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Top 5 Wrestlers Who Need a Submission Finisher

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Hi, I've seen lots of forum posts on this subject so I though I'd blog on the top 5 wrestlers who need to use a submission finisher (or need to start using their submission finisher more).

5. Sin Cara
Finisher: La Mistica
Submission he should start to use/use more: Add in the Fujiwara arm bar at the end

This finisher looks great but it doesn't look like it could keep someone down for the three count. When he used to do it in CMLL, he'd apply the Fujiwara arm bar at the end which makes the whole move look much more painful. I know Alberto Del Rio also has an arm bar as his finisher but they apply it completely differently . I did see him use it recently as a submission and it looked much better.

4. CM Punk
Finisher: G.T.S
Submission he should start to use/use more: Anaconda Vice

Go to Sleep is a good finisher and it looks great when done correctly. However when he faces slightly bigger opponents like Kane the move just doesn't look right. Anaconda Vice is a great finisher and i remember him using it a lot in his feud Vs. Undertaker. He has started using it slightly more though which is a good thing.

3. Christian
Finisher: Killswitch
Submission he should start to use/use more: Regal Stretch

Whilst Killswitch is a great move it can take a while to apply and opponents often escape from it. I think he could perform Regal stretch well and it would add to his move set even if he only used it mid-match at PPV's to wear down his opponent.

2. R-Truth
Finisher: What's Up
Submission he should start to use/use more: Batista Bite

When he comes back it would have to depend on whether he becomes a face. This move is easy to apply and What's up is quite generic and used as a common move by some wrestlers so he needs a better finisher for when he comes back.

1. Wade Barrett
Finisher: Wasteland
Submission he should start to use/use more: Edgecator

Wasteland is quite a generic finisher and i've always preferred Edgecator to the Sharpshooter. It looks like a very painful move and i'm happy that Edge brought it back towards the end of his run.

I look forward to reading your comments!

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. Renevious's Avatar
    I like that list, and those are all great moves. I especially agree with Christian using the Regal Stretch. For one, I've always thought that was one hell of an underrated hold, and also I think the Killswitch is garbage. Like you said, it takes a year and a half to do it, and it NEVER works. Only a jobber would be incapacitated long enough to let Christian get that move off, and no one fights jobbers anymore, so he needs to just abandon it altogether, unless he can figure a variation of it that wouldn't be so laborious to apply. Also, one more I would add to the list is Sheamus. We've seen him finish off opponents (mostly undercard guys with the Irish Cross aka Razor's Edge), and he more recently uses the Breaux Kick (I know it's spelled wrong, but I'm from South Louisiana, lol) most of the time. But I can recall one time where he won a match with a Texas Cloverleaf. That was the shit. I've always loved that hold because of how similar it is to the Sharpshooter, and with a name like Cloverleaf, it's perfect for an Irishman to use. It's so much fun watching a powerhouse like Sheamus take someone out with a painful submission hold, and I think that would be a great addition to his arsenal if he were to start using it more often. Great blog man, keep up the good work.
  2. Renevious's Avatar
    P.S. I also agree with you 100% with the La Mistica. The only time I've seen him use that move with the submission ending in WWE was when he won the mask v. mask match against Hunico. He definitely needs to use that one more often.
  3. dtavares3467's Avatar
    What's the point of submissions in wrestling? they're so boring, like yeah guys lets lay down together and catch our breath -_-
  4. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    I agree with all points. I'm not sure if the Regal stretch would suit Christian though. I'd suggest a Texas Cloverleaf instead?
  5. jonod's Avatar
    Submissions are the most exciting part of a match in my view, I've really enjoyed the resurgence of wrestlers in the wwe using them. Really enjoy how much more CM Punk's using the vice, really like D Bryan's aggressive submission side shining through also. We've also got Ziggler using that sleeper hold which feels genuinely threatening.

    Only thing I'd say about Sin Cara is that I think he's botched that finisher a lot and tried to make it look like a slam or something. I'm not knocking him, I quite like him and it was great to see him pull it off against Hunico- I cheered out loud cos it looks so graceful! (also agree that Sheamus' use of the cloverleaf is genius!)

    Here's an idea though - a wrestler that needs to STOP using a submission hold/change it - Jack Swagger, his ankle lock makes him look too much like a Kurt Angle rip off.
  6. jonod's Avatar
    hey perhaps as Christians already ripped off the spear from Edge he could have the Edgecator too and progress his heel character a bit as a sort of gimmick stealer..
  7. keatsmeister's Avatar
    I would certainly agree with Sheamus using a submission more. Before his recent run as a face, he seemed to be using quite a variety of moves and doing them pretty well, including that submission, and he gives off the intensity that sells it as a serious threat well.

    Punk should probably use more submissions as well as the Anaconda Vice. He is selling himself as the best wrestler - it would make sense to show him off as an all rounder.

    Also agree on Christian using a submission - I've never been sold on the Killswitch as a finisher, it looks awkward, especially against bigger guys (remember the matches with 'Zeke over the ECW title?), and I've always thought the spear should be saved for the bigger guys who can get some real momentum behind

    Other wrestlers I'd like to see using submissions:-

    Randy Orton - his moveset is getting stale and needs something to change it up.
    Cody Rhodes - I like Cody, and I see him being a big star, and he could use a regular submission to flesh out his arsenal that little bit.
    Zack Ryder - he's getting the push now, may as well give him a little something extra to make him that little more credible, as I just don't buy the Rough Ryder as a serious threat, hell I'd rather be on the receiving end of that than a Broski Boot.
    Any/all Divas - sorry but the likes of Eve, the Bellas and KK will never win me over until they show some technical skills. Natalya has me half-convinced but her reliance on the Sharpshooter is my main reservation. For someone trained in the Dungeon, you'd think we see a wider range of submissions.

    Yes, I am a fan of submissions, but I'm a fan of a varied moveset that is performed well. I'd also love to see more powerbomb type moves, but there you go.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts for what they're worth
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