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Blog Wars 6: Top 5 Matches of the 2011

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Welcome back to another edition of Blog Wars. I will have the match ups for the KOTR tournament for next week soon so bear with me because it is going to be a lot of work on my part. This week our new champion The_Crippler will defend against ELNIOJR. Here is the list

Top 5 Matches of 2011
Since the year is about to end soon I decided to let my guests pick the best matches from the WWE and TNA based on their own opinions.


Heel Promo> First of all, I just wanna point out that it’s not easy, to make a Top 5 that can please everyone. My list is something that I would like to call, The Fair/Honest list. And on my list, are only matches and people that deserve to be in it, no matter what the rest think. There are people/superstars this year that had more than 1 match worthy of been in a Top 5, guys like CM Punk, Christian, Randy Orton. But my criteria is very simple: NOT REPEAT a superstar, and give a shot to others.

As for my opponent, the new Blog War Heavyweight Champion, The_Clipper. For the love of God, who in the hell, is The_Clipper?! Oh yeah, I know you’ve been walking around, bragging about how you’re the new champ, by defeating who, THE HITMAN? Really? Newsflash: Anybody can just HIT THE GUY, and get away with it. So, big deal.

Fact is, your championship win was an ERROR 404. Which means, a big-fat JOKE! The only good thing about your championship run, is you defending it today, AGAINST ME! Don’t worry! PAGE FOUND! And it reads: “Clipper, it’s Over Bro!” Time to get your ass kicked! And for fuck sake, DON’T call for Mommy!

5. Superstars 6.30.11
6-Man Tag Team Match:
Usos and Trent Barretta vs J. Gabriel, Heat Slater and Tyson Kidd:

Probably the most underrated match of 2011. In one corner The Usos, the only real tag team in WWE right now, joined by Trent Barretta. One hell of a young athlete. In the other, Justin and Slater that was actually a decent tag team, and Tyson Kidd, one of the best wrestlers in the WWE.

These 6 young superstars putted on an awesome tag match, with awesome spots. Slater with a running power slam from the top rope. Usos with a double super kick on Gabriel, and Barretta stealing the show with a nasty top rope superplex on Tyson Kidd, with both man landing at ringside, over the other guys. Just awesome. Too bad it didn’t happen on Raw or SD. If you haven’t seen this, or any other match on my list, you should before making the vote.

4. Raw: Power To The People
Triple Treath, #1 contender Match, for WWE Championship:
CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio

This is my Top 4. Another match that could be in this position would be, actually the first WWE match of 2011, a Falls Count Anywhere match, between The Miz (WWE Champ) vs John Morrison, for the belt. But I chosed the triple treath because it had 3 amazing superstars, the match was great and most of all…the match marked the beginning of Summer of Punk II. Remember? CM Punk won, and after the match he said that he was leaving with the WWE Championship. Good times…

3. Over The Limit 2011
World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton © vs Christian

One month back (Extreme Rules) Christian finally won, the big one. 5 days later on Smackdown, he lost it to Randy Orton. And at Over the limit, he would have his rematch. They actually had a lotta (great) matches, but this one IMO was the best one. A lotta emotion, the crowd was divided supporting both man. Their facial expressions, the energy. And of course, Christian lost, which made it even more dramatic. This is my number #3.

2. Wrestlemania 27
No Disqualification:
The Undertaker vs Triple H

I really don’t have much to say. 2 ring masters, veterans, legends, future hall of famers. 2 guys that can put up an awesome match, at any time of a day, against (almost) anybody. Really, not much to say. Just a hell of a match. Actually, the match that pretty much SAVED…Wrestlemania 27. And of course, 19-0…

1. Money In The Bank 2011
WWE Championship:
John Cena © vs CM Punk

If in the Top 2 I didn’t have much to say, here I don’t NEED to say much. MATCH OF THE YEAR. That simple! Like many people said, the 5 stars match! The summer of Punk, the hype, the build up, the shoot promo, CM Punk’s contract, the July 17th, “I’m leaving”, the Pipe Bomb, the Chicago crowd, the environment, the chants, the boos, and more than 30 minutes of high quality action…in the ring. The rest is history…


Ok here is my entry for the The best Matches of 2011edtion of Blog War.... I'm gona be a little biased here cause I dont Watch TNA and ROH is not allowed so ill be doing strictly WWE matches of 2011. No disrespect to the Great TNA matches of 2011 I just havent watched it close enough. So here is my entry.

5. CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler Raw Nov 21st 2011
This was a Champion vs Champions match from Raw a few weeks ago. This match showed that Ziggler belonged in the Main Events and he is well on his way up. This was Ziggler showing what he can do and he can go toe to toe with the Best in the company. Excellent match, Unlike the matches we been seeing on Raw this last year, this match Had impactful and Hard hitting moves, Psycolgy and Some Really impressive technical by both men.

4. SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match 2011
This match had Some of the best Talent in the WWE today. From Brutal Brawlers (Sheamus and Wade Barrett) to Power Wrestlers (Kane), High Flyers (Sinn Cara and Justin Gabrielle) And Great All Around Wrestlers that can do almost anything (Danielle Bryan and Cody Rhodes). It had Everything you can Really want and it is my 2nd Favorite MITB Ladder match. and The ending Was Great having Danielle Bryan Finally win a big match and hopfully be a step towards being the star every knows he can be.

3. Randy Orton vs Christian Over The Limit 2011
This Is Orton and Christians First PPV match and their best Match of their rivalry. This match was Fast paste and had some of the best counter move wrestling you will ever see. Tou were on the edge of your seat from start to finish and the match almost left you out of breath when it was over. Very exciting match and underated cause they had some many like this but this was their best match easily.

2. Unertaker vs HHH Wrestlemania 27
I seen alot of Fans overate this match and alot of Fans Underate this match. The Truth is it isnt no 5 star match but then again it isnt no 3 1/2 star match like some people have said. None the less we still got a Great match that told a fantastic story.

HHH and Undertaker set this match up without saying a word, With a simple look they set the crowd a blaze and set up the biggest match at WM 27. The promo packages leading up to it were some of the better ones you will ever see. and The match it self was a Intense Brawl with alot of emotion, HHH was the Biggest Threat to The Takers streak so far. and HHH came close. Undertaker was beaten down thru the whole match and showed that he was no longer the dominate Undertaker of the past, but reguardless, Undertaker showed that he can Not! be beat at Wrestlemania. Just Great Storytelling from the 2 best storytellers actively in Wrestling today.

1. John Cena vs CM Punk WWE Title Money in the Bank
Excellent Build, Check. Great Storyline, Check. Hot Crowd, Check. Incrediblt match, Check.

This match had Great pacing, excitment and both men were equals in this match. Amazing over 30 min match that was Well performed from start to finish and very exciting. Both men worked worked very well in this match. This without a doubt This is your match of the Year for 2011. Without the build and the Storyline it still be the Match of the Year just by the Great in ring work.

Please Vote and thanks for reading

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    I give my vote to ELNIOJR,dolph vs punk was a safe bet,however that 3vs3 match got me,its was an amazing match,and counting i dont watch superstars i really loved seeing it(also it included one thing i always wanted to see,superplex to outside of the ring)
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    Winner: The_Crippler
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