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THE ROCK VS JOHN CENA. Why Cena can't win.

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Just imagine The Rock whopping Cena's candy ass all match and then Cena does his incredible 5 moves of doom or whatever garbage that is and pins him 1,2,3. Much like he does most wrestlers that are better than him. There's no passing of the torch here............just a shockingly awful disgrace. In fact in my last post I said that Rock already passed the torch to Cena 7 years ago when he left. That was wrong, he actually passed it to Brock Lesner at Summerslam. Brock was the next Big Thing and The Rock was the youngest WWE Title Holder in history at that point. He put Lesner over clean and gave him that honour.

Rock coming back to the WWE is really a favour to Vince, who needed a true megastar for his show piece. Unfortunately there are NO stars of his magnitude on the current roster. Cena may be the No1 star but a megastar he aint. When Goldberg returned to face The Rock at Backlash he actually asked The Rock before hand if he would go over clean and Rock said yes. Rock had just beaten Hogan again and Austin for the 1st time at Mania so he was at his arrogant Heel best. Goldberg is a Megastar and a monster so it was always a forgone conclusion that Rock in his final match would get his ass handed to him.

You belived it because both men seemed about equal. Goldberg would always win clean while Rocky wouldn't. If Rock won it'd be a screw job. The reason he beat Austin clean at Mania as a heel, was because he'd put Austin over twice before and now the favour was returned. He even thanks him in the ring after the match.

The Rock can easily turn heel because of his back and forth between Hollywood and the WWE fans, that other wrestlers point out all the time.
"You said you'd never leave but you did blah blah weep weep moan moan".
I'd love The Rock to go heel at Mania but as he's in his home town he'll still be cheered, probably even more so. As a Face he's great, but to me, Hollywood Heel Rock is God.

The Cena rise above hate angle needs to go from simmering to boiling and just focus on that. This weeks Raw was abysmal with all the other acts getting involved........get them away from Cena. Let them squabble about other things with other wrestlers. Anytime Cena or The Rock are onscreen it should just be about the two of them. It's Mania's Marquee Match and the one that'll sell tickets. It's the BIGGEST match of Cena's career so that should just be his focus, that and the fact he's slowly going over the edge after years of being a lame fool. If he doesn't turn Heel before or even in the match then he should definately lose.

What I'd love to see personally is The Rock screwing over Cena somehow in the match to get the win and then just get a chair and totally decimate him like he did to Mankind in that epic Rumble I Quit Match from 99. Cena can be carted out while The Rock as a Heel swaggers about the place with the mic taunting Cena's little fans. Cena disappears for months while other wrestlers get a shot in the limelight and then Cena comes back to interupt a title match with a whole new damn persona. No more hustle, loyalty and respect rubbish, no more wearing clothes from Babygap. Come back as a top heel and tell the fans finally what they mean to him, like Hogan did at WCW when he turned.
He could even form a group like N.W.O and just rule for years as a Heel.

Just something totally different to what he is now. The Biggest Loser Top Face star I've ever seen in Wrestling. It's not all his fault, the WWE management team are equally to blame but Cena just agrees to everything they say even if it makes him look like a joke. That is why I hope he loses at Mania. Right now.............he simply doesn't deserve that victory.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Good Blog!! You have a valid point at the end..WWE bukd him like a joke..I have expressed the same in some other blog...too early in his career, they made him cleanly win against guys like Jericho, Kurt in big matches..not upset matches..n the fact he was bukd to win against Edge in a TLC match pissed me off..(I'm a big E&C mark)..then, RVD wins against him only with the help of Edge is also some what pissing...

    now since everyone is pissed of his stale act..he needs a revamping of his character...
  2. Theicon's Avatar
    Great blog i agree its Vinces fault hes only cheered by the kids & e sheep type fans. He needs a change for us but really there isnt anyone to take his place so i dont see it happening
  3. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Rock is only cheered by the sheep. Cena is booed mostly. It makes no sense to have Rock win since he's not going to stay. The smart money in a business sense is to have Cena win no matter what since he is on of, if not the top guy in the company right now. Plus he's going to be around longer than the Rock. Rock is going to job to Cena, just wait and see.
  4. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theicon
    Great blog i agree its Vinces fault hes only cheered by the kids & e sheep type fans. He needs a change for us but really there isnt anyone to take his place so i dont see it happening
    Whose "us"? Oh, you mean the adults that claim Cena to only be catered to kids and want him to turn heel to "satisfy" the older audience. And I didn't know the older audience were the real fans who should be catered to rather then the younger fans. Yup, its totally Vince's fault that he produced one of the top wrestlers in the business right now whose making money for his company. Yup. totally Vince's fault.
  5. KC_Kyng's Avatar
    Couldn't agree with you more brother
  6. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KC_Kyng
    Couldn't agree with you more brother
    Hi Reverend
  7. Heath_Decka's Avatar
    Rock will job to Cena, count on it, 1..2..3.. but the outcome is such a small part of it if you create a a good story.
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