling fans for saying, "he was back and was never leaving again" but then only shows up a handful of times throughout the year. Well here is John Cena, a man who prides himself on being there 24/7 for the fans, and he goes to Survivor Series to team up with The Rock. The very same man that "disrespected the fans" gets a STANDING ovation and the one they turn on is Cena. You mean to tell me after standing up for the fans and sticking up for your morals and values, just to have them boo you back, that you're completely okay with that?????


When you say you love to entertain the audience and you bust ass 24/7 to give these fans a show, yet you receive "YOU CAN'T WRESTLE" and "CENA SUCKS" chants in return on a weekly basis, you seriously expect me to believe that you "love the response that you get" and that you're "controversial"?


A man with all these morals and values, and yet does not display any type of human emotion to reiterate these values. WWE has spoiled John Cena with so many title runs and title shots and main events that it feels like he is just going through the motions now. While people like Daniel Bryan, Christian, Cody Rhodes, and others have to scratch and claw their way to the top, this man is fortunate to be hand-fed main events and title shots out the ass. Why? Because it is John Cena. They've built him up to the point where if he wrestled a Tyson Kidd or even a Dolph Ziggler, no one could really buy the idea of him losing. The element of competitiveness is immediately taken out because you know he will win. So why care? If we're not given a reason to truly get behind Cena, especially in this feud with the Rock, no matter what the outcome is at Wrestlemania, it will not mean shit. Even if THIS John Cena beats the Rock, it won't mean a damn thing, because who can truly relate to this John Cena? Who can truly relate to someone who doesn't struggle and is happy-go-lucky all the damn time?

If WWE wants people to invest into John Cena, he needs to GET REAL . In other words, he needs to start showing natural characteristics. I'm just waiting for the day John Cena finally snaps and tells the audience to FUCK OFF. It is expected from someone who endured seven years filled with injuries and all sorts of pain for our entertainment and got the response he got. Even if I did not like his character, I could relate to that. In this angle they're doing with Cena possibly turning heel, I want to see him question his morals and start doubting himself. I want to see him get frustrated over the fact that no matter what he does, the public will never fully receive him. Most of all, I want to see him take it to the Rock. Screw all this "I respect you" crap. I want to some hatred! I want that intensity dislike that turns feuds into classics. Cena should absolutely DESPISE the Rock for what he did to wrestling. This is the same man who once disowned his wrestling name and referred to himself as Dwayne "Don't Call Me The Rock" Johnson. If they can humanize Cena and start doing things that are natural to the human eye, it will make a world of a difference. Then by the time John Cena does defeat the Rock and he gets passed the torch, not only will the match be a classic, he will be able to turn new viewers into fans and bring more relevance to the sport of wrestling. You include this on top of what could be a great card including The Undertaker's last match, Daniel Bryan's world championship win, and others; they could easily set into motion a new golden era.

Like the song goes, the time is now! What WWE does with John Cena from here until Wrestlemania will shape the very fate of the company and possibly the wrestling business. They need to take full advantage of this and make the most out of it. Personally, I hope they succeed, if for anything, just so people can start showing John Cena the respect he deserves. It hurts me to see such a generous guy who truly does love the business and who dedicates his life to it, be treated in such a way by the fans. Granted, there are many reasons that support how he is treated, but I still feel he deserves better. For the sake of John Cena, WWE, and perhaps even wrestling, I hope John Cena sheds this phony character and .... say with me .... GETS REAL! Opportunities like this don't come often. Exploit it while you can.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Foxcat66's Avatar
    this is just another Cena is crap blog which is getting kind of old, don't you even listen to his explanations, he doesn't care what reaction he gets because, believe it or not, that doesn't matter, no reaction is bad reaction and any reaction is good reaction, im not the worlds biggest Cena fan and not by a long shot, but i do respect the fact that he IS the face of this era of wrestling and it needs to stay that way, he ain't turning heel for two reasons, 1. their ain't such thing as heel/faces in modern wrestling, just ask TNA. 2. what sense would it be to turn him heel when in actual fact, we don't need the heel and face thing going into wrestlemania because this match is meant to be just that, The Biggest Match Ever

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