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Rick Starr

Top 5 Topics of the Week (12/3/11)

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Hey Splashers it's been a busy week with a lot of things to talk about. And since everyone likes a "Top 5" I figured why not roll it all up with a week in review! With all that in mind...Lets get splashin!

5. My Thoughts on Austin vs CM Punk Match:

I think an Austin/Punk match would be a great match. I just hope that if they do decide to pull this match off, that they do in fact have it at WrestleMania XXVIII. If you have read my previous blogs, you all know where I stand on The Rock, and why. I think with weak Cena/Rock main event, the WM28 needs a real legends vs superstar match EVERYONE can get behind.

4. Booker T: Wrestler or Commentator?
Let’s face it folks Booker T is just not cutting the mustard as a commentator. Some wrestlers can make that transition (Jake Roberts, CM Punk, Jesse Ventura, and several others), but Booker is just not that one of them. Booker has had some great matches in his career, but at age 46, I only see this run with Cody Rhodes just be that legendary “one more match”. It’s a hard thing to say, but after this feud, it’s probably best Booker T either head in the back, or head off to retirement.

3. Time for a new WWE Title!
I think I’m with just about everybody when I say, the WWE “Spinner” Title has seen its better days. When The Miz spun it around for the “M” logo I was ok with it, as it fit his character, and he did not use it for very long to become annoying. What would I like for a new look for a WWE Title belt? I would prefer something retro-ish , with the modern logo in the center. I know it sounds vague, but at the rate the WWE is going the next design might have lasers with an LCD screen on the face plate.

2. Cena: Heel or No Heel. That is the Question.
I have read several blogs regarding this subject. Hell I have even given a few thoughts, so a full blog on this is really not necessary. As of right now I see them building Cena to be either a heel, or a face at WM28. However I would like it if they waited until after the PPV, and have him turn heel at a time that’s a little less expected. I personally think Cena needs a character change, and not just new colors. His character has become very stale, and he needs to do something to pick things up.

1. More thoughts on “January 2ns 2012” Promos:

I have already made some initial thoughts as the “It Begins Again” broke out just less than two weeks ago. I stated before that I am almost certain that it’s either Jericho or Taker. I’ve been reading some news bits and the sword is that a deal allegedly fell through because Jericho was not a part of WWE 12. However I don’t feel that’s the sole reason that’s the reason Jericho would not make a deal with the WWE. Jericho could always make a deal for DLC content if it was a big issue.

One of my good friend, Andy on WGS Radio thinks these messages have nothing to do with anyone returning. “The world will change as we know it” is more referring to changing of the WWE itself. He believes that the WWE will eventually be doing away with the “PG era” and some new era is coming. But what could it be?

Andy’s theory is a good one, but I still think that Jericho’s arrival is a strong possibility. For this promo to be solely on The Undertaker just tells me that the WWE has lost all creative ideas surrounding him. If the WWE was to swerve us and bring someone back we did not expect, and push them right to the top, THEN that would be true entertainment!

And that’s my thoughts for the Top 5 Topics of the Week. Until net time Splashers.. see ya when I see ya!

-RickStarr @RickStarr

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  1. Amerinaine's Avatar
    Booker and Matthews are the only non boring commentators in the WWE. Yeah, he butchers the English language, but he comes off as being heartfelt when he talks about what is going on in the ring. Matthews tries to call a match. Cole and King just aren't that good.

    Past this, I agree with everything else.
  2. Breakthecode13's Avatar
    @Amerinaine I agree with you on everything. King was better when he was a color commentator =/ and Booker reminds of Dusty on commentary (Icannot understand a word he says and that makes it funny as hell)
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    i know it won't happen, but i hope it to be sting...that will be awesome!!
  4. Zekic's Avatar
    Cole and king arent that bad commentators...unless they work together of course(Vince please fire the man who gave you idea of them barking at each other all the time)
  5. kj777's Avatar
    To me, Booker is like Dusty Rhodes was in WCW: he's truly awful, but he has so much fun with his commentary that he's fun to listen to. Whenever he says "shucky ducky, quack quack" or "that's mah homie D-Bryan rite dere," I can't help but laugh.

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