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TNA Final Resolution Predictions...And some WHY's?

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Hey everyone. I'm liking the comments I'm getting. It's great interacting with everyone. A change of pace, away from all the Undertaker Streak and Cena vs Rock blogging that's been going on. I'm going to focus solely on TNA.

First, I want to touch on some WHYs I have about what's happening in Impact Wrestling.

WHY is there still an Immortal faction? They seem to be doing 3 different things and none of them are together.

WHY is Gunner still a part of Immortal? What a waste of true potential.

WHY do they have Karen Jarrett on screen for half the show? She plays a good Vickie Guerrero type, but It's overkill.

WHY haven't they taken advantage of this Garret Bischoff situation to turn Eric face? Come on, blood's thicker than water, everyone knows that.

And now, my predictions for...


Television Title Match: Robbie E (c) vs Eric Young

Yawn. I predict Eric Young will win and get his title back.

X Division Title Match: Austin Aries (c) vs Kid Kash

I love the X division. But I don't see Kid Kash threatening the Austin Aries reign. Austin Aries will win with some sort of shenanigans.

Tag Team Title Match: Morgan/Crimson (c) vs Pope/Devon

They are clearly gunning for a Pope vs Devon feud. I just don't know why it's taking so long to get to the point. Anyway, they don't have anything to do for Morgan and Crimson right now, so I'm seeing a lengthy title reign. Crimson and Morgan win cleanly.

Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim (c) vs Mickey James

Wasn't this the Women's Championship Match at Wrestlemania like 4 years ago? Anyway, I see some interference and Gail Kim keeps the title.

Christopher Daniels vs Rob Van Dam

I can't tell if they're pushing Daniels or just looking for something to do with RVD. RVD hasn't won in forever, and that won't change. I see Christopher Daniels winning via use of the screwdriver. Or interference from some Immortal members.

Kurt Angle vs Cowboy James Storm

This should be interesting. I've been a huge Angle fan since forever, bad or good. I also like James Storm, however I don't see how he can beat Angle. Angle will win, probably dirty tactics involved.

Steel Cage Match: Jeff Hardy vs Jeff Jarrett ~ Karen handcuffed to Sting

Even if Karen somehow gets involved, and my guess is she will, I don't see Jeff Hardy having to leave TNA. Unless there's a contract situation that I'm not aware of. Hardy will win. Hopefully it'll be a good match, but Jarrett really isn't the performer he used to be. And would they please take that Mexican belt off of him.

TNA World Title Match: Bobby Roode (c) vs AJ Styles

We already saw the ending on tonight's Impact. AJ will have leg issues throughout the match. He will come, OH SO VERY CLOSE, just to lose with Roode doing some cheap hooking the ropes or something along those lines. AJ reminds me of TNA's version of Shawn Michaels from like 3 or 4 years ago. Every title match he gets, he comes close but some cheap tactics prevented a win. I see much of the same with this feud. Bobby Roode will keep the belt.

I wonder how good I did. Enjoy your weekend everyone and enjoy Final Resolution.

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  1. monctonvike's Avatar
    Decent blog fella, the one place I see happening differently from your predictions is Storm vs Angle. With Angle leaving for the London soon ( Jan I think) it makes little since to stop James Storm's build towards the top and a Storm vs Roode rematch
  2. TurtleMan128's Avatar
    Kool Blog man your right on with most of this except for a few things. Jarret vs Hardy: Jarret will probably wins this the reason being having Sting handcuffed to Karen would be pretty funny for tv and Jarret wont be leaving anytime soon not to mention he's already lost to Hardy 3 times. And I agree with monctonvike Angle wont win if he is really leaving that soon he'll job to Storm to help build him up
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    I want Storm to win...I want to see a full fledged storm vs roode feud in future..

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