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John Cena isn't a challenge to The Rock

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The Rock Vs John Cena

I just don't buy Cena as a worthy opponent in this. It's not a modern Hogan Vs Rock for the PG Era at all. That match worked because it had meaning. It had 2 Megastars facing off against each other. It felt Epic and the match was legendary. The Rock Vs Cena is a twitter battle. A feud that doesn't have meaning and just doesn't work.

If they wanted a match with no meaning, that would be incredible and one that could still work but will never happen then how about a dream match between

The Rock Vs Shawn Michaels

The build up and promo's alone would be the greatest ever as both men are showmen. It's the one match I would've loved to have seen but never will.

Anyway back to Rock Vs Cena

I don't hate Cena but he's soooooooooo stale on the mic and robotic in the ring I can't take him seriously, probably like most fans over the age of 10. He's also just never going to have a legacy or star power like The Rock, even if he wins 100 titles. He's already defiled the belt. It's still tarnished and looks hideous.

Another problem is that since this feud started it's been all Rock. He's been burying Cena since day one and the fact Cena does nothing doesn't help. I know he's got this rise above the hate thing going on but it makes him look weak and lame. His character is lame and stale and anyone over the age of 10 knows it. Rock was never the most technical wrestler but compared to Cena he's on a totally different level.

Cena is the one this feud must be centered on because the back story isn't really there between them. It will rise and fall with him because The Rock will always be great in the ring and be unparalled on the mic. Cena maybe a big star and the top billed on the current WWE but he's being made to look like a total chump so far. The 'This is Your Life' segment was a TOTAL DISASTER. Buried by his own father was embarrising beyond belief. Now he's getting slapped around by Roddy Piper! Who's next to come out the woodwork and make him look like a chump.

I know all logic points to Cena winning at Mania but he'll be despised even more by all the fans that have been bored of Cena for almost 5 years now. Goldberg came back to Feud with The Rock and win. At the end of the day The Rock is a megastar and Cena isn't. The Rock was unselfish in the ring when he wrestled full time but I hope to God he's told Vince he's back to win. END.OF.

Cena needs to lose at Mania and just disappear for a while. Come back fresh with an entirely different angle. Don't go back to rapping with a chain but.........just be different. I'll never watch WWE again if Cena wins. It'll be a disgrace. Simply because he doesn't come across as a credible or worthy challenger. Rock passed the torch to him 7 years ago when he left. He doesn't need to do it again.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    While I disagree with the overall fact that John Cena isn't a challenge for Rock, this still was an amazing blog even if I don't agree. You laid down your opinion in a rather cool way so we'll just agree to disagree.

    Personally, I feel like this feud is just an overplayed war of words via satellite & twitter. This feud is a joke compared to Hogan & Rocky if you ask me. This feud lacks a real build.

    Face vs Face feuds can work to perfection but not in this case. I mean look at how good HBK & Taker's feud worked with HBK as a tweener. Look at how Cena & Punk's feud worked.

    Face vs Face for the Rock & Cena feud won't work because their isnt enough on screen time with both men in the ring. Cena has to turn heel to put some life into this feud. That's the only way it will work. Personally I feel Cena should be booked to win.

    But yea great blog bro keep it up
  2. Ravsta's Avatar
    100% agree with everthing you said especially "The Rock Vs Shawn Michaels" just think of the epicness. lol
    Hope the rock wins cause honestly cena dosent deserve it.
  3. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    Don't mean any disrespect but for the people to say Cena needs to win at Wrestlemania you clearly need to stop watching wrestling. How are you gonna have a guy who always has been untalented in what he did in the WWE to win over on a wrestling entertainer who actually put on great matches, great promos and great entertainment for the fans sorry but I want The Rock to win cuz he made me tune in to see what would happen next when he was a full time wrestling entertainer. The same goes Steve Austin if he would face Cm Punk do you think Austin would be the bad guy HELL NO!! i would be cheering for Stone Cold but if it was The Rock vs Shawn Michaels then i would be cheering for both of them same thing i did when it was Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker 2 years in a row
  4. Heath_Decka's Avatar
    I think the reason that Cena vs. Rock isn't "epic" to you is because you cling to the old generation. Cena isn't a good wrestler, but he's a good entertainer. I think the WWE has a good thing going with Cena vs. Rock. Not too long ago, it was The Rock who was stale, robotic, and four years late for a heel turn which finally happened against Hogan. Now, you have the voice of two generations going back and forth, both can think well on their feet and are good on the stick.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Cena Vs Rock is no match to Rock vs Hogan....Though hogan is not so gr8 in ring..he has a charm which Cena can never match...coz, rock is the common thing in the two..n I can still feel the same excitement for the rock..
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    Not too long ago, it was The Rock who was stale, robotic, and four years late for a heel turn which finally happened against Hogan.
    Rock n robotic?? lols at you!!! Rock is perhaps the Best on Mic in the industry..Rock was stale?? wat in one year he appeared stale??
  7. Heath_Decka's Avatar
    um, when he was the same character for 4 + years (1998/99-2002-03) and said the same "layeth the smacketh down", "candy ass", "IT DOESN'T MATTERRR WHAT YOUR NAME IS" on every single appearance of every single episode of Smackdown and Raw. He only seems fresh now because he hasn't been around, and you associate the glory years with him because he was around then.
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