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The Rock winning at WrestleMania may be good for business

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WrestleMania 28 – Rock going over Cena may be better for business

I’ve read many articles (many of them were well written and very good) on the WM28 main event. Many make the point that Cena should go over The Rock for multiple reasons.

Mr. Signorelli a month or so ago wrote an article with Bleacher Report makes the point that Cena is the future of the company, the Rock needs to pass the torch and the fact that having a guy who is basically retired (Rock) beat the face of the company (Cena) is a PR nightmare and bad for business.

(Note to author: forgive me for using your blog but yours was well written and made points I wanted to address)

Respectfully the author makes some good points. BTW I only read the article a few days ago so I know I’m late responding to it.

Here is my stance. Did Floyd Mayweather who is 5’8” when he beat the biggest man in sports entertainment The Big Show at Wrestlemania 24; did that hurt wrestling’s credibility? How about when Lawrence Taylor a football player defeated Bam Bam Bigelow at Wrestlemania 11; did that hurt business? No, in fact WM11 and LT’s involvement actually may have saved the WWE in 1995 even though that WM was very bad. WM14 Mike Tyson knocked out Shawn Michaels even though it was after a match. Mickey Rourke beat up Jericho, granted it was after Jericho’s match but still Tyson or Rourke didn’t hurt business.

So to argue with Mr. Signorelli, how is it then a retired wrestler like the Rock beating Cena hurt business when non-wrestlers beating wrestlers has been proven not to hurt business with the exception of David Arquette? Sure Bam Bam and Big Show aren’t Cena but Michaels and Jericho are legends like Cena one day will be. Besides The Big Show is known as the biggest wrestler out there and he outweighed Mayweather by 250 or so pounds and he had a 20” height advantage. Bret Hart months before said in public that Bam Bam was one of the best athletes ever.

I guess what I’m saying is that to argue with the author, if all the non-wrestlers winning over or beating up wrestlers, how does a legend even though he is retired hurt wrestling or the current product by beating a current wrestler?

Mr. Signorelli makes a good point that if the Rock wins it proves that yesterday’s wrestling is better than today’s wrestling. Understandable but Steve Austin has been constantly doing what the author is afraid the Rock will do. What I mean is that Steve Austin stuns younger talent, the new generation. Steve Austin delivering the stone cold stunner to Jack Swagger, the Miz, etc. (heck in 2003 he stunned Cena) hasn’t really hurt business. But the Rock winning a match will?

Furthermore to argue with the author’s point, in 1986 Bruno Sammartino made a mini-comeback if anyone remembers. Randy Savage the intercontinental champion at the time (when the title actually meant something) and a member of the Rock and Roll generation which was the youth movement at the time constantly lost by DQ or countout to Bruno. The Rock & Roll Generation, Randy Savage, or the WWE didn’t suffer whatsoever having a member of an older generation go over a member of the current generation.

Furthermore Cena has the torch. If anything I’d say JBL, HHH, and Michaels passed Cena the torch. I would say that Cena is the present of the company not the future. I mean Cena probably has 10 years give or take in wrestling. I don’t know if people are going to understand my point here but in 1992 when Randy Savage won the belt at WM8, Savage was a present legend. I mean there wasn’t much more he could do to cement his legacy. Bret Hart on the same night at WM8, I considered him a future wrestler. Bret Hart had a future in front of him at the time. He went on to win the world titles and main event multiple events.

I consider Cena to be like Savage. And don’t crucify me here because I compared Cena to Savage. I respect both, Savage is my favorite wrestler of all time. What I mean is that Cena can’t really go any further. A win against the Rock wouldn’t boost Cena’s career. CM Punk, Sheamus, the Miz; any of them winning against the Rock would catapult their careers. CM Punk to me is a future wrestler even though he is a multiple world champion and one of the most popular wrestlers because there is still much that he can accomplish like main event WM, sell even more merchandise, and win even more titles. I mean Cena can win more titles but they wouldn’t mean as much anymore.

I guess that’s what I wanted to say there.

But to get to my main point. I think Cena losing may help him more. First off say Cena wins… What’s next? Going after the World Title would be definite. Most likely if Cena beats the Rock then it is a shoo-in he wins the belt. After the Rock, who is left. I listed two men who could challenge Cena if he wins against the Rock.

