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Who should win the 2011 Superstar of the Year Slammy?

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Hey guys Knox here. This will be a very short blog for once lol. I'm going to rank whom I think should win the Superstar of the Year Slammy for 2011. This will be brief and fun.

I don't know anyone's win streak and record for that matter. All I'm judging on is pure impact. Lets also remember that this is the fans voting so ofcourse The Miz, Alberto Del Rio & Mark Henry won't be winning this award at all.

Ok lets begin!!!

Superstar of the Year Slammy:

6. Randy Orton
Orton gave us some pretty decent matches this year with Christian but at the end of the day he's a bland babyface. Some guys are meant to be heels and he's one of them. I like Orton but in no way is he Superstar of the year. Also, he's been sort of lost in the mix which is unbelievable. He's not doing anything memorable now a days. Cm Punk definitely stole his spot as the #2 guy behind Cena.

Moment of the Year: Randy Orton wins the World Heavyweight Championship from Christian at Summerslam

5. Alberto Del Rio
Let me start off by saying I can not stand Del Rio. He's absolutely horrible on the mic and bland as hell. I never understood the big deal with this guy. He bores the hell out of me. Did anyone see the contract signing with him, The Miz & Cm Punk? They destroyed Del Rio on the mic. He is horrible.

None the less, he did win the Royal Rumble, Mainevent Wrestlemania win Money in the Bank & The WWE Championship. Those kind of accomplishments would usually qualify as Superstar of the year. But I feel like him winning the WWE Title in just a year ruined the credibility of the title and his run was the most boring in recent memory. This knocked him back a few steps.

Moment of the Year: Alberto Del Rio wins WWE Champion from Cm Punk at Summerslam

4. John Cena
Cena is my guy but at the end of the day he's done nothing different this year than he's done the past 6 years. The same patriotic superman promos and the same burying of every guy he touches. Nothing exciting. He's pretty much been involved in filler feuds since he can't do nothing too serious until his match with Rocky.

Moment of the Year: John Cena & Rock meet for the first time

3. The Miz
He mainevented and beat John Cena at Wrestlemania which is pretty cool. He got to step in the ring with his all time idle The Rock in his first match in 7.5 years. He lived out his dream this year and that's cool. I would've made him #2 but I don't like how WWE threw him in another tag team. The Miz is more than a tag team wrestler but that's all the WWE wants to make him. He was with John Morrison, The Big Show, Alex Riley & R-Truth. Let this man shine on his own.

Moment of the Year: The Miz retains the WWE Championship against John Cena at Wrestlemania with a little help from The Rock

2. Mark Henry
Definitely was close to making him #1. He shocked the world or should I say the creative team shocked the world. Never would I have thought that "Sexual Chocolate" or the man that fathered a hand would ever become World Champion. He did something not many heels do now a days in wrestling and that's dominate every match and win every match fair & square.

He literally squashed Orton in every match they had and sent his ass to the back of the line. He also destroyed him at the Hell in a Cell PPV. I don't know what Mark did to get this run but he deserves it and its definitely something fresh so I like it. Also I like his feud with The Big Show. Sorry Mark but I want Big Show to have one more run as World Champ lol Show is one of my all time favorites, I love the guy.

Moment of the Year: Mark Henry wins World Heavyweight Championship from Randy Orton at Night of Champions

1. Cm Punk
Lets face it. He shook the foundation of professional wrestling. He did something we thought we would never see again. I thought the excitement of wrestling was over when Stone Cold & The Rock left but out of nowhere a guy with a mic or should I say a "Pipe Bomb" brought excitement back into wrestling with just one promo in Vegas wearing a Stone Cold T-shirt. Give him credit.

He essentially turned himself face and put Cena, Nash & Triple H in their places just off mic work. He was in the angle of a lifetime when we thought he was leaving the company with the WWE Championship. Yeah he was booked to comeback too quick but that whole angle was still gold. Now he's WWE champ and weekly talks fans into the building. I hate Cm Punk's attitude but the dude puts asses in seats. Give him credit for that.

Moment of the Year: The Vegas Shoot

Hope you all enjoyed. Personally I think Dolph Ziggler should be on this list but maybe that's just me. Please leave feedback and let me know who you think should be the 2011 Superstar of the year. Be safe guys. Thanks. And please click my video below. I need about 100 views to make it to 5000 views and download if you like it.

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  1. Shaz11's Avatar
    I agree with Punk being 1st, I don't think I would be able to cope with Cena being Superstar of the Year 3 times in a row!

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