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Top 10 WWE United States Champions

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Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here. This blog is inspired by "The Next Big Thing". He did a two part blog on the history of the Intercontinental title and nailed it. I never seen anything like it in my life. He mentioned each I.C. champ as well as a made up name for each era of the title. Check it out I'll post the link below this

The Era of the Intercontinental Championship Part 1

The Era of the Intercontinental Championship Part 2

I decided I'd touch on the greatest United States champions. This list will be from the champions from 2003-present which is when the WWE adapted the United States championship. I'll do a list on the WCW United States championship some other time.

Anyway here it goes.

Top 10 WWE United States Champions (2003-Present):

10. Orlando Jordan (1)
He was pretty underrated and had a pretty forgettable reign for most but people forget how long he held the belt. He had it for around 170 days and actually defended it on his own. Of course he would have the occasional interference from JBL or the Basham's(damn I almost forgot they existed lol). It was still a pretty decent run and he will always be remembered as the guy that destroyed Cena's spinner belt.

9. Booker T (3)
I had to put him on the list. He also held this belt on occasion in WCW. I especially enjoyed his feud with John Cena for this title and who will ever forget their best of 5 series. I'll try and post the final match of that series below.

8. Kofi Kingston (2)
I think he played his part. He was sort of a filler champion because he's so over as a midcarder babyface that the title can be thrown on him anytime. He gave us some pretty cool matches. It wasn't the best reign but it was something.

7. The Big Show (1)
He played his part with the belt. I thought it was going to be a boring run but it actually wasn't. He gave us a pretty decent feud with Eddie Guerrero for the belt so that was all I needed. I think Eddie's huge feud with Big Show actually led him to the WWE championship. RIP Eddie & great run Big Show.

6. Dolph Ziggler (1)
Our current United States champ and to say I'm impressed is an understatement. Dolph Ziggler is officially a top player in the WWE (not the top guy but a top player). He's an asset to Raw and someone who demands telelvision time. I've been a huge Dolph fan back in 2008 when he was first repackaged and I have been praying for his huge push and it seems like its coming.

He's been booked to perform double duty on PPV's twice alreasy so that goes to show how needed he is. Unlike Cody Rhodes...Dolph is actually booked to defend his title and is the best current champion at the moment, even better than Cm Punk and I stand by that. Its a shame when Mark Henry has defened the World Heavyweight title more than Cody has defended the I.C. title and the WGC is a title usually defended on PPV's, not to mention that Cody has held his title longer than Henry held his.

Sorry for the rant lol getting back to Dolph. He is amazing at what he does and I love him as U.S. champ and hopefully it leads to the big one and I'm almost certain it will. Dolph is the future of the company. Lookout for the kid.

5. The Miz (2)
This belt was a saving grace for Miz. He went on to hold this belt for a long time and did he win many matches fair & square? No. But he did hold U.S. title & The Tag Team belts at the same time for a while and defended the belt often for someone with another title. I put him on this list simply because that belt led him directly to the WWE championship and he was booked pretty well in my opinion so I give him his due.

4. Chris Benoit (2)
Benoit when alive was one of my favorites. As much as I hate him now, you can't take away what he did. He was an amazing U.S. in both WWE & WCW. His name is pretty synonyms with the United States championship. One thing I will never forget is when he won the belt from Orlando Jordan in about 25 seconds.

3. Shelton Benjamin (1)
I put him so high on the list because the title was perfect for his gimmick. He was the "Gold Standard" and carried that gold with pride. He was a heel at this point but was given the opportunity to defend the belt fair & square off the strength that he's one of the greatest in ring and mat technicians of all time.

I truly enjoyed his reign and I could've sworn it was going to lead to the big one but sadly it never did. Mic work is what held Shelton back but I think that's a poor excuse. The dude was a stud in the ring.

2. John Cena (3)
Just an amazing U.S. Champ. This was when Cena was my favorite of all freakin time. I mean his character was just amazing and before that when he was just turning face around 2003 was when he was literally more over than main event guys.

He went on to snatch that title from the Big Show at Wrestlemania 20 in a pretty decent match. The crowd got so much behind this guy and his later feuds for this belt with guys like Booker T, Rene Dupree, RVD, Orlando Jordan and even Carlito just elevated it more.

I feel like Cena was literally a shoe in to take over the company. It was around 2003 when I realized this guy was so much different from the norm. He didn't have long hair and that same Triple H like gimmick. He was different and at a very early stage he developed a relationship with the fans and that's something not enough wrestlers have the ability to do.

That belt led Cena into his feud with Kurt Angle for like the 4th time and ultimately led him to winning the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 21 exactly one year after winning the U.S. title at Wrestlemania 20. He spent that whole short year putting some brief life back in that title and Cena deserves to be where he is now as the face of the company. (Yes I'm a Cena fan).

1. MVP (2)
He held this belt for 343 days and is recognized as the longest reigning WWE United States champion and the third longest reigning United States champion under all handles behind Lex Luger & Rick Rude. Personally he was #1 because of the real prestige he brought back to the belt. He had the trust of Vince & the writers to hold this belt for so long.

He wasn't booked as a place holder champion like they did with Kofi later on. He was actually defended that belt on his own and doing an amazing job as a heel champion. That reign should've led him to the WWE or WHC Title just like it did for Cena, The Miz & Benoit and Booker T. I will always recognize MVP as one of the greatest to never win the big one. Great U.S. champ.

I wrote this blog because I truly haven't enjoyed the U.S. title as much as the I.C. title but the U.S. title had some pretty decent battles and cool champions. Hope you all enjoyed, leave comments and be safe.

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    great Blog. Chris had 3 reigns not 2 but rather then that great
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    gud blog.....My top 3 wud be:

    3. Cena
    2. Benoit
    1. MVP
  3. AJ1981's Avatar
    I agree with most of what you've said but I can't understand why you've left out the inaugural WWE United States Champion Eddie Guerrero. Eddie's reign was far more memorable and filled with far more enjoyable matches than Orlando Jordan or Kofi Kingston
  4. thetheme's Avatar
    How can that dick magnet the miz be on this list and not either Eddie Guerrero or JBL? Even Daniel Bryan had a good meaningful run with it. I agree with everyone on your list except for miz simply because he sat on the title killing it's credibility while others at least defended it.
  5. Beast's Avatar

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