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What SHOULD Happen With "The Streak"

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Ok, I am speculating like a lot of you on who Undertaker's next victim should be for 20-0......and I have figured out a dream match for the streak, the way to book it, and it is a retirement match on both sides.

First, don't have Taker wrestle at this year's mania. Everyone is already paying attention to the Rock-Cena fiasco and the streak needs to be the focal point of the show.

In January of 2013 or even in November of 2012, like around Survivor Series have the Undertaker show up. He'll talk about how he only has enough left to take one last soul and that he doesn't think that there's anyone left to face him..........THE GLASS SHATTERS!!!!!!!!!

Stone Cold comes out and says he's watched the streak extend over these last few years and he thinks he can be the one to end it, says that he never got a crack at the Deadman at Mania and if he ever had then the streak would've ended long ago. Says that it maybe 10 years since he wrestled, but he still can open up a can on that dead ass of yours and let's do it at Mania!!

That would give you ample time for hype and press and you could build the whole card around it and tag it as "One Final Round." Stone Cold should be put in that spot, if he really has the itch for one more match then it shouldn't be against CM Punk, and Cena shouldn't get the Deadman at Mania. He doesn't need it and doesn't look right in that spot. Nobody can end the streak, it has gone on for too long. If they would have booked it to end 10 years ago then it wouldn't be a big deal, but now that "The Streak is "THE STREAK" they can't end it because whoever does it will be booed and never able to get over because fans will despise him for ending it. It would be a good final match for both guys.

I loved Austin's match with The Rock at 19, but I think Stone Cold wasn't firing on all cylinders and he's even said that it wasn't his best and if he wants one more then he needs someone who knows how to protect his neck. And Taker needs someone that he is familiar with and can work with and will give him a solid final match. Not Kane, not HHH, not HBK, not Punk, not Alberto and NOT CENA. It would give the fans one last nostalgia act and serve as a perfect swan song for both guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heath_Decka
    everyone would boo the person who ends it?

    Why do you assume that everyone LOVES the Undertaker? He's got the most stale act on the planet... and talk about a robot. He can't move well, he has a 3-4 move set, and WWE is still PG, so he can't do anything risque...

    I think a young guy like Barrett or Bryan would be the ideal choice to end the streak.
    Couldn't agree with you more. Its time for Taker to pass the torch on to a young guy. He's been put over 19 times at Mania, now its his turn to put somebody over. And whoever beats him would have incredible heat to go on a monster heel run. It could make someone's career to beat Taker at Mania.
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    MIZ SUCKS BALLS!!!! Really
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