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Stars On The Rise, IC Prestige & More

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Corwo here again with a brand new blog. This blog is featuring some of the "newer" stars on the rise (some of which have been appearing in main events alot throughout the past month or so. )

What can I say, great athlete. He graduated from Boston College and has lots of in-ring ability. He had a GREAT match with Wade Barrett I mean GREAT match with Wade Barrett and he has already held the World Tag, Tag, I.C. AND U.S. Titles within a few years with the WWE. I'd say this guy could be rising to the top very soon!

DOLPH ZIGGLER!Not much more to say than THIS GUY HAS SKILLS. He was 2-0 at SSeries and is doing very good as the U.S. Champion. He had an INCREDIBLE match with CM Punk, this guy is already a former WH Champion (kinda) I.C. Champion, and now U.S. Champion. He is DEFINITELY going somewhere!

Brings more prestige to the Intercontinental Title every day. Rhodes is going nowhere besides upward and has put the I.C. Title in some nice Main Events, including the Fatal4Way between Bryan, Rhodes, Orton, and Barrett. I can't wait for this guy to be a WH Champion.

I like this small feud he's having with Mark Henry. I know I might get heat for this, but the guy has already proved that he can become indeed a world champion.

My gosh, this guy is getting better all the time. He could EASILY be a World Champion and has been in MULTIPLE Main Events over the past month. His team also got the win at SSeries, go Barrett!

Anyway those were just some thoughts and current events and rising stars in the WWE. Thanks for reading

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  1. mrbluto's Avatar
    I have to disagree on KOFI KINGSTON, when he started I was a fan but he has not gotten better on the mic or improved his personality. Kofi is what he is a second tier wrestler that will never be world champ.
    Alex Riley has all the tools to be a WWE superstar.
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Rhodes hasn't defended the IC title really. If you don't defend, then the title can't get prestige
  3. toobeastly33's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wrestlingfan66513
    Rhodes hasn't defended the IC title really. If you don't defend, then the title can't get prestige
    AGREED! It is really makes you come off as a Cody mark saying that he brings prestige to the IC title every day when he just has it as a prop. He never defends it. To me it is just something he carries to the ring.
  4. kj777's Avatar
    In the case of Ziggler, I haven't seen the US Title this valuable since MVP's reign. Ziggler has everything it takes to be a World Champion, but he doesn't really generate heat unless he's with Vickie. IMO, I think he should split up with Vickie and let her work with Jack Swagger.
  5. Heath_Decka's Avatar
    Rhodes severely lacks charisma too.. he carries a very fake, flat, Randy-Orton-esque tone when he talks, and it makes me wonder why he's speaking in public every time I hear him...
  6. The Peep's Avatar
    Gettin' to love Ziggler

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