The Undertaker: Most likely the match won’t happen due to The Undertaker’s status. If it does happen the fans would have to wait 6 to 10 months since the match would take place at a WM and the Undertaker needs time off. So if an Undertaker vs. Cena match did happen, the feud would start at January most likely. Which means what would Cena do until then?

CM Punk: This is the only wrestler that Cena could have an interesting feud with after WM28. But since they feuded last summer, this feud probably would be shorter.

See that’s my point what is there for Cena if he wins other than another WWE World Title.

However Cena loses…

First off many people hate SuperCena. Cena isn’t so much the problem but SuperCena to many is. Cena wins against a legend like the Rock in the Rock’s hometown then SuperCena is cemented in the minds of everyone.

Cena loses, he starts looking human and beatable. It’s less certain now that he may win his next match.

Let me use Bret Hart as an example at WM10. Owen Hart beat Bret that night. Bret barely beat Yokozuna for the title. The next PPV Diesel beat Bret by DQ. Bret Hart’s title reigns were great because he had all these legitimate contenders after his belt. Bret allowing himself to get beat in turn made his reigns 1) believable and 2) interesting due to the fact that he made it seem that anyone could take the belt from him. At SummerSlam I could believe that Owen Hart could win the title because he was facing Bret Hart not Super-Bret if that makes sense.

If Cena wins I said most likely he will go after the belt and win it. However a loss to the Rock sets up a thousand different storylines. First off if the Rock wins the WWE can set up a rematch, maybe a 2 out of 3 series. If Cena wins that rematch goes out the window. Why, you ask?

Because the Rock for the past year has basically called Cena a pu**y who sucks and only has kids as fans. The Rock has ripped right into Cena. The Rock loses at WM then to many of the fans he’ll be seen as a big mouth who couldn’t get the job done. At least that’s what I believe.

I mean The Rock spent most of the year talking trash about Cena really ripping into him and only wrestled one match so far. The Rock loses in his hometown, how is he ever going to come back after all that?

The Rock wins at WM, then at least we’ll have the chance of a rematch. So there is something for Cena to look forward to after WM. Plus the Rock wins then he can feud with CM Punk at SummerSlam, or the Miz, etc. And the Rock can put those future stars over and help them more. This in turn makes the WWE more money. So in fact a Rock victory at WM will help business not hurt it. You have the Rock lose at WM and The Rock vs. Punk or Miz and the revenues from those matches goes out the window.

Also Cena loses then he may not be number one contender anymore afterwards.

If I was a booker I would have Cena lose at WM. The next night Cena says the better man won, he’ll be looking for a rematch but for now he wants a shot at the title. Well Sheamus or ADR comes out and says why should Cena have a shot when he lost his WM match. So a Cena vs. ADR/Miz/Sheamus/Punk/etc. is set up for a number one contender’s match. I mean now Cena has another feud. Then maybe he can go after the title months later. But the point is that with a loss Cena has much more to do and more interesting storylines. Cena loses at WM28 then his next match the outcome is less certain which means higher PPV revenue.

Finally the Rock can help Cena get over more by winning. Like I said before if the Rock can’t get it done at WM28 in his hometown against a guy he basically called a loser, a f**, a pu**y on TV; then the Rock will lose creditability. I mean a loss to CM Punk wouldn’t hurt the Rock because more people will see the Rock helping Punk or passing the torch.

With the Rock vs. Cena the people expect boots to a**es. They want Cena’s blood. Granted like I said I respect the hell out of Cena and appreciate everything he has done. I am not a Cena hater (my previous blogs have proved that) but at WM28 I even want to see the Rock win the match. I want to see the Rock deliver the goods here.

Again if I was booker I would have the Rock win. I’d have the Rock shake Cena’s hand and perhaps the next night even say Cena gave him one hell of a match. Cena could get a rub from the Rock this way. The fans are happy that the Rock wins and in turn may finally accept Cena with the Rock’s gesture.

If Cena wins, I don’t believe there will be any rioting like some have suggested. But people are going to be angry. You can’t have my scenario where the Rock shakes Cena’s hand play out as successfully. People will turn away in disgust instead because SuperCena won.

The Rock raising Cena’s hand and extending his respect will go over more with the Rock winning because people will be happy.

I don’t know if I’m making any sense but looking at this I think a Cena loss does more for Cena and the WWE than a Cena win.

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