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Oh How Wrestlemania Has Changed.

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Welcome back everyone. Again, thanks for checking out my blog. Someone blogged similar to what I was originally planning so I had to change things up. So, I'll jump right in.

Just real quick though. Raw was terrible, predictable, and outright lame. I was calling what was going to happen as if I wrote the show myself. The Cena/Zach Ryder segment, The Miz vs Orton, Ziggler vs Sheamus, Nash vs Santino, anyone who didn't see all of this coming a mile away, just doesn't pay enough attention. And, I physically muted for a few minutes to literally get a break from Michael Cole. His commentary has become the sound of a blend of Freddy Krueger's knife glove against a chalkboard and a choir of dying alley cats.

Okay, now what I really want to say. Look at how much Wrestlemania has changed over the years. I attended Wrestlemania II at the Philadelphia Spectrum. It was broadcast on video screen that hovered over the basketball court. I think back then, it was called short-circuit tv, or something like that. Anyway, I watched Hogan bodyslam King Kong Bundy, climb over the cage, and retain the title in the main event. I jumped up and down like the crazy hulkamaniac that I was.

Fast forward.....

In the 90's, all Wrestlemania's were headlined with a WWF title match. Hogan vs Warrior, Hogan vs Slaughter, Bret Hart vs Yokozuna, Yokozuna vs Lex Luger, Diesel vs HBK, HBK vs Bret Hart, Stone Cold vs The Rock...etc. You get the point.

Somewhere back in the early 2000's, they decided to start overshadowing the title matches with other marquee type matches. And it has progressively gotten worse. By the time 2007 came around, all anyone can talk about is the special attraction match. Donald Trump vs Vince McMahon hair for hair stipulation. Floyd Mayweather against The Big Show. HBK vs Ric Flair. Undertaker vs HBK twice, Bret Hart returns vs Vince McMahon. Undertaker vs HHH. It's gotten so bad that in this past year's Wrestlemania, they had Alberto Del Rio, a first year wrestler who was drawing zero heat no matter how hard WWE pushed him, go against Edge for the World Title, in the opening match. And now this year, it's all about The Rock vs Cena. The second hottest Wrestlemania topic, is who's fighting The Undertaker for the streak this year? Is it going to be a returning Jericho? Is it going to be someone else returning? A rematch with HHH? Or something else?

What we're left with is this. The titles will mean nothing this year. They will be "who cares" filler matches. Especially for the World Champion. Daniel Bryan cashing in his MITB will undoubtedly be the opening match. And if he wins, it'll be forgotten by the time they show The Rock for the second time backstage. It's truly a shame how they downplay the championship these days.

25 years ago, Hogan body slammed the undefeated Andre the Giant and dropped the Big Leg and pinned him in front of 93,000 in the Pontiac Silverdome, in the main event, with the WWF Heavyweight Championship on the line. This year, CM Punk will probably face The Miz in the 5th match of the night. *this is just an example. I don't know who the WWE champ will be at the time*

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  1. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    I just did
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    Come on dude, surely you know a little more than that. The Miz vs Cena was merely a reason to have The Rock show up. By no means, was it the talk of Wrestlemania, nor was it a true headliner. There was no way this year's Wrestlemania was not going to end with The Rock standing in the ring, soaking in the cheers.
    And that wasn't the best booking IMO. Sure Rocky is really popular, but they worked on a few moments of The Rock doing his usual thing rather than focus on pushing up and coming guys like The Miz. That was a stupid idea. At the end of the day, The Rock only shows up once every 3 months, and the WWE need to continue to build new stars. Rockys not gonna be around forever.
  3. Big Ron's Avatar
    Cena and Mix stunk the building up. I kinda think Rock was sent out to save the show..... Great blog, the point is clear that it ain't about the belt no more, but then again the belt has been whored out ever since VKM took over.
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